Not Scheduling Enough New Patients?


An interesting study was just published concerning what annoys people the most when they call a business, including dental and medical offices, on the telephone. Which of these do you think was the number one complaint?

a)    Being put on hold

b)   Not being called by name

c)    Rude customer service

d)   Not having a need sufficiently addressed

Made your guess? Okay – it was kind of a trick question, because although these important things are what we tend to stress the most in the dental office, none of them are correct!  The most important frustration customers (read: current patients AND potential new patients) experience when calling an office is not having the phone answered at all!!

Think it doesn’t happen in your office? Our “mystery shopper calls” have shown it probably does. Do you put an answering machine on during lunch? Well, that’s the easiest time for a potential new patient who works (and thus has good insurance) to call! Don’t think that having a recording on saying “We are now at lunch and will return at 1:00 PM” will satisfy a caller. They don’t need to know that you are at lunch any more than they need to know you are in the bathroom! What a caller wants is to have the phone answered by a real human being!

Even worse, if your office is closed on Wednesday or Friday, does the world shut down or are you losing potential new patients?

Let’s put it this way. If your phone is not answered ONLY during lunch, that means at least 12.5% of the time, probably more, a potential new patient will call and hang up. Add a day off to that and it shoots up to thirty percent!! Can you afford that?

Another huge problem in the dental office is not properly handling caller’s questions correctly. If you don’t know the definitive answers to questions such as  “Do you take my insurance?,” “How much do you charge for a cleaning?,” and things such as the best way to handle “shoppers,” you are losing tons of revenue.

And that’s just scratching the surface. There is actually one more thing that causes more dental offices to lose more potential new patients than anything else! The good news is that by learning the correct answers to those tough questions along with a few simple techniques (without spending a DIME more on marketing!) you can double or triple the amount of new patients you are scheduling within a matter of months. It’s pretty simple if you have the proper knowledge. To find out more, click here.

The Most Important Component of Your Marketing – Make One Change and Watch Your Profits Soar!

The headline is crucial to any piece of marketing that you do. Always look at a headline as an “ad” for your ad. People will decide whether they want to spend the time to read your ad simply based on your headline.

And it goes much further than that. If you send a newsletter to your patients, the headline on the front page is crucial. Make it good.  It’s especially important on a postcard. Or in a newspaper ad.

Fortunes have been made from good headlines. You may remember the ad for the home study piano course. The ad went “They Laughed When I Sat Down To Play The Piano. But When I Started To Play…” That headline was written by John Caples. He made millions of dollars from it. Do you realize that you can do the same in dentistry?

A few years ago our one day seminar was not selling as well as we would have liked. We made one simple change to our marketing postcard and WHAM, the room sold out EVERY TIME we came into a city! What was the change? We wrote a headline that read…

“Would You Like to Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Get Rich?”

That headline made our one day seminar into one of the most attended one day private seminars in dental history!

Yes, headlines in your marketing are crucial. Test them and see which ones do the best.

One of the good things about Social Media Marketing is that you can test and test and test. Compare that to the Yellow Pages where you are stuck with the same ad for a whole year. So if you test a headline in the YP and it turns out to be a bad one, you lose BIG TIME.

We really believe Social Media Marketing is the way to go. We are doing so much with it now, we want to share our success with you. It will make a tremendous difference in your practice. Are you ready?

By the way, speaking of headlines, we just changed one of ours, and it has caused a minor “explosion” if you will.  If you like, check it by clicking HERE.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon.

P.S. Coming soon… the second most important component of a marketing piece. Do you know what it is?

Increase Your Referrals and Treatment Plan Acceptance

There is no one secret to getting 100% treatment plan acceptance or loads of patient referrals – both of these are accomplished by doing many small things correctly.

The main theme of generating both more referrals and income producing procedures is in gaining the patient’s trust and making them feel that they are a valued and unique patient in your practice. This can’t be faked; it must be sincere and meaningful.

A great place to start is simple patient recognition. We have all heard the phrase “I feel like a number” – and if you rush someone and don’t make them feel important that is exactly what they will tell their friends and colleagues – that is if they tell them anything at all. Here is a simple way to get started on the right path – we call it the “Fifteen Foot Rule.” Simply stated:

Any time a team member or the doctor comes within fifteen feet of a patient anywhere in the office they must greet the patient with a nice “hello” or something similar, preferably using their name. For example, Jane the dental assistant is walking down the hallway and looks into a treatment room where George Hammershire is getting x-rays. She simply puts one foot in the room (hopefully not while the button is being pushed) and says “Hello Mr. Hammershire. How are you today?”

It is also great to review the schedule during the morning huddle so all team members will know who is in the office that day.

So will the “Fifteen Foot Rule” generate twenty referrals and have three patients accept all of their treatment tomorrow? Absolutely not. Will it be one of the many steps that makes more patients than ever begin to do those things? Absolutely yes!! Please continue to check this blog for more simple tips to help you “Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Get Rich!!”

Speaking of getting rich, one sure path to financial freedom is to make sure potential new patients are consistently calling your office day after day, month after month. To find out one of the most predictable ways to do so, click HERE!