Rich & Dave will share the secrets of being successful dental speakers based on their 25 years of being among the highest paid and sought after speakers in the industry.

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Course Title: “You Can Be A Dental Speaker”
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Doctor, we are slammed at the front desk!!

A frequently asked question / observation we often get at our seminars: “You guys are up here stressing customer service, treating every patient like they are the most important person in your practice, never putting anyone on hold, listening patiently, etc… Unfortunately you have NO IDEA what it is like […]

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Don’t Do This!

A short time ago we discussed how using “away messages” or “out of office messages” in your emails can actually irritate people that are trying to communicate with you. We gave a typical example of an away message that you have likely encountered… here it is: “I am out of […]

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Five reasons your emails are not getting opened

Hopefully you have been following us long enough to know how strongly we believe in staying in close touch with your patients and prospective patients. You have started your regular email campaign sending great content to your people on a very regular basis. Great! Congrats! But unfortunately you have discovered […]

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