More Production With No New Patients

There is no question about it – finding more high quality new patients is a fantastic way to grow your practice. But you can also increase your revenue significantly in a different way.

How? By doing more services on the patients you have. It’s not that difficult!

Many patients have no idea that you do whitening, see children, are a cosmetic dental expert, etc. So please make everyone aware through proper signage, marketing, social media blasts, and even good old chit-chatting, that you provide all of these services in your practice.

However, the absolute best thing to do (for your patients, your bottom line and even your sanity!) is to increase the services which you provide.

Are you even comfortable doing a high-end cosmetic case? If not, go out there and get some training from the best instructors you can find!

You probably have hundreds of patients who are in need of minor periodontal procedures (like a crown lengthening almost every time you do a crown prep!), but without the proper tools, you can’t provide them. Check out the fantastic array of lasers from Biolase and watch your procedure mix change for the better!

How about short-term ortho? This is one of the most desired procedures these days. Don’t be afraid of it! Learn how to do it right with a course like Six Month Smiles and you’ll be the one who is smiling! (Added benefit: you can now list “orthodontics” on all of your marketing materials. Even if you wind up referring some cases to an orthodontist you will get lots of new patients!)

What else can you add to your mix? Sedation dentistry? Mini-implants? More endo and fewer referrals? These will all grow your practice like crazy, often on your existing patients! After all, it’s much more efficient to do the treatment on the patients who are in your practice and are already sold on you.

Yes – sometimes it takes guts to expand your procedure mix, but the rewards are great. Plus, it’s fun!

So make the commitment. Take some great courses and provide more services. You will earn more money, keep your patients happy, and love dentistry even more.

It’ll change your face – it’ll change your life!

Not sure where to start? Come on out to TBSE 2011 in Las Vegas! You will get so much high quality practice building information in one place it will astound you!!

Want to learn how to do short-term ortho? Well, Dr. Ryan Swain, the founder of Six Month Smiles, is one of our speakers!

How about adding more cosmetic dentistry to your practice? Why not learn from the best? We’ve got Dr. Hugh Flax, President of the AACD, on the TBSE stage!

Interested in learning how to use technology to the max? Then hear it straight from dental tech whiz Dr. Bill Busch! (Yes – he will be at TBSE too!)

And that’s just the start! Please check out the rest of the lineup at We’ve got some special pricing on there too!!

However you do it, please make the commitment to a better practice! That’s what it’s all about. The added revenue isn’t so bad either!

Would You Like Fries With That?

“Would you like fries with that?”

Place an order at McDonald’s and it is pretty likely you will hear that line. And why not? One year after adding that now famous question to their repertoire, sales skyrocketed by 27%.

People go to McDonald’s to get fast food, and don’t mind being sold more if it.

But if Mickey D’s can successfully teach that high school kid with no previous training to boost sales so much, why are we afraid to do it in our dental practices?

We are highly trained professionals, and our patients come to us to get strong teeth, healthy gums and beautiful smiles.

So why are we afraid to look them in the eye and ask:

“Would you like to have whiter teeth?”

Why do we all of a sudden get shy when it comes to saying stuff like:

“We can beautify your smile using the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry. Would you like to see how?”

Our patients trust us and come to us for the best possible dentistry. Don’t be afraid to let them know how we can help them!

After all, if McDonald’s can train that kid to stuff their customers with greasy, artery clogging fries, we can certainly help our patients become healthy and look their best!

Let’s all make a commitment to do it. We all want fries with that!!

At The Madow Group, we are here to make your practice better! If you want more new patients or a more productive practice, we can help you!

The Most Common Question We Are Asked!

All summer long we are celebrating the fact that for 22 years we have been helping dentists and team members love dentistry as well as become more successful at it! Sometimes some wise-ass will approach one of us and ask us how many more years until we retire. Our answer is “Neither of us could EVER imagine being retired. Helping dentists and team members is something that we lave and it keeps us young! As a matter of fact, instead of being retired, we like to think that we are…


And by “refired,” we mean always reinventing ourselves so we stay on top and keep you on top as well! So here’s to the next 22 years!

OK, enough about us. Let’s now talk about perhaps the most common question that we have been asked over the last 22 years.

“What can I do to stop cancellations and no-shows in my office?”

Yeah, we’ve heard this a million times and have had many great answers over the years. We just recently did an entire video on this subject with literally TONS of ways to minimize cancellations and no-shows! It was part of our Powerhouse program. Call us at 1-888-88-MADOW and we can certainly tell you how to get a copy of the video!

Have you heard of the latest way we have discovered to minimize cancellations and no-shows? You are going to love this one. It is called “Patient Activator,” and it’s actually a web-based program that does everything for you while you and your team sit back and relax in your easy chairs!

Yeah… the old way of worrying about sending out postcards, calling patients days before to confirm, calling the night before, getting busy signals, answering machines and people answering who have no idea what you’re talking about are gone. In the 22 years that we have been helping dentists and teams, we have seen so much change and the way we now contact our patients is no exception.

In this world of smart phones, iPads, tablets, texting, etc., everyone is online and everyone is connected! Doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of technology to cut down on cancellations and no-shows? Enter Patient Activator! It is totally automatic, the setup takes five minutes (or less), and it’s easy to use! Even if you are a bit technically challenged, you can master this quickly.

There are tons of things Patient Activator can do for your productivity and it makes no difference what software you are using now. This does not replace anything! It is an application that runs separately! It is a total no-brainer!

The people at Patient Activator are making it simple for Madow friends to try it for FREE! That’s right, no risk and no setup fee! If you don’t like it, just stop using it and that’s the end. But our bet is that this is something that you will want to use for a long time to come!

There are two ways to learn more:
1. Call 877-906-9913. Ask how you can try out Patient Activator and start cutting down on cancellations and no-shows totally for free!
2. Go to their website by clicking HERE. You can learn more and you can sign up by simply clicking a button. Remember, we said it only takes five minutes!

Hey, since we are dealing with people, it is impossible to completely eliminate cancellations and no-shows. You know that! But can we help minimize them better than ever now? YOU BET!