May We Tease You?

Yesterday we told you about tonight’s call where we will be discussing


Join the call and we will also give you the original DVD with the same title!

Since that was announced we have been flooded with calls from people asking:

“Can you please just tell me some of the 14 ways to make 2012 my best year yet?”

So just for you, here is a “tease” of what some of those ways are!

The number one way to quickly supercharge your practice and have it full of people who want and need your dentistry!
To grow the practice you must expand capacity. Here’s a simple way to do it that will take you just a few minutes!
Something you should be doing for every patient – you’re probably not currently doing this! Why not?? It will grow your practice and your patients will thank you for it!!
There is something right in front of your nose that is worth TONS of practice income! What to know what it is????
2012 is the year of the _______ _______! You better find out what this is if you want to keep up!
Spend one hour doing this right now and it will pay off all year long!
And much more!
So are you ready to make 2012 the BEST year yet in the history of your practice.?

On tonight’s Madow Powerhouse call and we are going to be revealing our new secrets about how to seriously increase your profitability. Ways that will get you and your team will get so fired up that 2012 will eclipse anything you have ever seen or done!

Our Powerhouse Group is made up of forward thinking dentists and team members like you! We all help each other grow like crazy. The calls always fill up. There may be still time to reserve your spot but you gotta ask fast!
There is NOTHING else like this in dentistry.

And guess what? The “rewards” of being on this call have even gotten better! If you call us right now to get on tonight’s call, we have an incredible bonus package we will send you as a “thank you!”

Take a look inside the package we will be sending you:

1. DVD: “How to Never Run Late” by The Madow Brothers – This video answers the age old question “How can we stay on time and not upset our patients ever again?” It’s a fun watch for the entire team. And you will become the office that is always running on time!
2. DVD: “Can We Stop Cancellations and No-Shows?” by The Madow Brothers – Can we stop them? Well, most likely not 100% since we are dealing with human beings. But can we minimize no-shows and cancellations so they no longer affect our bottom line? You bet we can. Just watch this video and you’ll find out how!
3. DVD: “Don’t Just Reduce Your Overhead – Slice it and Dice It!” by The Madow Brothers – We are always so concerned about production and collections but is there another way to increase your profitability? Just take a look at this video and you will find out. We give you so many things to cut down or eliminate that your head will be spinning. And your wallet will be GROWING!!!
4. DVD: “Twenty-Seven Ways to Get More Facebook Likes!” by The Madow Brothers – If you are not on Facebook yet, this video is a fantastic “jump start!” Social media is one of the best communication tools we have ever seen and this will give you great ideas on how to connect with tons of people in your community. Please watch this one with the entire team for great results!
5. “The Best Collection of Letters and Forms to Use in Your Dental Office” by The Madow Brothers – We have personally written some of the best letters that you can use in your practice! You will not find these on your practice management software. No way!
6. A great article (written by The Madow Brothers) that you can modify for your office to send out to your patients via newsletter, email, blog, Facebook, etc. Communicating with your patients regularly is something we want you to pay strict attention to in 2012 and beyond! This will be a great start!

You will receive every single one of the above bonus items totally FREE when you call and get signed up for tonight’s Powerhouse call entitled “14 Ways to Make 2012 Your Best Year EVER!”

How do you do this? It’s simple. Just call toll-free 1-888-88-MADOW. Let us know you want to be on the call. If we still have room, we will give you the instructions!

If our lines are busy, please keep trying. Do this earlier rather than later as we will fill up!

So call right now while this letter is right in front of you! “We can help you!”


Talk to you tonight!

Call us now and we will throw in one more bonus. That’s right you will get the DVD that started this whole thing!!!  – “14 Ways to Make 2012 Your Best Year Ever!” It’s less than an hour long and after listening to this, if you and your team aren’t ready to have your best year yet, then you just didn’t pay attention. That’s right, we feel that once you watch this video you have such an incredible advantage over any office in your area… it will be YOUR OFFICE that everyone is talking about because your team will be so fired up! So get ready for 2012 to be your best year EVER by FAR!!

Your Office Pic HERE?

Want some incredible free publicity?

One of our favorite tips is to have a pic taken of your entire team. Print it out (large size) and get a frame ready. But before you put it in the frame, think of one of your favorite restaurants in the area of your office. I will use our example of Sonny Lee’s Chinese Restaurant here in Reisterstown. Take a black Sharpie marker and write on the picture “Sonny Lee’s… The Best Chinese Food in Reisterstown” and sign it Dr. Madow and his entire Smile Team. Put a phone number if you like!

Put the signed picture in the frame now and march into the restaurant and present it to the manager or owner. What do you think he or she will do? You are right… he or she will tack it to the wall in the most conspicuous place ever! Because you just gave the restaurant a GREAT compliment. And guess what?

You just got yourself a free advertisement that could be seen
by hundreds of people right in your community every single day! 

We spoke about this at TBSE in November and a short time after that our good friends at Centerville Family Dental in Centerville, OH took our advice. And they scored a place on the wall of China Dynasty, a VERY busy restaurant! Take a look below!

Great job guys!

How about you? Are you ready to try it? It works just about every time. We suggest a family or independently owned restaurant as opposed to a big chain. Let us know how this works for you. Send us pictures please!!!

By the way, some of you still don’t know that we do in-office coaching. That’s right, we (The Brothers) can come directly to you and help you with ideas to build your practice. It will be the most exciting day that you and your team will ever spend in dentistry! We are comprehensive and we are the best around. We have over 22 years of teaching success to dentists and team members. Note the use of the term “team members!” We don’t just come in and speak to the doc. We involve everyone, we make it fun, and we know what we are doing. Our schedule is proof! We are very booked so please call now (1-888-88-MADOW) if you are interested in knowing more.

Do you “Care to Share?”

The great Walt Disney was once quoted as saying “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” A quality dental practice always strives to provide great patient care to their exisiting patient base while also utilizing methods to attract new patients as well. The truth is that a great website, well-maintained social media sites and a coupon in the local paper are only part of the total new patient recruitment picture.
As we travel around the country visiting offices and presenting our “Love Dentistry” seminars, we are always asked to share some creative ways that we feel are important to attracting new patients. Our first response is always that the best marketing for your office comes from the patients that you have already built a relationship with! That’s right – your patients have already built a rapport with you and are always happy to say great things about your office. The problem that we find with many practices is that they don’t ask the most important question of all to those patients…
“The greatest compliment that we can receive from you
is the referral of your family and friends for their dental needs.
Do you know of anyone that would enjoy the same quality of dental care
that we provide to you at every visit?”
More often than not, the answer will be a resounding YES! It is vitally important that you take the initative to help build the relationship at that moment. This is where we feel a professionally crafted “Care to Share” card is the most important piece of the puzzle.

On last week’s webinar, Steve Vargo brought up how a simple “Care to Share” card could change your practice around. We have received so many calls and emails about this that we wanted to give you an update on some important information!

You need to be using a CARE TO SHARE card if you are not doing so as of yet! Warning – there are some boring generic “Care to Share” cards available out there that don’t really work well. For best results, you absolutely need a card that attracts attention! Our “Million Dollar Bills” are the best for this purpose because no one EVER throws them away. And they are great conversation pieces when you show someone that you want to help their smile feel like a million dollars just like yours!

Here is our suggested message on the back of the Million Dollar Bill (you can easily customize yours):

CARE TO SHARE a Million Dollar Smile?
Refer your family and friends and YOU will receive a $25 gift card!
THEY will receive a free initial exam and cleaning!

Dr. Spencer Davis
324 Main Street
Reisterstown, MD 21136

Be sure to have your family and friends mention this “Million Dollar Bill Smile” offer when they call!
Expires ________________

We can do all of the work for you and have your Care to Share cards shipped right to your door!!! We have the Million Dollar Bills ready to go! To see what the front of the Million Dollar Bill looks like, click HERE! We can help you personalize the backs of the bills to reflect your VERY OWN “Care to Share” Million Dollar Bill program. Please give our office a call at 1-888-88-MADOW and help say “thank you” to one of the most important parts of your practice – your patients and their family and friends!

Note: these are brand new, therefore we do not yet have the actual graphic of the “Care to Share” bills on our website. You must call to give us your personalized information and we do the rest! It will only take about a minute or so!

These “Care to Share” cards are going to go REALLY quickly due to the demand and we only have a limited numbers of bills right now. If you are interested in getting your very own personalized Madow “Care to Share” Million Dollar Bills, we urge you to call our office today and get it going. Remember, we are now doing everything possible to help you make 2012 your best year EVER! But YOU need to take action. Call right now! 1-888-88-MADOW.

The Kicker Is A Dentist

On Sunday, our beloved Baltimore Ravens were seventeen seconds from appearing in The Super Bowl.

A dropped pass by wide receiver Lee Evans in the end zone, which would have clinched the game, was heart breaking. But the real “kicker” was the next play when Billy Cundiff,  our Pro Bowl kicker, missed a gimme field goal which would have put the game into overtime.

Now the New England Patriots are going to The Super Bowl and Baltimore sports fans are left either waiting for next year or trying to figure out if The Orioles can climb out of last place in 2012.

So what’s the dental lesson here?

Billy Cundiff is a great kicker. He is a star, and his steady foot is one of the factors that propelled The Ravens to the AFC Championship game. But even in a season in which we beat the hated Pittsburgh Steelers not once but twice, the sharpest and most painful memory is Billy “Don’t Be A Hero” Cundiff missing that easy field goal. He seems like a great guy, but the fact is, he has a fifteen million dollar contract and when everything was on the line he blew it.

In dentistry, it’s simple to keep everyone happy when things goes right. Most patients are pleasant and understanding, and if you perform at even an above average level they will love you.

And when the case goes well and the patient is thrilled with their new smile, it’s pretty easy to shine.

But the game is really on the line when things go wrong. When you successfully deal with a difficult treatment plan that doesn’t go well, or a botched insurance estimate, or a cranky patient who is impossible to please, or a screaming fearful kid – that’s where you truly win the brownie points.

Anyone can be a hero when there is smooth sailing. But navigating through rough waters in your practice is like making that field goal when the game is on the line. It’s what the patients really remember, and it’s what separates the best practices from the rest.

“Thank You” Isn’t Enough

Happy Monday from Madowland.  We just got back from a whirlwind tour of Van Nuys, CA and Grand Rapids, MI both in one week!  We were able to experience weather extremes in a short period of just a few days, and we loved every minute of it!

In California we had the pleasure of presenting our famous “Love Dentistry” seminar to over 150 outstanding dentists and team members at the San Fernando Valley Dental Society.  What a great group – it was truly an honor to be among some of the top dentists in Southern California.

In Grand Rapids we presented to a sold out crowd of 400 dental professionals at the West Michigan District Dental Society.  This was also a fantastic group of our peers!

We were able to give both groups the best of the best of The Madow Brothers – information packed days of non-stop, head spinning, practice growing tips!  We’ve been teaching dentists how to grow their practices for over 22 years, and this seminar is not to be missed.  Please check out our 2012 schedule to see if we’re coming to your city. And if we are not coming to YOUR city (well, even if we are), look out for something very special from us within the next two weeks. It is a way that you can experience The Madow Brothers Live right in your very own office! There has never been anything like it before.

And thanks again California and Michigan for having us – we look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

Don’t You Love It When…..

Don’t you love it when somebody points to their tooth # 8 and says “Just to let you know – this one’s a crown!”

Meanwhile, the thing looks like a piece of siding from an old barn, misshapen, five shades darker (or lighter) than the rest of their teeth, and protruding by at least five millimeters!

To us it is screaming “This is a horrible crown” – but to the patient they feel the need to warn us lest we can’t pick it up for ourselves.

There is no question about it – to many patients a crown is a crown is a crown. They can’t tell if has poor margins, fits like boots on a rooster, and is the fugliest thing this side of The Mississippi. So in a way, a crown, at least the way the public perceives it, is a commodity.

What is NOT a commodity is the experience a patient receives in your practice.

Was the experience of scheduling their appointment pleasant, or did they feel like a number?

Did you make them rot in the waiting room for twenty minutes?

Was their visit pain-free?

Did they leave the practice feeling like they had just encountered the most amazing and caring team and doctor ever?

Are you staying in touch with them between visits?

These are the kind of things patients judge, evaluate, and talk about.

If you think that the dentist down the street is more successful (even though there is no way they are as clinically gifted as you), they are probably giving their patients a memorable experience.

We all know that a crown is NOT a commodity. But most patients don’t and never will. The good news is, if you do everything else right, the dentistry will no longer be commoditized. (Is that even a word?)

Speaking of commodities, you may feel that your impression material, composites, cotton rolls, gloves, etc. are commodities. And let’s face it – whether you purchase them from Darby, Schein, Patterson, Benco or anyone else, your dental supplies will be pretty similar.

That’s why we created The M Club! There needed to be a way to make it so the dental supply buying experience is NOT a commodity!

We did it by demanding the best dental supply experience possible. This means things like:

The most aggressive pricing
Incredible rewards just for purchasing supplies – things like iPads, luggage, jewelry, electronics, cameras – you name it!
The best customer service with your own personal concierge
Unannounced specials for members only
Up-front seating at Madow events
FREE membership
And more!!
If you haven’t joined yet, now is the time!! Why?

Because for a limited time, we are offering twenty percent off your first order PLUS a free bag of 250 air/water syringe tips! Why wouldn’t you do it NOW??????

The M Club is powered by Darby, so you know that you are getting the best, freshest name brand and generic supplies.

So call 1-855-THE-M-CLUB now, get 20% off your first order and a free bag of air/water syringes!! What the heck are you waiting for?

Dental supplies will no longer be a commodity when you are a member of The M Club!!

It’s Tonight!

The Brothers are in California and Michigan this week – all set to deliver incredible information to doctors and team members alike! Just about every single person that leaves a Madow “Love Dentistry” seminar says it was the best day they have ever spent in dentistry! Hopefully you will be seeing us this week or perhaps another time in 2012 when we pull into your town!

And this evening our very own Steve Vargo takes the ‘mic’ to present “The Best Webinar EVER” to tons of you all across North America! Our webinars have become the biggest hit in dentistry simply because it’s so easy to learn how to become the “go-to” office in your area from the comfort of your home or office.

So… are you ready to learn this evening? We certainly hope so! Join us on our FREE webinar and you’ll be on your way to your best year ever simply by applying a few secrets we are going to teach you!

PLUS, there will be a chance to win an incredible prize – so you really should tune in! We’ll fill you in on everything during the webinar! 2012 is YOUR year!!! It’s the year everything is finally going to come together perfectly! It’s going to be great!

The details…
Webinar: BRAND NEW  EDITION of “The Best Webinar EVER”
Date: Tonight, Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Time: 9PM Eastern Time
?Free registration:

Many of you know that all of our webinars fill up quickly. We HIGHLY recommend that you register now. Also, when you log in this evening, we highly suggest doing so at least TEN MINUTES early as it is possible that latecomers may be shut out even if you are registered. Every time we put on a webinar, there are people who are not able to log in due to the fact that we reach capacity. And we do not record these. So again, PLEASE register now and log in way early!!!

Register NOW at
Call us today if you have any questions. Our number is 1-888-88-MADOW.