Are You Looking For New Patients?

You want new patients and you want them fast, correct? You want something that will work all the time. And you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg.

We are now offering a system based on the mailing of beautiful, colorful, attention grabbing, glossy…POSTCARDS!

A postcard is proactive … you are not waiting for someone to Google “dentists” in your area. You don’t want to wait because they will see all of your competition. A postcard places only your information in front of the prospective new patient.

Why do we believe that new movers are the answer? Look at these stats:

  • Approximately 40+ million people move every year!
  • 70% of these new movers will change their dentist.
  • Most new movers are families.

If you are not capitalizing on these new residents in your area, it could be the biggest mistake of your dental career.

We invite you to take our New Mover Postcards challenge totally RISK-FREE so that we may prove that this will work for you!

What is the challenge?

  • Start mailing customized New Mover Postcards immediately to all of the new movers in your area and begin getting new patients again!
  • It’s easy and you can be set up online in seconds!
  • No need to talk to anyone (but we are always here for you when you need us)!
  • Brand new lists of new movers every month!
  • Total turnkey system – we do EVERYTHING for you!
  • No need to understand anything techie!
  • Only 97¢ per card mailed no matter how many or how few!
  • Set up fee of only $397!
  • High quality vibrant colors that stand out in mailboxes!
  • Names will be available online for you to use for future marketing!
  • Tracking phone number included – listen to and analyze your calls!
  • No contracts, no subscription fees!
  • Stop anytime!

If you are not convinced that this could finally be your answer to getting brand new patients each and every month, then we are not sure what else to say.

Get Acquainted Postcard
Welcome to the Neighborhood Postcard

If you think there is a chance we could be correct (remember, over thirty years of new patient experience), then you should take this next simple step:

New Mover Postcards are exactly what you have been waiting for. They are quick. They are easy. And they are here now, so don’t waste any more time!

How many new movers are moving into your neighborhood? Just click the button below to find out how many new movers are moving into your target area. No obligations!

Questions? Please call our office at

We have the exact plan set up to get you a LOT of new patients, so please do not wait even five minutes! Let’s get you started today!