Rich & Dave will share the secrets of being successful dental speakers based on their 25 years of being among the highest paid and sought after speakers in the industry.

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What’s Your Management Style?

You need to MBWA. Make Blueberry Waffles Artistically? Model Bikinis While Answering? Musically Break Wind Anally? While all of those may be fine (or at least the first two) – that’s not what this is all about. Here’s the thing. Most dentists hate managing their practices. So instead of being […]

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When A Patient Leaves Your Practice, It’s Always Your Fault

Not counting moves, death, or other similar situations, when a patient leaves your practice, it’s always your fault.   Don’t believe it? It’s true.   Even if the patient is a complete jerk, didn’t pay, had crazy unrealistic expectations, or an insurance plan so bad that you lose money when […]

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Dentistry Is An Up And Down Business!

Something familiar to many in the business world is the “Elevator Speech.” Experts say that you should be able to give an enticing and accurate description of your business in the time it takes an elevator to get from top to bottom (or vice versa), thus maximizing your time with […]

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