Brand New from The Madows – Last Night’s Test Already Proves This to be a Winner!

Sunday night we ran a small test blurb on several social media sites unveiling a new Madow product. We asked for feedback and what we received was so unbelievable, we didn’t want to wait any longer to introduce this to our Madow members and subscribers.

The product you are about to see is a result of twenty years of research on this very important topic. What we have come up with is designed to increase your profitability very quickly. We think you will be very happy!

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The Greatest Dental “Event” For Docs and Team Members is in Three Weeks!

Attention Doctors and Team Members

The Special Fifteenth Anniversary celebration of TBSE (The Best Seminar EVER) is three weeks from now. Although it is getting very close, there is still time to sign up. We are expecting a record turnout, so this is not something you should put off any longer. It is being called the “2009 Love Dentistry Fest” because you will learn how to not only love dentistry, but become much more successful and profitable in your practice than you are now. Let’s face it, we have been through a tough couple of years. But we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The stock market has rebounded above 10,000. People are ready to start spending their money. We want to make absolutely certain that you and your team are poised to set all kinds of profit records next year. Besides, you and your fantastic team deserve a little break. Can you think of a better way to reward them than to take them to “The Best Seminar EVER” in Vegas?  Please click HERE if you would like to know more. If you are a team member, please show this to the doc! But please don’t wait as it is getting very close!

When Patients Ask – BE PREPARED!

Remember many years ago when Reader’s Digest published a scathing article on dentistry that got everyone in our profession running scared? Fortunately it all blew over in a few months and everything got back to normal.
These days things are a little more dicey. In the age of Internet and social media, articles can spread at a rapid clip and go “viral” – with a much longer shelf life due to comments, message boards, and the like. Something that really strikes the public’s fancy can be reposted and show up in Google searches for months or longer. 
Recently, our friend Anastasia Turchetta, RDH discovered an article entitled “Secrets Your Dentist Doesn’t Want You To Know.” It was published on the AOL website “Daily Finance” and it is spreading rapidly. Unfortunately it is full of slanted opinions and inaccurate reporting.

Nevertheless, your patients will be reading it and possibly asking you some questions that you should be prepared to answer. Here is “Secret # 2.”

Secret #2: Your dentist may not have the latest technology.

Technology is an important part of today’s dentistry. Is your dentist current? Here are some questions to ask:
Digital x-ray: Dentists who do not have digital x-ray equipment are practicing in the dark ages. Digital x-rays use less radiation than film. They are easier to read and the ability to manipulate contrast makes diagnosis more accurate. This equipment is expensive. It costs $30,000-$50,000. You are worth it.

It went on to mention ultra-sonic cleaners and CEREC as signs that a dentist is up to date.
Fact? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

But if you aren’t using digital x-rays, how will you explain that to your patients? We believe this technology is a no-brainer for every dental office! Digital x-rays save time, are more comfortable for the patient, are more accurate, provide a great electronic format for enlarging, e-mailing, and best of all, they give off much less radiation! Check out to see some of the best units around right now.

If you want to read the entire article, “Secrets Your Dentist Doesn’t Want You To Know,” click here.

Certainly you don’t have to run and do everything this article mentioned for fear that a patient may bring these “secrets” up at their next appointment. But we want to let you know what your patients may be reading. After all, much of success is being prepared!

At The Madow Group, we are here to help you be more successful. Our latest program, “Profitable Scheduling” – can double the amount of new patients you are getting every single month without increasing any marketing expenses! Check it out here. And when patients – or potential patients ask – be prepared!




Three Free Ways To Increase Your Visibility!

Does Everyone Know You Are A Dentist?

Ask the expert marketers what the best return on investment is when it comes to increasing the visibility of your practice and grabbing more new patients. Many will say it is a well lit sign in front of your office, visible from the road and as large as legally possible. Great advice for sure, and the sign will be worth every penny.

Why? The answer is easy – visibility. Everyone who drives by will soon know there is a dentist there.

But there are some other things you should be doing that may increase your visibility even more and are completely FREE!!

Simply stated, every single person you come in contact with on a day to day basis needs to know that you are a dentist. Now that does NOT mean every single person that you see face to face, although that is important too. This is actually about circles much larger than that.

Think about this. How many emails do you send and receive all day? How many are “group” emails that are seen by many people? Probably hundreds. Do all of those people know you are a dentist? They should. It’s so easy. Simply make all of your emails have an automatic “signature.” You can set this up in whatever email program you are using in just a matter of minutes. The “Signature” is the line or lines that are automatically generated at the end of every email – and if yours doesn’t have your name (with degree or “Dr.”), office phone number, tag line (such as “Creating Smiles In Eastern Wisconsin Since 1984” or “General, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry”) and website – you are simply missing thousands of opportunities each year.  

Along the same lines, even though in this electronic age the printed word seems to be vanishing, there are still chances to let those in your community know that you are a dentist for free using good old paper and ink. Here’s an example. Let’s say that you have volunteered to be coach of the 8th Grade girl’s soccer team, and at the first practice all of the parents are given printouts with the names and phone numbers of the team members.

Do it on your office stationary! It’s a simple little thing, but now everyone on the team knows that Jenny’s Mom or Dad is a dentist!  So what will they do at the next practice when they have a little dental question? They’ll give you a chance to say “You really should call the office so I can have a look!” Or they will know someone they trust and respect when the need for a new dentist arises.

Okay – one more simple one. Carry your business card everywhere and give it to everyone!! Make sure that every restaurant owner, dry cleaner, bank teller, gas station owner – every single person in your community who you do business with – knows that you are a dentist! After all, you are giving them business – the code of good will says that they will do the same for you! It’s so simple to do. And, as with the rest of these, it’s free!!

So sit back, relax, and get ready for your phone to ring. Oh – by the way – when your phone rings, it’s crucial to have the skills to convert that caller into a patient!! If you don’t, nothing else matters! So to be sure, check this out: