The Madow Brothers’ insightful Audio Series interviews give busy dentists direct access to the wisdom and knowledge of the world’s leading clinicians, experts and practice builders.

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  • Got a question about a new material or technique? We interview all of the best clinicians and find out how their techniques can work in Your Practice!
  • Stay up with the hottest issues affecting you and your office. For example, sexual harassment in the dental office is not always about doctor and staff, or a male coming on to a female. It can involve patients, vendors, and unfortunately, totally fabricated things by a desperate person hoping to cash in. Wanna know how to avoid this situation, or what to do when it happens to you? You will when you sit down with attorney Julie Chapin Janofsky on the Audio Series!
  • Discover the ways that your core beliefs affect your patients and your practice. Let’s talk to Dr. Hazel Glasper, the owner of “re·vive DENTAL,” a highly successful comprehensive practice.
  • Did you know there is a brand new dental implant – one that will have your patient biting an apple the day the implant is placed? Learn when to use a traditional implant versus an Ultratooth implant with Dr. Sargon Lazorof, a leading expert in both basic and advanced implantology.

This is the kind of power that direct access gets you. But it gets even better.

Do you want to hear all of those little tips and tricks that the country’s top clinicians know but wouldn’t dare publish in a journal or talk about when they lecture? That’s the kind of stuff we get around here every single day.

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The Madow Brothers audio series presents the most relevant information and remains an ever present source of contemporary CE, placing dentistry’s brain trust on stage during my drive at five. What could be better?

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