Now This is Important!

How would you and your team like to spend the day with The Madow Brothers LIVE in your office? We will take a look at what is going on and then brainstorm so many ideas with you that your heads will be spinning.  Not only that, we will help you turn these ideas into action and GREATLY increase your profitability and income!

Translation = you will make more money!

The Madow Brothers are different. If you think that Jim, Bill, Roger, Sally or Cathy could do what we do… well, you better THINK AGAIN!!!

Are you and your entire team ready to crank it up a notch? Then call us. “We can help you!”

Two things you need to know:

1. Our full day fee is going up on January 1, 2012.  But if you call before Jan 1, you get locked in to the 2011 fee! It will be the BEST day you and your team ever spend in dentistry!
2. Our schedules are REALLY full. Between our own seminars, our speaking engagements and our in-office coaching and training, we have a crazy 2012 coming up. The point is if you want to have us come in and grow your practice, call now rather than later.
3. Oh yeah, one more thing even though we said only two things! We have some cool new options as far as booking us for a full day. One option includes you traveling to see us and getting an INCREDIBLE break on our daily fee!

Call us as soon as humanly possible at 1-888-88-MADOW so we can figure out your best plan. If you at least get a message through to us before Jan 1, 2012 we will honor the 2011 fee even if we don’t connect until January!

Now Is The Time

We’re not really into New Year’s resolutions, but with just a few days left in the year, now is the time to decide that 2012 will be the best year your practice has ever had.

What does your practice need to make sure that happens? You know this better than anyone else!

Do you need more new patients? A new location? More dedicated team? Higher production per patient? A better procedure mix? Greater treatment plan acceptance?

Maybe you have lost your love for dentistry and need to figure out how to find it again.

Whatever it is – please figure it out. That is always the first step towards the solution.

No matter what your practice needs, we are here to help you just as we have helped thousands of practices (including our own!) over the last 22 years. Please watch our emails closely in 2012. We’ll be giving more tips for your practice health than ever before. So get ready for a fantastic year!

By the way, if you haven’t done so yet, NOW is the time to join The M Club just like so many of your colleagues across the country have already done.

You’ll get the best pricing on dental supplies, incredible gifts (just ask all of the people who have already received iPads!), a personal dental supply concierge, great seating at Madow events, secret unannounced specials, and so much more. Best of all, membership is FREE!!

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Get psyched for an amazing 2012. We can help you get there!

More Info on Staff Bonus Systems


Is your team motivated by money? Do they perform better if they are incentivised? The answers may surprise you!

This evening is our Madow Powerhouse call and we are going to be revealing our new secrets about bonus systems. Are they really necessary to have a top-notch practice? What is truly the best one for you and your team? How can you get your team so fired up that they will mega-produce and make YOU much more money?

Our Powerhouse Group is made up of forward thinking dentists and team members like you! We all help each other grow like crazy. The calls always fill up. There may be still time to reserve your spot but you gotta ask fast!
There is NOTHING else like this in dentistry.

And guess what? The “rewards” of being on this call have even gotten better! If you call us right now to get on tonight’s call, we have just come up with an incredible bonus package we will send you as a “thank you!”

Take a look inside the package we will be sending you:

1. DVD: “How to Never Run Late” by The Madow Brothers – This video answers the age old question “How can we stay on time and not upset our patients ever again?” It’s a fun watch for the entire team. And you will become the office that is always running on time!
2. DVD: “Can We Stop Cancellations and No-Shows?” by The Madow Brothers – Can we stop them? Well, most likely not 100% since we are dealing with human beings. But can we minimize no-shows and cancellations so they no longer affect our bottom line? You bet we can. Just watch this video and you’ll find out how!
3. DVD: “Don’t Just Reduce Your Overhead – Slice it and Dice It!” by The Madow Brothers – We are always so concerned about production and collections but is there another way to increase your profitability? Just take a look at this video and you will find out. We give you so many things to cut down or eliminate that your head will be spinning. And your wallet will be GROWING!!!
4. DVD: “Twenty-Seven Ways to Get More Facebook Likes!” by The Madow Brothers – If you are not on Facebook yet, this video is a fantastic “jump start!” Social media is one of the best communication tools we have ever seen and this will give you great ideas on how to connect with tons of people in your community. Please watch this one with the entire team for great results!
5. “The Best Collection of Letters and Forms to Use in Your Dental Office” by The Madow Brothers – We have personally written some of the best letters that you can use in your practice! You will not find these on your practice management software. No way!
6. A great article (written by The Madow Brothers) that you can modify for your office to send out to your patients via newsletter, email, blog, Facebook, etc. Communicating with your patients regularly is something we want you to pay strict attention to in 2012 and beyond! This will be a great start!

You will receive every single one of the above bonus items totally FREE when you call and get signed up for this evening’s Powerhouse call entitled “The Best Bonus System!”

How do you do this? It’s simple. Just call toll-free 1-888-88-MADOW. Let us know you want to be on tonight’s call. If we still have room, we will give you the instructions!

If our lines are busy, please keep trying. Do this earlier rather than later as we will fill up!

So call right now while this letter is right in front of you! “We can help you!”


Talk to you this evening!

Ah ha… a last minute P.S. – – – – Call us now and we will throw in one more bonus. That’s right you will get the DVD that started this whole thing!!!  – “The Best Bonus System!” It’s less than an hour long and after listening to this, if you and your team aren’t ready to have your best year yet, then you just didn’t pay attention. That’s right, we feel that once you watch this video you have such an incredible advantage over any office in your area… it will be YOUR OFFICE that everyone is talking about because your team will be so fired up! So get ready for 2012 to be your best year EVER by FAR!!

A Brief Message From The Madows

We hope that everyone is having a fantastic long weekend, whether it is celebrating the holidays, enjoying time with family and friends, travelling, or just staying home and relaxing.

2011 has been a fantastic year, and we just want to take this opportunity to say what an honor and pleasure it has been to have met and communicated with so many great people over the last year.

We really feel privileged to know so many of you, and to have the chance to interact with many top notch dentists and team members. To each of you we owe a debt of gratitude and would like to say thanks!!  Also…
Please stay in touch – and we hope to speak with you and see you soon!

Dentists and Hygienists – It Ends Tomorrow!

The best ultrasonic scaling units are the Cavitron line – not much doubt about that one.

There is also not much question that NOW is the time to get the best price you will ever see on both the Cavitron Plus Ultrasonic Scaler AND the Cavitron Plus Ultrasonic Scaler with Air Polisher. But this offer is only good through Friday December 23rd. Just how low is the price? We’ll tell you in a second.

Remember – buy now and save on your 2011 taxes. Wait a few days and the tax savings won’t kick in for a year!

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Were We in Your Office?

In a couple of hours we will be traveling home from Texas. What were we doing here? Glad you asked! We spent the entire day yesterday in a very successful office. We poked, peeked, observed, interviewed and watched everything that was going on for the entire day. By the time we left, we believe we gave them enough ideas to double their practice in two years. Seriously! And by the way, this was not some half-assed practice. It was one of the best we have seen. But yes, we are confident that they will double!

How about you? Are you ready to have your best year EVER? We have been coaching offices for quite a while now and we are pretty darn confident that absolutely no one comes close to our approach. Remember – we are two actual dentists who built really successful practices from scratch and are willing to teach others. We have had our fingers in blood and spit, just like you.

Right now we are booking in-office visits for 2012 and we are swamped. We cannot guarantee that we can get to you. But if you want to try to reserve a date, please call us at 1-888-88-MADOW. This is not hype… our schedules REALLY are almost full for next year!

One more thing… we have several new options available for a full day of in-office coaching. You will be very pleased. This is guaranteed to be the best day you will ever spend in dentistry. Call us… 1-888-88-MADOW.

A great phone tip for the holidays!

The holidays are getting close! Here is a great phone tip that we actually teach all year long, but is especially helpful in the next couple of weeks when you’re planning on taking some time away from the office.

Instead of using your answering machine, voicemail or answering service when your office is closed, try this and you will make it much more convenient for new patients as well as patients of record to get in touch with you and get on the schedule.
When you close the office, forward the office phone to ring to a dedicated cell phone. Give the cell phone to a trusted team member who is enthusiastic about building the practice. When the phone rings during the off hours, no matter where she is, ask her to answer the phone exactly as if she were sitting in the office. Remember our article from last week? In our office, we answer the phone
“Thank you for calling The Madow Group, this is ____________ speaking, I CAN HELP YOU.”

When the caller asks a question, your team member will do her best to simply answer the question. It is helpful if she has remote access to the appointment book. This should be easily accomplished in a paperless office. If at all possible, make the caller an appointment if this is appropriate. And if for some reason, the answer must wait until office hours, it is very easy for your team member to say “I’m sorry Mrs. Jones, I am not at the office right now so it is difficult for me to answer your question. But I will be back at my desk on Monday, so how about if I call you Monday at 9:00AM? OK, and your phone number is ______________ ? Great I will speak with you then!”

Simple, huh? You would not believe how many offices report back to us how this technique has helped build their practices since calls NEVER go unanswered. Try it… you’ll love it. And feel free to work out a fair arrangement with the team member who takes the phone home. Many offices do it differently, but one example would be to pay her a flat amount for any new patient she is able to schedule. Or pay per call taken. Just figure out what is fair for your office. It needs to be a win-win-win!

And speaking of the phone, here is one more important point. No matter how high tech we are, the telephone is still the main artery into your dental practice. It is crucial that every single person on your team possess good phone skills to get patients from the phone into the appointment book. There are all kinds of expensive systems and institutes out there that claim to teach this. Our “Profitable Scheduling” system is the best because of its very quick learning curve and its affordability. And right now if you order Profitable Scheduling through the end of the year we are giving you a very special price. Regularly it is $597 (a great deal) but order now and we’ll give it away for $397.

Please take advantage of this now because as soon as the clock strikes midnight, it’s going back up to regular price. Order now so that you do not forget. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Your team will love you for it. And so will your accountant! You can write it off for this year!!!

Again, go to for more information or to order Profitable Scheduling! Call us with any questions. Our lines are always open!

Satisfy Your Hygienist (And Your Accountant!)

There is not much doubt that the Cavitron Plus ultrasonic scaler is the best on the market. As you update or grow your practice it is one of those “must-have” pieces of equipment.

And its also true that your accountant has probably told you that as the year comes to a close, NOW is the time to but any equipment you need to maximize your tax savings.

That’s why our “M”-azing M Club has gotten together an incredible EXCLUSIVE deal on the Cavitron Plus Ultrasonic Scaler and the Cavitron Jet Plus Ultrasonic Scaler with Air Polisher that you just won’t be able to turn down!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get close to five hundred dollars off of the price of the Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaler and close to a thousand off the Ultrasonic Scaler with Air Polisher.

Plus – to make things more fun, when more than ten people take advantage of this deal, the prices drop by hundreds more!

There is no doubt – this is the time to get one of the finest pieces of equipment made for providing high quality patient treatment AND save on your taxes for 2011. Why settle for some cheapo knock-off when you can get the real thing at this amazing discount?”

To view details of the entire deal and save a ton of money before 2011 comes to a close, please click here.

If you are not yet a member of The M Club – NOW is the time to join! Membership is free, the rewards are amazing, and you will get even more great exclusive deals like this throughout the year.

The M Club is where saving money is an everyday experience and dental supply buying is fun! After all, we are The Madow Brothers and this is what we do!!

You gotta check it out by clicking here. Then just call 1-855-THE-M-CLUB to join up (if you haven’t yet) and take advantage of this amazing deal!

By the way – these savings are only good through Friday December 23 – so ACT NOW! Pleae don’t miss out and kick yourself next year.

Does Your Branding Still Reflect Your Practice?

Does your branding reflect your practice?

The New Year is often a time for out with the old and in with the new – a time for change. What about your practice brand? Does it still reflect your practice as a whole?

Times change. If your brand does not reflect who you are and what your practice represents, you may be sabotaging any marketing efforts you attempt. For example, if you don’t like to treat children why would you have a smiling dinosaur with a giant toothbrush as your brand? Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the message you want to get across to potential new patients. What is your vision? Are you getting that across when you market your practice?

Big mistake.

Many dentists don’t think about their brand in all aspects of the practice. We hire a web designer to design our website, an interior designer to decorate our office, and someone completely different to print our marketing materials. Did you have any of them working around your brand or consulting with one another? Usually these things are done at different times and then you end up with inconsistencies which can be confusing to the patient. If they found you on your website and was attracted to what they saw, but the office interior gave a completely different vibe, that patient may become disappointed, disillusioned and perhaps not return for future appointments. You must have consistency.


We recommend you spend some time reflecting on how you want your practice to be perceived as a whole, then write everything down. This could be the big difference you have been envisioning but not achieving. When done correctly, marketing your brand can help bring your practice to the next level!

Consistent branding is the key to successful marketing in your dental practice. Perhaps 2012 is the time to make an overall change in your branding. Are you ready for big results? It’s time that you are the dentist in your area that everyone is talking about!

Call us today and “we can help you” go in the right direction! 1-888-88-MADOW