How To Make Technology Work For You

Are you on a first-name basis with the people at Radio Shack? Do you have to have the next high-tech gadget that is on the market? Wouldn’t you like to know a way you could actually use high-tech things to market your practice and increase your income? Well then, you need to be on our next FREE webinar!

The Best Webinar Ever
Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 9 PM ET!

Many of you have been asking us how you can actually incorporate tech ideas such as smartphones, QR codes, tablets, texting, mobile technology, etc. into your practices and use these to get more new patients and increase production.

We have the answers and we are going to address each and every one of them during this very special edition of The Best Webinar EVER! Bring all of your questions as well as plenty of paper and two very sharp pencils. You will definitely benefit from this great session!

Our very own Steve Vargo will be hosting and teaching how all of this new technology will ultimately fit into dentistry. This is a not-to-be-missed webinar. Remember – when it comes to technology, being first is best!

Please sign up early to ensure your place. Our last three webinars totally filled up! You get the latest information about Social Media and how it to make it work for your dental practice! You will get awesome information that you can start using right away!

Please go to to register.

Register today because you don’t want to miss this one!

This is not a party!

The Brothers are on the road again. This time it’s the Illionois State Dental Society. Oh yeah are we going to WOW them. Our seminars are “performances,” unlike anything else in dentistry. As a matter of fact we were in Ocean City, MD last week speaking at The MD State Dental Association. We do some things at the very beginning of our show that are pretty outrageous, and this time something REALLY crazy happened. A “monitor” in charge of the session next to ours came running over to our room where we had just started and at the top of her lungs yelled…

“This is not a disco. This is not a bar. THIS IS DENTISTRY!
Now turn this sh _ t  down or I am going to pull the plug on you immediately.”

Do you know what happened? We totally ignored her and she walked away with her “tail between her legs.” But not before she gave us some real scowling looks. Then our audience got the best dental show they have ever experienced in their lives!

If you have never seen “The Brothers” in action, you gotta make it a point to do so. Our “show” is totally new and updated! Go to and take a look at our schedule. If we are not coming to your area, make sure YOU figure out a way to bring us. We speak to study clubs (large ones), associations, conferences, societies and institutions! The larger the crowd the better. Our goal is to do a stadium show. So if you or someone you know is looking for THE BEST SPEAKERS IN DENTISTRY, it’s time to book The Madows. And the first five groups to call and book us get $3.95 off our honorarium! Be sure to mention the secret word “MADOW!”

Our phone number is 1-888-88-MADOW. Call us right now and we’ll “pencil” your group in! Let’s do it! Oh, and happy 5772.

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One Of The Coolest Products We Have Seen In A Long Time!

We love cool dental products, especially when they can make your patients happy, get them to brag about your practice, and increase your revenue!

One of the coolest things we have seen in a long time is the “Chic Flic” pen from Whiter Image. It’s a whitening pen packaged like a cosmetic product (think high-end lipstick or mascara) which also has “lip plumper” gel on the opposite side of the whitening pen.

Lip plumper? It is like a collagen injection without the needles and minus the risk of looking like Donatella Versace.

The packaging is incredible – it has little mirrors on each side and a light that goes on when you slide a tiny switch.  

Now just imagine what would happen if after a new patient appointment or hygiene visit, instead of giving your patient a little bag with some toothpaste and floss (which they don’t use anyway) you gave them one of these!

Would it show everyone that you are the coolest, most progressive dental practice around? Check.

Will they actually use the whitening pen? Check.

Would they talk about it like crazy? Show all of their friends? Use it in public? Check, check, check.

The best thing is, they are really inexpensive and can do so much for your practice!

Of course, you don’t have to give them away; many dental practices sell them as a retail product. But we love the idea of giving them away.

To learn more, give our friends at Whiter Image a call at 1.877.944.8330. They also have one of the best, least expensive take-home whitening kits we have ever seen!

Tell them that The Madow Brothers sent you and not only will they treat you extra special, they’ll give you a FREE Chic-Flic and fifty dollars worth of promotional stuff for your practice if you purchase a dozen Chic-Flics. Great deal!

Give them a call now at 1.877.944.8330. They definitely have a TOTAL whitening solution for the smart dentist – great products, excellent pricing, and marketing know-how.


Lululemon Your Dental Office! (part two)

In part one we discussed how a brand new niche store called Lululemon is creating a tremendous buzz all across North America. We love buzzes and perhaps this is one that you should pay attention to. As a matter of fact, some of you wrote back to tell us that you purchased some Lululemon (LULU) stock after reading part one! Although we are not financial advisors and we do not give stock tips, you should definitely check the one-year graph of LULU to see what kind of a company this is!
Here are some ways you can turn YOUR dental office into a “Lululemon” office:

1. Create a niche! Lululemon is a niche store. They sell yoga apparel. What percent of the population do you think actually practices yoga? Pretty small, right? Walk into a Lululemon store and you would think that the entire world practices yoga! They have made it a fun place to hang out (just like our good friends at The Apple Store).
What could your niche be? There are tons of possibilities. How about ortho, sedation, implants, or cosmetics just to name a few? The point is to be known for something cool and be perceived as the best in your area! Your niche could actually be that you offer free wi-fi and you have a comfortable reception area with a place to use and charge computers for professionals! Be creative!

2. Don’t be so damn fee sensitive.  As we said in part one, Lululemon sells $64 t-shirts and they can’t keep them on the shelves. We love them and probably have at least ten of them between the two of us. They are not only comfortable, but they look cool and work equally well in yoga class as they do at the gym. They are actually quite good for travel as well!
If you have a great product, your patients will want it and will not quibble over a few dollars if they believe in you. Those of you that are overdue for a fee increase; can you think of a better time than now? What are you waiting for? This article just paid for itself (oh wait… it was free)!

3. Learn your patient’s names and use them often. As we have said for quite some time, there is no word that is more important to your patient’s ears than the sound of their own name.
Go into a Lululemon store and ask to try something on. Watch what happens! The attendant that is working the fitting rooms (yes they have people that ONLY work the dressing rooms) will learn your name and use it often. This creates an immediate bond and makes it more likely that you will buy something.

4. Have the best people in the most critical positions. As we said, Lululemon has some real dynamos working in the fitting room area. They are able to bond and to close a sale. Who in your office is talking to the patients about scheduling for treatment? Who is answering the phones making sure every caller has a great chance of becoming a patient? Do you have the best? Think about it.
If you live in an area that has a Lululemon store, your homework is to go there and study how they do things! Look around. Talk to the employees. Try something on (we are not to be held responsible if you buy a lot of stuff). This will be the best education you can get!
Look out for “Lululemon Your Dental Office” (part three) really soon!

One of the most exciting things to come out of “Madowland?!”

Tomorrow night – Tuesday September 27 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time – we are doing a LIVE teleconference on a brand new practice building strategy that we have just put the finishing touches on. This could actually be one of the most exciting things to emerge from “Madowland” in quite some time! The details are being kept under wraps for right now. It has something to do with a procedure that you are already doing in your office. But you will hear about a way to now make it…

a THOUSAND times better! 

Oh yeah – the call is FREE! And here’s how you can get on:

It’s part of our Madow Powerhouse Coaching Program, and we are inviting you to give it a “test drive” by giving you the remaining days of September and all of October absolutely free – including tomorrow night’s information packed call! Plus – you will get our latest DVD which goes along with the teleconference. Share this idea to your team and watch your new patient numbers and production go crazy!
This “virtual national study club” gives you amazing tools to build your practice and enhance your career more than ever.
Members get:
A monthly instructional DVD by The Madow Brothers made exclusively for Powerhouse members
A monthly “meeting” – a live teleconference with other Powerhouse members where they share their practice building secrets
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FREE attendance at our annual “Live Powerhouse Brainstorming” session, which has been described as a life changing event!
To let you see just how incredible this program is, we invite you to take a “test drive.”
Call 1-888-88-MADOW right now and we will give you the rest of September and October totally free, including instant access to our latest video AND an invitation to Tuesday night’s members-only call! It’s at 8:00 PM Eastern time, and you don’t want to miss it!
You have nothing to lose – and becoming a member of Madow Powerhouse Coaching just may change your practice AND your life forever! It’s the best and most affordable program of its kind!
There are only a limited number of free passes for Tuesday’s call – so please call 1-888-88-MADOW right now before it’s too late.
We’ll see you on the call.

Downy Ocean Hon!

Good morning and TGIF to you! Today we’re in beautiful Ocean City, MD or as Marylanders like to say, “Downy Oshun Hon!” We are speaking at the Maryland State Dental Association’s annual convention and looking forward to meeting some fantastic dentists and their teams! What a terrific place to hold a meeting! Plus, hopefully a little later in the day we will get to enjoy the sand, surf and sunshine!

Many of you have asked when we are coming to your city to hold one of our Love Dentistry seminars. If it is not on our regular schedule to come to your local city, why not have your dental society sponsor a private, one-day seminar? It is a great way to bring together dentists and teams, learn great new ways to build your practice and earn continuing education credits! What could be better?

Last year, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates of Nashville actually brought us in to present our Love Dentistry seminar as a thank you to all of their referring dentists and team members. It was fantastic and the referring offices were so appreciative. What a great way to say “thank you!”

So if you would like us (The Brothers) to come to a town near you, let’s make it happen! Give us a call at 1-888-88-MADOW and we will be happy to book your next big dental event! Click here for more information! We can’t wait to see you!

How To Ask For Referrals

After over twenty years of teaching, we have learned quite a bit. And one thing that we have definitely learned is that most people will not take action, even on a good thing.
It’s pretty safe to say that if we wrote:
“Fax us your address and we will send you a crisp new twenty dollar bill” most people would not do it.
The odds get even worse with something like asking a patient to refer someone to your practice. No matter how many courses you take with some great script that is supposed to do the magic, the reality is most patients simply will not refer when asked.
One of the problems is that when it comes time to ask for the referral, the doctor or team member makes it about them and not the patient.
Picture the typical scenario. A patient is happy with the new crowns you just inserted. They are glowing and say:
“Oh Doctor Pickles – I just love my new teeth!”
Boom! You know that’s the best time to ask for a referral. But why doesn’t it work? Because we tend to say something lame like:
“That’s great Lucinda. If you have any friends or family who could benefit from the same type of dentistry, we would be glad to see them here at Pickles Dental Care.”
Okay – Lucinda knows that at this point it’s all about trying to increase your practice.
When asking for a referral – it’s crucial to work with human nature. Make it about the patient. Engage in a little conversation first before jumping on the referral question.

Let’s do an example.
“Oh Doctor Pickles – I just love my new teeth!”
“Lucinda – thanks for saying that. It really made my day! But actually, you made it easy. It’s a pleasure treating you here.”
“Oh – thanks!”
“As you can imagine – in the dental field we hear all kinds of crazy stories, so it’s our goal to make every single patient as comfortable as possible.”
“Yeah – I know what you mean. My Mom went to the dentist and they started drilling before she was even numb!”

“Oh – so sorry to hear that Lucinda. We would be glad to make room for her in our practice and would be sure to treat her extra gently. Debbie will even give you a few of our cards. When she’s ready to come in – just let us know. We’ll look out for her and give her the red carpet treatment.”
See the difference? We engaged Lucinda in a valuable conversation before jumping to the referral issue. It was about her (and subsequently her Mom) – not about the practice.
And most importantly, the conversation was tailored to lead to the referral of a specific person. This is SO much more powerful than asking for a referral of generic “friends and family.”
So yes – asking for referrals can work, especially if you put a little bit of extra oomph into it, make it about the patient not the practice, and try to hone in on a specific referral.
The goal is not always instant gratification, but the fact that when the patient is ready to refer, you are the beneficiary of the action.
Trust us – it works!!
Oh yeah – with that in mind, we would like to ask you to do something right now – and it will be of benefit to YOU!
Just like most people won’t take a free twenty dollar bill, most people won’t take something that is worth much more!!
For several years now we have been recommending (and will continue to recommend) Maverick Dental Lab of Monroeville, PA. We think so highly of them that we want to give you your first three crowns (PFM or eMax) absolutely free.  We promise that you will love the quality, customer service and pricing AND that you will become a satisfied long term client.
Yes – it’s about you, not us!! You can begin a relationship with a fantastic lab AND get three free crowns
But you will never know how satisfied you are unless you try! So give Maverick a call right now at 1-866-318-6624 and just ask for your three free crowns. They’ll send you out a lab kit, prescription pads, a certificate for your three free crowns, and a really cool gift too.
It’s all yours, and all you have to do is ask! Don’t wait – call 1-866-318-6624 right now and claim what should be yours – three beautiful crowns for free!!

To make it even easier, here’s a cool coupon for you!

Don’t Make That Mistake Again!

There are tens of thousands of dental professionals on our e-newsletter list. So even though it was a huge success with our largest attendance ever, the large majority of you WERE NOT in attendance this past weekend at our Powerhouse Live meeting in Baltimore, MD.

So what did you miss other than the beautiful weather at Baltimore’s fabulous, scenic Inner Harbor?

For starters, a day of sharing, brainstorming, and practice building ideas like none other in the history of dentistry.

A full day with the best dentists and team members in North America giving idea after idea and helping one another with their practices.

The opinions and one on one coaching from some of the best minds in dentistry (including us!!).

A fantastic dinner with The Madow Brothers and fellow Powerhouse members where ideas and fun flowed almost as freely as the Sangria.

And if that’s not enough, we even included a special Saturday morning session with Ross Jardine, author of “The 60 Day Money Miracle” which will surely change the lives of everyone in  attendance.

Yes – it was an incredible weekend, and based on the response from the attendees (many of whom were begging for next year’s date so they could mark their calendars) there is absolutely NOTHING else like it in dentistry.

It’s hard to describe what kind of fireworks took place in beautiful downtown Baltimore this past weekend when a group of dentists and team members like this got together. But it’s safe to say that our lives and practices will never be the same!

And even though it was worth millions, this even was totally FREE for Powerhouse Coaching members.

So thanks to everyone who made the trip. We had an amazing time, and we know that you did too. You are an incredible group of people!

And whatever you do, you don’t want to miss it next year!! Give us a call at 1-888-88-MADOW to find out what Powerhouse Coaching is all about, and how easy it is to join in on the fun and learning. Or read about it here.

Then – you’ll know!!