Rich & Dave will share the secrets of being successful dental speakers based on their 25 years of being among the highest paid and sought after speakers in the industry.

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"YOU Can Be A Dental Speaker"
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Course Title: “You Can Be A Dental Speaker”
Jan 22 & 23
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Is it ok if we have a little fun?

OK, so you have had three cancellations, a fight with your spouse, a fender bender, a bounced check, esophageal reflux and your iPhone just fell in the toilet. And the day has barely started! So forget all of the crap… shut your office door… maybe it’s time to have a […]

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Have You Seen This Type of Video?

We have already shared many articles with you about the power of video. Video has helped our web presence immensely, and has done the same for many of the offices we have worked with. Google loves video because it owns YouTube! When you use video you stand a much better chance of getting to “the […]

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Six Reasons Why You May Want to Become a Dental Speaker!

Public speaking gives you credibility as a leader and an expert! Look around you. Notice who is speaking! We (along with many of our friends) have made careers out of it! We LOVE it! If you are passionate about a particular subject, just start speaking about it. Anywhere you can. […]

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