Sometimes You Gotta Grab It

Have you ever attended a seminar where the leader stands in front of the room, holds up a twenty dollar bill, and asks,

“Does anybody want this?”

We’ve seen this old trick a million times. If someone is bold enough to run up to the front and grab it right out of their hands, they get to keep it. If no one grabs it, the leader will give a hint like,

“If you really want something, sometimes you just gotta grab it!”

And even if the demonstration is a little silly and overdone, it really is true. Sometimes if you want something, you just gotta grab it.

We all know the expression “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” And maybe that’s also true. How about the more modern version –

“If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer – you’re the product being sold!”

What does this mean? Well, you get to use Google for free, but eventually you may be the product as Google builds an enormous database filled with our searches and preferences.

Ever attend a “free” workshop only to find that they tried to up-sell you to a more intense one costing thousands of dollars?

But it’s not really a problem. What if the “up-sell” seminar really helped you with something you were trying to accomplish in life? What if you don’t mind using Google for free, knowing they may be capturing your data, because the convenience is so great? As long as it is a win/win, everything is okay!

That’s why we love doing “free” things for our patients or potential patients.

A free consult for a possible new patient who is on the fence can be a great investment in your practice. Giving away free whitening for those who come in every four or six months like clockwork is a good way to keep your best patients forever. Free lectures for the local elementary school, free oral cancer screenings at a local health fair – well you get the idea. “Free” can be very good – and very lucrative!!

For a few years now we have been telling dentists about Maverick Dental Lab – a fantastic lab located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that provides excellent customer service, does beautiful work, and has extremely competitive pricing. Of course they want to be your dental lab, and we give them a very high recommendation.

But just like the spirit of this e-letter, they are willing to take a chance on you knowing that you will like them so much you’ll become a regular customer! What will they do?

Maverick Lab wants to give you your first three crowns absolutely free! That’s right – no obligation, no charge, no shipping – no anything!

Oh – actually you will get a large “gift box” containing lab prescription slips, shipping boxes, a coupon for you three free crowns, and a very cool present that is yours to keep!

Don’t be fooled – they do this because they want you to become a customer! And we do too – because we know that after you see how great your three free crowns are, you will stay on for good! It is truly a  win/win!!

How do you do it? Simply call Maverick Lab at 1-866-318-6624 right away and ask for your three free crowns! Or go to

We want you to lower your overhead, provide beautiful adjustment-free crowns, and love your lab!! Just call 1-866-318-6624 today and get going with Maverick!

Sometimes there is a such thing as a free lunch!!

Do This During Your Dental Exam And Be More Profitable!

Let’s make your practice more profitable!

Last week we talked about reaching out to the new residents in your area because they are the most likely people to be looking for a new dentist.

Today we’ll talk about something you do every single day – notably the “dental exam,” and how you can actually use it to increase profitablitity! Whether it’s a short one in the hygiene room or a full blown exam in your treatment room, do you know if you just tweaked the way you did a few things, you could drastically INCREASE your income without investing a single penny in your practice?

Here is one idea for you to try next time you are doing an exam and charting…

use regular language that your patient can understand!

What do we mean by “regular language?” OK, let’s say you are examining and your trusty assistant is recording your notes. You call out “#12 DO amalgam, recurrent caries with possible periapical lesion on radiograph.” 

Well, that may be the correct language for charting but your patient hasn’t the foggiest idea what that means. Sounding like a smart doctor in this case will get you nowhere – your patient will likely not even be paying attention to you.

But suppose you called out “#12 DO with large old leaking silver filling and some decay and infection (yes doc, dental caries is an infection) in the tooth as well as in the surrounding bone. Immediate treatment is necessary to reverse the infection.”

Which way do you think would elicit a response from your patient asking something like “Doc, that sounds serious… what can we do about it?” 

Of course the second would! Can you see that just a little change in communication will get your patient actually WANTING and appointing for the treatment you provide.

Now this was a very oversimplified example. But we have tons of ways to improve the way you do an exam that will practically guarantee immediate practice growth.

Do you know there is…

  • A simple question to ask so that your patients will always be comfortable in your practice?
  • Something to do during every exam to let your patients know of treatment they need before you actually tell them?
  • A “no-brainer” way to double your hygiene production?
  • A crucial way to begin every exam so your patient knows you are the best dentist they have ever seen?
  • A way to “frame” the medical history update to set you apart from all other dentists in your area?
  • Something to say out loud to your assistant during the exam so your patients will never say “it’s just a check-up” again?

Doesn’t it make sense to fine tune what you are already doing (the oral exam), and do it at a level that is superior to any other dentist out there?

We certainly think so.

Onward.  For 50 minutes this evening (beginning at 9PM Eastern) we will be getting together for one of our private Powerhouse teleconferences. We do them once a month. Tonight is the night that we will be talking about the secrets to doing a “healthier” and more profitable exam. Think this is going to be rehashed old stuff? Well, if you think so, please clear your mind and think again. It’s going to be great information so bring your pen and paper!

Want to start making more money beginning first thing tomorrow morning? We will give you specific ways on this call this evening.  We have a spot reserved for you. And bring your key team member(s) if you like!  Call 1-888-88-MADOW right now and we’ll explain how you can access the call!

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Want in on tonite’s call (and the link to the video)? Call 1-888-88-MADOW now and we can get you going!

What will you be doing this evening? We hope you’ll be spending 50 great “practice building” minutes of it with us!

Special Guest Blog – Your Own Private Idaho

Today we have a very rare and special guest blog from Fred Joyal. Fred is the co-founder of 1-800-DENTIST and has one of the sharpest marketing minds in dentistry. He’s a heck of a nice guy too!!

Your Own Private Idaho
By Fred Joyal

I was driving someone else’s car the other day, and the radio was preset to a Top 40 station.  It astounded me how often the same few songs were repeated.  I would park the car, come back in 20 minutes, and Adele would be playing again.  Or Bruno Mars.  Or Katy Perry.  And I was also thinking to myself how dopey the lyrics were, and how uninventive the music was.  Someone was singing the line, “I love you like a love song, baby,” over and over again.  I’m not even sure what that means.

Then I thought back to my own Top 40, back in the day.  The lyrics were just as dopey and repetitive, and the music was still derivative. And I loved every minute of it.  And my parents thought it was stupid noise.

We all have our own Top 40.  Our own sensibilities.  Our own style of communicating.  We’re all living in our own private Idaho. And so are your patients.  Some of them won’t ever look up from their cell phones, but never use them to make an actual phone call, only texts.  Others love email.  Or Facebook.  Some watch the evening news religiously, and others use the Daily Show as their only source of current events.  Some have voicemail, some have an answering machine, and some won’t even get call-waiting on their home phones.

You will have patients all along this digital spectrum — so don’t think everyone is like you. They’re not.  You need to communicate in whichever way they prefer, and this can save you a massive amount of time.  Imagine if you could confirm  appointments by automatically sending a text message to the 20% of your patients who prefer texts, and sending an email to those who prefer email.  Suddenly your front desk would be free to deal with the people who need an actual call (or those who won’t respond to a text because their thumbs are too big).

I was lecturing recently and I recommended that practices get a legal release from their patients to use their image in perpetuity.  One dentist raised his hand and said, “I would never sign something like that.”  I told him, “You can’t go by what you would do.”  I turned to the audience.  “How many people here would be willing to sign a release like that?” I asked.  80% of the room raised their hands.  This is new behavior.  People put pictures of themselves up everywhere, and they are all in the public domain.  This dentist was assuming that everyone would feel the way he did.

I sometimes meet office managers who will, after I recommend digital communications, say “Our patients don’t like that.”  Really?  None of them?  Five years ago hardly anyone over 25 texted.  Now there are three times as many text messages sent as phone calls.  (Mostly to vote on American Idol.) Behavior changes, faster all the time.  And I don’t care how small your town is or how old your patient base is, I’ll bet 90% of them have an email address.

It’s a whole new world out there, and it’s not just young people doing it.  There are 80-year-olds who live on the Internet, lurking on Facebook and emailing each other bad jokes; the largest growing segment of Facebook users is the 35-50 age bracket; and 70% of Internet read online reviews before choosing a product or service.

Your Top 40 is probably not mine.  Your preferred mode of communication is different than many of your patients.  Adapt, because “rumor has it, the times they are a’changin’.”  (You see, I mixed Adele and Dylan.  A mashup for the ages.  )

One more thought.  Which end of the spectrum do you think is expanding, and which end is shrinking? Feel free to text me your answer.

So what do you think? We agree that patient communication is rapidly changing and that it is essential for every practice to keep up.

We urge you to check our Patient Activator by 1-800-DENTIST. It is a fantastic patient confirmation tool and does so much more! It will help you eliminate no-shows, increase production, tighten recall, fill in last minute cancellations and lots more. Best of all, it is the most economical of any system out there, and we have arranged for you to have a special no-risk free thirty day trial! There’s a reason that no one else will offer that!!

Just go to and check it out! Or call 1-877-906-9913 and ask for your 30 day free trial. We know that you will pleased.

Dental X-Rays and Brain Tumors – What To Say To Patients

As you may know, recently the journal Cancer published a study linking dental x-rays to brain tumors.

If you have not read the study, you may check it out by clicking here. If you have ADD like us, a great summary (or “greatest hits” as we like to say) can be read here.

And while the issue got a quick media splash and is already fading away, it is good to have an answer if a patient brings it up.

One thing we as dental people tend to do is talk way too much and paint ourselves into a corner. But the fact is, most questions, no matter how difficult, can be answered succinctly and effectively.

So when it comes to this study, there are really only a few important points your patients need to know. Let’s cut to the chase and do a sample dialog.

“Hey Doc – I saw on TV that dental x-rays cause brain tumors.”

“Gladys – I’m glad that you brought that up. I read that entire study as soon as it came out. It actually tracked x-rays done in the past. These days we use digital x-rays, which are not only more accurate but give off up to 90 percent less radiation. But most importantly, our office philosophy has always been to do only x-rays which are absolutely necessary for your dental health. We do the same x-rays on you that we do on ourselves and all of our family members.”

That should satisfy just about every single patient who brings up this study. And if someone still refuses x-rays, don’t ostracize them – just document like crazy!!

As with most issues, keep it simple and to the point and you’ll be okay!!

New Patient Marketing Tip

Believe it or not, direct mail is still a very hot way to market your practice! Tons of patients have found their “new dentist” due to a very well timed piece of mail that was delivered to them!

While postcards can work well, we actually like a good old individual letter. Why? Postcards are typically perceived as junk mail and can get tossed away pretty quickly. But a letter can be different.

Of course many letters are seen as junk mail as well and hit the recycling bin as soon as they arrive. But a letter which is seen as personal in nature is opened and read close to 100% of the time! You do it, and so do your potential new patients!

The trick is making a letter from your practice appear personal! So how do you do it?

First of all, don’t have “teaser” copy on the envelope such as “New Patient Special” or “Free Tooth Whitening.” That just screams “throw me out!!”

Use a plain size number 10 envelope with an actual “live” stamp instead of a pre-printed one.

And most importantly, instead of using a printed name or a peel and stick label, actually hand address the potential new patient’s name with a blue ball-point pen right onto the envelope! Think about it. If you got a letter today with your name hand-addressed, you would open it every single time!

So now the problem is – how the heck do I have the time to hand address an envelope to everyone in my area? That would be tens of thousands of envelopes! And if I had to pay a company to do that it would be incredibly expensive!

The solution to that is to mail your letter only to people who are looking for a new dentist. But how the heck do you differentiate them? Simple!

Mail your letter only to new residents in your area! They are all looking for a new dentist!!

We have been doing this for years and it works incredibly well.

As a matter of fact, we are just about to launch a brand new letter to introduce people to our very successful “New Patient Mail” program. Take a look and you will definitely learn something about the way to word a letter such as this to catch the attention of potential new patients. Here it is!

Dear Doctor,

Why did we send you this letter?

Because you are a dentist who wants more new patients in your practice.

How do we know?

Because EVERY dentist wants more
new patients in their practice!

But please notice something else. We didn’t send the same letter to the local dry cleaner, bank, pizza parlor, or muffler shop. Why would we? There is very little chance that they are looking for new dental patients!

So then why is it that when you spend your hard-earned money on marketing programs looking for new dental patients, you make that exact same mistake? After all, let’s face it… most people are NOT looking for a new dentist. So any money you spend trying to reach them, whether it is through direct mail, newspaper ads, coupons, radio, TV, fliers, postcards, or anything else – is wasted! And that’s a shame.

So what if there was a way where instead of spending large amounts of money trying to reach everyone, you could focus all of your attention on a specific group of people who are ALL looking for a new dentist? Could that even be possible? Well, we are here to tell you that it absolutely is!

Let us explain. We are The Madow Brothers – two dentists from Maryland. Not only did we each have extremely successful practices, but for over twenty years we have been sharing our practice building secrets and strategies with our colleagues. And we’re about to reveal one of our favorite secrets to you – how to pinpoint and focus your marketing energy only on people who are actually looking for a new dentist!

Here it is:

Target just the new residents – the people who
have recently moved into your area.
They are ALL looking for a new dentist!!

It’s so simple – but it makes a lot of sense! We started doing this in our own practices almost a generation ago and have now taught over four thousand practices how to do it too. The best news is – with all of the noise we are all subjected to these days from the internet, TV, mass amounts of publications and more –targeting new movers through the mail works better than ever!!They all need a new dentist and are likely looking for one right now!

So how can you do it? We can show you how to set the whole thing up!

The first step is to obtain the proper list of new residents in your area. Fortunately, our years of experience have helped us gain the knowledge to get you going with the best list around!

Next, you need the know-how. How to design the envelope, what to use as a return address, what type of stamp to use, even how to address the prospective new patient’s name on there. If you want the best results all of this stuff is crucial!

And then of course there is the letter. It has to be worded and formatted in a very specific way if you expect the potential new patient to take action and actually call your practice. Can we help you with that? Well, you’re still reading this letter aren’t you?

There is no question – a nice mailing piece introducing your practice in the proper way to new residents (the group of people who are the most likely to be looking for a new dentist) with theproper wording to get them to pick up the phone is the most efficient way around to increase the amount of new patients coming to your office.

And the best news is, since you are not targeting the same group of people over and over again – it works day after day, month after month and year after year. We are proof of that!!

We can even do the entire project for you! You’ll never have to stuff a letter, lick an envelope, or do anything else that you don’t have time to do!

It’s called New Patient Mail and we are ready to show you how it’s done!! It’s simple, incredibly affordable, and most of all… it works!!

Ready to find out more and get started? Give our office a call at1-888-88-MADOW and we will give you all the details! Just imagine getting more highly qualified new patients inexpensively and efficiently. That’s what it’s all about!! We want to hear from you soon!


Richard H. Madow, D.D.S. David M. Madow, D.D.S.

P. S. If you call 1-888-88-MADOW right now and mention the word “SCHEDULE,” we will include our very powerful “Profitable Scheduling” system absolutely free (new signups only). Regularly priced at $597, Profitable Scheduling includes 2CDs as well as an accompanying manual, and will teach you and your team how to turn callers (and you’ll soon be getting a lot of them) into scheduled patients. Profitable Scheduling is a “must-have” for any dental office that has a telephone! So don’t wait!!

So what did you think? “New Patient Mail” (formerly Promail) is getting a facelift and we’re trying to get the word out. The most effective letters to attract new patients, crystal clear instructions, as well as high level Madow support whenever you need it, will ensure that you have a new patient system in place working for you every single day of the week. And best of all, it will allow you to spend your time on what you do best – the dentistry!

If you are interested, please give us a call today at 1-888-88-MADOW, as the above letter is being put in the mail very soon to dentists all across the country and we may need to limit the offer.

Make Your Exams More Powerful!

Whether you are a dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienist, or a member of the dental business team, you know what goes into a dental examination. Or do you?

We typically think of an exam as the time we gather data to properly diagnose our patients. But it is also the time we set the stage for treatment acceptance, future referrals, and lots of other important stuff.

If you have been to one of our “Have Fun, Love Dentistry and Prosper” courses, you probably saw a simple tip on adding something to every exam which gets our patients to actually ask US to have their teeth whitened! Here’s a brief version.

First, take your good old Vita shade guide and arrange it from lightest to darkest – B1 A1 B2 D2 A2 C1 C2 D4 A3 D3 B3 A3.5 B4 C3 A4 C4.

Now, as part of the exam, let your patient know that you will be recording a baseline shade of their teeth. Have them hold the Vita shade guide in their hand and give them a big mirror to watch all the action.

When you show them that their tooth # 8 is a shade A 3.5 or so, be sure to point towards the B1 end and let them know that your bleaching patients in many cases have teeth lighter than that! (For extra effect you can show them the 010 “toilet bowl white” tab, but don’t make any promises!)

At this point – many patients will actually turn and ask YOU if you can whiten their teeth! And we all know that patients who have had whitening not only show their brand new smile to everyone they know (referrals, anyone??) but they also are more prone to further cosmetic procedures. Yeah!!

And the cool thing is  – recording a baseline shade should be a part of the normal exam anyway!

Recently we recorded a DVD entitled “The Oral Exam – Supercharge It!” It’s part of our Powerhouse program, and in this DVD…

fourteen more tips and techniques are revealed so that your exam becomes much more than a “checkup” –

it turns into a low pressure, non-confrontational referral and treatment completing machine!!

In it you will learn how saying some very simple things during the exam can make it one of the most powerful tools in encouraging your patients to love your practice, get their treatment completed and refer their friends and family!

Stuff like:

  • A simple question to ask so that your patients will always be comfortable in your practice!
  • Something to do during every exam to let your patients know of treatment they need before you actually tell them!
  • A “no-brainer” way to double your hygiene production!
  • The crucial way to begin every exam so your patient knows you are the best dentist they have ever seen!
  • Why the medical history update can be the most crucial part of every exam!
  • Do this and your patients will never say “it’s just a check-up” again!
  • And much much more!

It’s a great DVD, and we would like you to have it!

It’s all part of our Powerhouse program. Members get a monthly exclusive DVD loaded with practice building information, a monthly teleconference where members across the country brainstorm and share great ideas, a monthly article or blog to use in your patient newsletter, blog or email, free admission to our yearly “Powerhouse Live!” meeting, and more!!

It’s a ridiculous bargain at just $99.00 per month, and just to show you how great it is, we would like you to “test drive” it for free this month.

That means you will get the DVD called “The Oral Exam – Supercharge It!!” and admission to this month’s teleconference at no charge!

Then in May we will start with the regular $99.00 per month membership. There are no obligations and you can quit at any time.

But you won’t – because for the price of a prophy and exam, Powerhouse members have access to the best income producing, practice enhancing information in dentistry!

To grab your free DVD and get started with your trial, please call 1-888-88-MADOW right now and we’ll get it right out to you!!

Don’t miss out – for more information and your free DVD, call 1-888-88-MADOW now!

Your “Other” Team

We all know that having a fantastic, dedicated team is an essential component in every successful dental practice. We have seen many above-average dentists have wildly successful practices because they were able to cultivate a great staff. Conversely, we have also seen some truly superior practitioners struggling because of back-stabbing dysfunctional teams. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough, which is why most of our seminars, especially our signature “How To Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Prosper” – are geared towards the doctor AND team.

But you have another team that is extremely important – the team of professionals who help you with your practice and life. And too many people choose this team haphazardly and stick with them for all the wrong reasons.

This team includes your accountant, banker, attorney, insurance agent, financial planner and more.

Now is a great time to take a good look at each member of this all important team. Does your accountant really know dentistry, or are they giving you garden variety advice?

Is your attorney a relative who does mostly personal injury but looks at your lease, will, etc.. as a sideline favor?

Does your insurance agent truly look out for you, reviewing your policies yearly to find the most appropriate coverage at the best rate?

Is your financial planner giving you generic advice or a “Full Mouth Financial Reconstruction?”

If you need advice in any of these areas, give us a shout. But mostly, begin the process now of reviewing the members of your “other team” and making any necessary changes before it is too late. This is a lesson that you don’t want to learn the hard way!!

What Team Members Want

Want your team members to be happy and stay in your practice?

Well then you should know what consistently shows up in surveys as one of the top reasons people leave their jobs. Is it money? Long hours? Short vacations?

No. It is lack of recognition! There is no question that praise for a job well done is one of the most powerful motivators.

According to Manta, a small business information and growth company, here are three tips for giving good praise (paraphrased slightly for dentistry!):

1. Be specific with praise. For example: “That was a tough procedure – thanks so much for your help! Without that great suctioning and retraction it would have been impossible.” Or – “I overheard you on the phone with that patient and you really went the extra mile to help them. Nice job!”

2. Be genuine. Employees can tell when you are not being authentic.

3. Give praise immediately; don’t save it for the end of the day or a weekly meeting.

There you have it – a simple, proven and no-cost strategy to help keep team members happy.

And here is an extra secret – patients love praise too!! Be sure to tell patients that they are doing a fantastic job with their hygiene, or that you appreciate their patience during a tough procedure, or even thank them for being consistently on time with their appointments. It goes a long way.

Oh – and team members – believe it or not, doctors love praise too!!

Now go make your practice the happiest and best one around!!

Big Day for Women?

On April 2nd, for the very first time, a woman declared her candidacy for President of the United States. Can you guess the year? Or the candidate?

If you are an astute political fan (and our age or older) you may remember Shirley Chisholm, the trailblazing Democratic Congresswoman from New York who declared her candidacy for President in 1972.

Or maybe you even remember Margaret Chase Smith, the Republican Senator from Maine who ran for President in 1964.

But neither of those are the correct answer. The first woman to run for President in the U.S. was the very controversial Victoria Claflin Woodhull, who declared her candidacy on April 2nd, 1872! As an advocate of magnetic healing, free love, and equal rights for women, she was considered quite a radical. But fortunately, most of that has changed.

Last Friday we had the honor of presenting our “How To Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Prosper!” seminar for the Alabama AGD in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama, and for the second half of the show were joined by the sophomore class of the University of Alabama School of Dentistry. They looked so young, innocent and happy in their matching scrubs with their names embroidered on the chest. And it was impossible to not notice how many women were in the class – it appeared to be well over half.

Let’s face it – health care, and dentistry in particular, are fields dominated by women. According to the EEOC, close to eighty percent of the health care workers in the United States are women, and this trend does not seem to be slowing down.

So while we still may be a few years from a female president, women are everywhere in the dental field and we couldn’t do it without you!! Let’s take a minute today to give a big thanks to the women of dentistry. THANK YOU!!

It seems like even a larger percentage of women – ninety nine percent or more – are the ones responsible for answering the telephones in a dental office. This is arguably the most crucial position in the practice! Without these fantastic people we would have no patients to treat, no money collected, no insurance being filed – no nothing!! It’s an important job that one should be proud of!!

It’s also the “make it or break it” position in the office. An office where incoming phone calls are being handled correctly will have three to five times the amount of new patients than one where it’s being done the same old way. Yes – you read that right! If all you do in your practice is train the person answering the phone to do it better, your new patient numbers will skyrocket!!

If you are ready to get more new patients without throwing away tens of thousands of dollars, check out our best selling “Profitable Scheduling” program. Now in its third run, it’s the most successful program of its kind, and is responsible for helping thousands of practices bring in hundreds of thousands of new patients! It’s a must have item for a team meeting, proper front desk training, and more. We recommend that everyone in the practice (doctor included!) do this simple two hour program. Then – just sit back and watch your new patient numbers go crazy!!

To check it out or to order, simply click here or call 1-888-88-MADOW while we still have them in stock. Your first new patient pays for the entire program many times over!!

Then – go celebrate April 2nd!!