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Collection Forms & Envelopes

The Madow Brothers have developed the most effective patient collection form in history. Send a Statement of Delinquency form to your overdue patients and watch the money come marching in. For maximum effectiveness, please use the matching window envelopes. This will guarantee to help keep the business end of your practice right on track!

Total Dental Front Desk Training Program

Whether your front desk team consists of veterans, newbies, or a combination of both – you can have top-notch success-focused front desk training sent right to your door!

The front desk is the gateway to new patients, production, referrals, and everything else. When the front desk staff is well trained, the office takes a huge turn for the better.
The Madow Brothers have distilled many years worth of front desk knowledge into ten easy-to-use modules that are guaranteed to build your practice like never before!

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The Portable, Recession-Proof, Grow Your Practice, Earn More Money, And Love Your Life Mega-Bundle!

Finally – You Can Have The Best, Easiest To Use Practice Building and Life Changing Instruction Ever Given In Dentistry Delivered Right To Your Door! Enjoy fifteen bundles plus bonus material that will help grow your practice and earn more money.

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Million Dollar Bills

Developed by The Madow Brothers, these are perhaps the number one attention grabber for your practice! For best results, personalize the back and use them as business cards, appointment cards, care to share cards, as well as “grabbers” for your New Patient Mail. There are many more uses as well. Order today… you can never have too many of these bills around your office.

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VacuTab Kit: Evacuation System Cleaner

The VacuTab Kit includes VacuShock™ and VacuClear™. Every dental office should have these products and a “shocked” system is something no dental office should be without. Besides the fact that it cleans years worth of goo out of your system like nothing else can and keeps your suction running strong, the chemicals kill any organisms in your lines and absolutely will not damage anything. It’s non-foaming and non-corrosive, and it even works on dry suction units.

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Love Dentistry In A Box

Finally you can “take The Madow Brothers home with you!” Hundreds of practice building tips are included in this live recording of our famous “How To Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Prosper” full day seminar. Also included are two valuable bonus DVDs (“Never Run Late” and “27 Ways To Get More Facebook Likes”), a follow-along manual, and a book chock full of the best dental letters and forms ever developed! With 5 full length DVDs and two manuals, this is the most comprehensive package of practice growth secrets ever offered in dentistry!

Now ONLY $97 while supplies last!