The First Step In Getting Anything You Want!

Congratulations go out today to our very good friend Dr. Brian Kvitko.

Perhaps you know Brian, especially if you have been to TBSE. Not only is he always there with his entire office in the front row just about every year, he has also played the drums on stage with The Madow Brothers!

Recently Dr. Kvitko was selected to perform a smile makeover on Ted Williams – not the cryogenically frozen baseball player but the “Man With The Golden Voice.”

You know this guy – he has been all over every TV show lately as the homeless man whose incredible voice is giving him a second chance as an announcer, radio personality, advertising voice-over specialist, and one of those celebrities who seems to show up on every talk show.

If you’ve seen the video on YouTube where he was discovered (click here to view it) you know that Ted has got some seriously bad chompers. So not only is this a fantastic dental case in the making, it could potentially be great publicity for Dr. Brian Kvitko!

We asked Brian how he got to be chosen as the dentist in this high profile case, and he said it was four things:

1) He has a radio show in Columbus called “Dentally Speaking With Dr. Kvitko.” This has gotten his name out to many people in the Ohio area.

2) He is well known for doing smile makeovers.

3) He is a very good dentist!

4) He asked.

All of these are great things. Dr. Kvitko is a nice, pleasant, soft spoken guy, and he lets his marketing, kindness, talent and caring do the talking for him. The radio show which he created and nurtured is a great idea!!

And of course it goes without saying that you need to be a good dentist. Without that, everything you do will eventually fall on its face.

But the most important thing is number four. He asked!!

So many times in life opportunity presents itself if we just know how to ask for it.

Is there something great you want to do?? Get yourself in the right position – and ask!! It’s simply amazing how that can work.

Answer the Phone, I Know That You’re Home!

Do you remember the song by Sugar Ray entitled “Answer the Phone” from 2001? What a great catchy pop tune! If you want to sample it, please click HERE! We know you’ll love it.

Sugar Ray

It seems as though it would be common sense for a dental office to “Answer the Phone” during business hours, wouldn’t it? Well, you would not believe just the other day how many answering machines we received when we put test calls into dental offices during lunch time. Unbelievable!

People… doesn’t it make perfect sense to staff your phones during all business hours, especially when working people may get a little break and actually have some time to call your office…

during THEIR lunch break!

Listen!  Many of you are complaining about how slow things are and how you don’t have enough patients coming in, but then you break so many of the rules that we teach regarding how to keep your appointment books full! Please, at the very least make a promise to yourself that you will never ever have an answering machine pick up a call during business hours! At least that would be a start.

For more information on how to effectively get patients off of the phone and into your appointment book, you may want to check out Profitable Scheduling. You can have your entire office up to speed in two hours! Check it out! It could be the most significant thing you do this year!