Your Most Important Instrument in the Dental Office

It could be the most important instrument in your office. Without it, your practice could not function, you would have no new patients, few appointments with existing patients, and would be out of touch with the outside world.

Yes – you guessed it. The most important instrument in your office is not a Hollenback carver, a rubber dam forceps, a Gracey 204S or a bass guitar. It’s the good old telephone.

But it’s not enough to own a telephone or even ten of them. They have to be used correctly.

In over 22 years of helping dental practices, we have seen so much poor telephone technique it is actually scary. And the sad thing is, no one in the office, from the dentist to the business team to the UPS man, realizes that anything wrong is taking place. Yet improper telephone technique hurts every single practice, severely diminishes the amount of new patients coming in, and lowers production by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If there is ONE THING you can immediately do to boost your new patient flow and production, it is to improve the office telephone skills.

Tomorrow night – Tuesday August 30th at 8:00 PM Eastern Time – we are doing a LIVE teleconference on that very subject. It’s called “Top Twenty Telephone Tips and Techniques” and we want you to be on the call!!

Oh yeah – the call is FREE!

It’s part of our Madow Powerhouse Coaching Program, and we are inviting you to give it a “test drive” by giving you the months of August and September absolutely free – including tomorrow night’s information packed call! Plus – you will get our latest DVD which goes along with the teleconference. Yes – it’s called “Top Twenty Telephone Tips and Techniques!” Show this to your team and watch your new patient numbers and production go crazy!

This “virtual national study club” gives you amazing tools to build your practice and enhance your career more than ever.

Members get:

  • A monthly instructional DVD by The Madow Brothers made exclusively for Powerhouse members
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We’ll see you on the call.


We Can Help You!

For many years our team here has been answering our Madow Group phones “Thank you for calling The Madow Group, this is _________ speaking, I CAN HELP YOU!” Yes, you read that correctly! We improved on the old way of asking “May I help you?” Instead, ours is a bold statement saying yes, we can definitely help you, you called the right place!Try answering your phones like that for the next week and see what kind of response YOU get! We have a feeling you will never go back to the old way!

While we are on the subject of saying we can help you, we just wanted to be sure that you know that The Madow Group is YOUR “go-to” group for getting anything answered in dentistry! We’ve been helping dentists and team members for over 22 years now, and between the two of us and our entire team, we feel we are the best you can get! If you have a question about anything dentistry related, you don’t have to go anywhere else. So please ask away. Anything goes. You can do it via email very easily! This email address is  And if we do not know the answer off the top of our heads, we will research it and find out for you. Please remember, we are The Madows and…


The Madow Brothers


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