Something Very Small Yet Very Powerful!

Last week we sent you a note on the importance of email marketing. If you didn’t see it, click here to give it a look.

To prove a point about the power of emails, it contained tons of links – those underlined or highlighted words which you can click on that take you to another page, a web site, a video, or whatever. Many people wrote back in and said –

How do you make those link things to click on?? Well, it’s actually very simple.

First of all, we highly suggest using a professional yet incredibly inexpensive email program. The one we use is called Mailchimp. But in any case, most good email, blogging and composing sites have this feature.

Up in the toolbar, the area where you can control the font, the point size, the color of the text and all that other great stuff, there will be an icon which looks like a chain link. (This is somewhat universal but may differ in some oddball cases.)

When you are ready to “link” something, simply highlight the words and click on the “link” symbol. Then a little box will appear where you can put the URL (web address) of the thing you want to link.

So for example, let’s say that you are sending out an email blast or doing a blog on tooth whitening. In the piece, you can have a link to another web article on whitening, or maybe even some before and after pictures on your own website. You can even have a link at the end to send the patient to a place on your website where they may set up an appointment!

Using links, you can pack endless information into a short amount of space without annoying those who only want the basics. It’s a great way to “sell without selling” because only the truly interested readers will click on the link!

For example, if you want to read an article about Clarence Williams III, who played “Linc” on the old TV series The Mod Squad, you can just click his name. But most of you won’t do that.

Hopefully though most of you WILL use “links” in your emails and blogs, greatly expanding the amount of information you can give without cluttering everything up.

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Un-Crapify Your Practice!

Many people who attended TBSE 2010 are still raving about Jeff Havens, the opening speaker who taught everyone to “Un-Crapify Your Life!” (If you missed it, don’t worry – there’s always this year!!)

In any case, there are many areas of our lives that need un-crapifying, and one is probably your dental office.

Whether it‘s old charts of patients who haven’t been in since the Nixon administration, that incredible gadget Doc just had to have back in 2005 and has been collecting dust ever since, a bulk purchase you never should have made of something you no longer use, old lab cases and models – you get the picture. Chances are there are things hanging around your dental office that are just getting in the way of everything else.

Let’s face it – that green compound stick you have had since dental school may bring back some great memories, but you ain’t never gonna use the stuff. There is no sentimental value in something that is hogging up precious space in your office.

Yet for some reason we tend to get attached to things. If you made the wise choice to switch to DEXIS digital x-ray, you don’t need to keep that gallon jug of developer “just in case.” Just in case what? You get thirsty and the unrest in District 8 is holding up the water supply?

It simply doesn’t matter how much that “thing” costs or how beautiful that face-bow is. If you haven’t used it in the past six months, you are probably not going to use it. If you haven’t used it in a year, you are NEVER going to use it. And if you haven’t used it in three years, its use will probably endanger someone!

So make your rule of thumb and then “un-crapify” your office. Don’t be afraid to throw stuff out. Or if that bothers you, donate it to a clinic in a third-world country or that HMO dentist down the street. And of course, there is always eBay!!

Whatever you decide, getting rid of junk and then re-organizing your office is always a great exercise. So start to un-crapify – and there is no day better than today!

Now get going before we take a look at your closet at home.

By the way, speaking of TBSE – the lineup for 2011 is going to be simply amazing – our best one EVER!!! It’s not too late to take advantage of our huge January tuition discounts, but you better do it now!! Check out to find out more!! You’ll get a very groovy free t-shirt too!!


A very short time ago The Madow Brothers were out of town driving their rental car back to the airport after one of their best “Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Prosper” seminars ever. They had a flight to catch and they were running late. As they were driving along, the nice lady on the navigation system said “in one half mile, make a right.” The brothers looked at each other, knowing in their hearts this was not correct, and decided to continue straight. When they passed the street that they were instructed to make the right on, the navi lady seemed to become upset.

“Recalculating!”    “Make a u-turn as soon as possible,” she said.

As her instructions were ignored, she seemed to become more and more irate.

The brothers stayed their course and wound up making it to the airport with time to spare. Where would they have wound up if they had not trusted their guts and listened to the pissed off navi lady? No one knows!

How about you? Are there things that you know in your heart you would like to do, but some other voices are telling you not to? Are you always listening to that little 3 x 4 inch box instead of actually trusting yourself?

You believe that if you purchase a laser for your practice, you could REALLY become the “no-drill-go-to dentist,” and blast the competition in your area. But your spouse is telling you not to do it?

You know for sure that you finally need to get a nice digital radiography system but the hygienist that has been with you for 200 years tells you she’ll quit if you get it because she likes doing it the old way?

“Recalculating!” “Recalculating!” “Recalculating!”

Isn’t it about time you followed your gut? The Madow Brothers did!

(Today’s article was inspired by our friend Seth Godin)

The Crappiest Website Ever?

We’ve seen all kinds of websites in our day – some fantastic and some pretty darn lousy. But what is the “Crappiest Website Ever?”

According to Spencer Ackerman at the tech journal Wired, that title belongs to a sacred place less than fifty miles from The Madow Group world headquarters in Reisterstown, MD. Adams claims it is that of Fort Meade – home of the top-secret National Security Agency, The U.S. Cyber-Command, and pretty much the most technologically advanced spy center in the world. Ask someone that works there what they do, and they are restricted to saying stuff like “I work with computers” or “I’m a linguist.” But these are the super-intelligent front-line dorks who keep us out of harm’s way every single moment!

Here’s what Ackerman says about their website:

“Through the gates of Fort George Meade pass the most powerful technical minds that the government employs. But Fort Meade’s website contains pixelized, faux-shaded green fonts and a two-column descending-text template not seen since the days of GeoCities.

At Fort Meade’s website, you’ll get a fade-out events calendar  for fun activities on base, an early-2000s-style thermometer that gauges charitable contributions, and a grid-style hyperlink menu of base information, like what’s playing at the movie theater. A video blog about goings-on at Meade has to be hosted at a separate WordPress site. Spend too much time on an individual page, and Firefox will find an unresponsive script.”

Just how bad is it? You can check it out by clicking here.

But does it really matter if Ft. Meade has a great website? Maybe not! Is someone going to Google “translate Iranian nuclear spy documents” in hopes of finding the right person for the job? We hope not.

Your dental practice, on the other hand, is a totally different story. It should have a clean, sophisticated look, be easy to navigate, give your patients easy to understand content, and do tons of other things that we discuss in much more detail at our live events. But most of all – it should be easy to find!

In other words, if you are a dentist in Bayonne, New Jersey who likes to do sedation cases, and someone Googles “sedation dentist Bayonne” – you had better come up on the first page. Even better – you should DOMINATE the first page!

What the website looks and “feels” like is very important, but not nearly as crucial as ACTUALLY BEING FOUND BY SOMEONE LOOKING FOR A DENTIST!!!!

If you have a great looking (or even mediocre looking!) website and you are not being found by some of the millions of people who are looking for a dentist on the internet each month, something is wrong! Talk to your web people about Search Engine Optimization – SEO (that is, if they even know anything about it). Many people claim expertise in this area, but the fact is if you aren’t getting a lot of hits and your phone never rings with someone saying “I found you on the web,” than you don’t have an effective website, no matter how beautiful or crappy.

If you are not sure, get in touch with our good friend Dr. Rich Hirschinger, owner of He will be glad to take a look at your website and see if he can help out. Best of all, Rich is a dentist – so he knows exactly what kind of content you need – plus he “knows SEO!” You can find Dr. Rich at or 1-888-DDS-DMD-1.

And whatever you do, please make sure YOUR website doesn’t show up when we write about “The World’s Crappiest Dental Website!”

TBSE 2011 Location Announcement!

Dear Friend,

Great news today! TBSE 2011 details have been finalized! “The Best Seminar Ever” will take place November 11–12, 2011 in Las Vegas and the speaker lineup will be a non-stop flow of the best information and motivation ever seen at a dental seminar. The Madow Brothers (that’s us) will be supplying the legendary brand of entertainment and information that you have come to expect – that which no one else on the planet can duplicate!

And to make it even more unbelievable, for 2011…

We Are Back On The Las Vegas Strip!!
That’s right – by popular demand TBSE 2011 will be held at the beautiful…

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino!!

As you may know, this is one of the top Las Vegas mega-resorts that truly has it all! Star worthy accommodations. Incredible dining. Everything from celebrity chefs to P.F. Chang! The Miracle Mile Shops, one of the top shopping destinations in Las Vegas, are right on the premises! And of course there is the top notch entertainment and gaming that only a Vegas Mega-Resort can provide! And perhaps best of all, since it’s right in the middle of the world famous Las Vegas strip, you’ve got…..

Location, Location, Location!!

There is no question that TBSE will educate and motivate your team like never before. If you’ve been, you already know that there is nothing else out there like it. And if you have never attended, it’s just impossible to describe! There is a reason that it gets voted dentistry’s best seminar every year! We are already on track to making the 17th annual TBSE the best one yet!

You probably know that the regular tuition to come to TBSE is $1397 for doctors. People say it’s worth much more than that! Every year it sells out and there is a waiting list to come. This past year was no different. Many offices attempted to sign up too late and unfortunately were turned down. We are considering launching a short special promotion sometime in the spring. The details have not yet been finalized.

EXTRA EXTRA SPECIAL: For a VERY limited time, before we officially kick off our TBSE 2011 marketing, we would like to make you a very special offer. Here is the deal – register before midnight January 31, 2011 and your tuition will be only $497 for docs and $247 for team members! This will be the only way to lock you and your entire team in at an unbelievable price!


For only $497 per doctor (and $247 per team member) you get two full days of TBSE and everything else that goes along with it!
(The regular price is $1397 Docs / $497 Team)

And here’s more good news — we were able to negotiate an unprecedented $139 a night room rate for you at Planet Hollywood! WOW!

You definitely need to take advantage of this special offer now. You MUST register before midnight, January 31, 2011 to get this special pre-announcement price. There will be no exceptions. Seriously!

TBSE 2011 will be two days of the best learning and team building, a vacation, and a way to meet new dental friends and hear success story after success story. And it’s worth sixteen CE credits to boot! We want to see you in Vegas in November! You would be missing an unbelievable opportunity if you missed this one!

Will you be there? At this special tuition, you now have no excuse to miss it!

Please keep this in mind. You’re surely planning to do some type of continuing education this year. TBSE 2011 will be your sure bet! Even if you are uncertain, or were not necessarily planning anything yet, this will be the most important dental event of the year — you and your team need to be there with the best practices in North America!

Please take a few minutes right now to figure out how many from your office will attend TBSE 2011. At these prices, you should certainly bring the entire team! Once you do, CLICK HERE to register online or call us at 1-888-88-MADOW (1-410-526-4780 internationally). You will receive a confirmation from us shortly thereafter. We will also keep in close touch so you will be the first to find out all of the details as they are announced!

Start planning now for TBSE 2011 — the dental experience that will last a lifetime! Guaranteed!

See you in November!


Richard H. Madow, D.D.S.    David M. Madow, D.D.S.

P.S. You should not hesitate on this offer. You will not have another chance to come to TBSE 2011 at this price. Click HERE to register online or call us at 1-888-88-MADOW (1-410-526-4780 internationally) today!

P.P.S. SPECIAL!!! Sign your office up now and while supplies last we will send each registrant a very limited edition TBSE t-shirt to commemorate the “11-11-11” starting date! We had these on premises at TBSE 2010 and people were actually fighting over them!!! Now you can save a ton of money and “get the t-shirt” to prove it!!

Final thought – Hopefully the special pricing (before midnight, January 31, 2011) and the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino location will make it more appealing than EVER for you and your team to be at TBSE 2011! So while you are thinking about it, please CLICK HERE to register online, call toll-free in the US at 1-888-88-MADOW, or on our international number at 1-410-526-4780. However you do it, we will see you in November! It’s going to be AWESOME!!!