Check your Yellow Pages listing agreement immediately!

Take a look at this picture. This is what almost EVERYONE in your area is doing with their Yellow Pages.

Recycling them. That’s right… no one is using them any more.

We need to tell you about a very dangerous situation – we hope you are not affected by this.

This seems to be the time of the year that your “friendly” Yellow Page rep is stopping by to make sure you sign up again for next year. Many of our dentists are being pressured and strong-armed into doing this. Many of them are paying over $1000 a month and we heard of someone just last week that renewed for $3400 per month.  The Yellow Pages are really hurting now and the sales reps are using scare tactics to try to get you to renew. This is not good.

Want to hear something even scarier? Many of the docs are not accurately tracking to see if they are getting even a single new patient from the Yellow Pages. Is this smart? Simply spending money because you “always have done this,” or because you’re afraid to lose your “great” position in the Yellow Pages?

We are actually in the process of setting up a “Yellow Pages Hotline” for those of you that have questions about whether you should be renewing or not. We can help you. Whatever the case, please be armed with specific information and numbers. You can’t just “wonder” if your ad is working or not. It is criminal to be giving the Yellow Pages even a dime of your hard earned money if you don’t need to. If you recently signed, please check to see if your contract has an out clause. Many of them give you a certain amount of time to rescind and get out. Please check this!

One thing you should know. We have many programs that will help you get many more new patients each and every month – more than you could ever dream of getting from the Yellow Pages. The best news of all is that they are a tiny fraction of what you are paying for your Yellow Pages ads.

Here are a couple of ideas for you:

1. Think about attending our June Social Media conference in Baltimore. Pay once (not every month like the Yellow Pages) and then social media marketing is basically free. Plus, it is exponentially more effective than the Yellow Pages! For more information on our upcoming conference, call 1-888-88-MADOW or click HERE. Note that this is our last social media conference of 2012 so if you have ever considered coming, do not hesitate on this one! It is hands-on and limited to 25 people!

2. Participate in our New Patient Mail program. Perhaps dentistry’s most successful direct mail program for dentists, we have figured out a simple formula to get new patients calling your office on a regular basis. We have been helping dentists get new patients successfully for over 23 years now and that must say something. Formerly called “Promail,” we have totally improved the entire program for maximum ease and best new patient results!  Call 1-888-88-MADOW for more info on New Patient Mail. Guaranteed to be a winner for you!

Listen: If you do both of the above (Social Media and New Patient Mail), you will have more new patients than your Yellow Page rep could EVER dream of giving you. And you’ll have a ton of money saved in your bank account – use it to get a new car, take the family on vacation, or put it away for your kid’s college. We want to see you getting new patients but we DON’T want to see you spending the big bucks.

It’s 2012 and there are more effective ways to spend your marketing dollars. We sincerely hope you are listening.

Get a jump start on the game. Don’t wait for our Yellow Pages Hotline to open up. It may be too late. Please call us today!

It’s Time to Open The Madow Brothers Mailbag!

Thanks for sending in so many great questions! We’ll tackle a couple of good ones today.

Dear Madows,

Do you have any decent script/approach to presenting 3rd party/outside financing?

Dr. Kevin Fatland
Performance Dental Care
Flossmoor, IL


Great question, and we will be glad to answer it for you. But first, it would be impossible to not make a few comments here.

You are located in the town of Flossmoor? That is just unbelievable! Could there be a better location for a dental practice? Is there a podiatrist in Walkmoor? A nutritionist in Eatless? A sex therapist in….oh forget it.

Secondly, the name “Performance Dental Care” is really cool! Nice job.

Okay – on to your great question.

The presentation of 3rd party financing such as CareCredit is very simple. Unfortunately as dental people we tend to talk too much and then wind up talking the patient out of things!
When presenting outside financing, it is counter-productive to mention terms such as “financing,” “applications,” “approval,” etc.. Sometimes that scares the patient away before they have the chance to make an informed decision.
Let’s use an example of treatment being $4800.00. After discussing cash, check and credit card, simply look the patient in the eye and say:
“A great option we have available is twelve months completely interest free. That would be just four hundred dollars per month. How does that sound to you?” That is all you should say!
Then after the patient says “that sounds good” you can proceed with the process. Everyone will want to do it because you have taken a large sum of money ($4800.00 in this case) and have broken it down into something much more affordable.
Remember, keep it simple, don’t talk too much and don’t scare the patient away! Just by using this technique you should be able to add tens of thousands of dollars of treatment that was not previously made available to the patient. If you are currently working with a 3rd party financing company, this small technique alone can cause significant practice growth.

And if you’re not already using CareCredit, we urge you to get signed up right away. If you don’t, you are letting tons of treatment slip through your hands. Call 1-866-247-2712 or

Madow Brothers,

Are you guys real brothers (like The Smothers Brothers) or fake brothers (like The Doobie Brothers)?

Curious and Serious in Connecticut


What’s wrong – afraid to give your real name? Don’t worry – we get that question all the time!

Funny that you should use those examples, because we have been compared to both The Smothers and The Doobies. But the fact is, we are real brothers, genetically linked for all eternity.

But that’s not the strangest thing. We have a third brother as well – Marshall Madow – and believe it or not, he is a dentist too! Long time followers may remember his “Adventures In Dentures” column in our old newsletter.

See if you can guess this strange trait that all three brothers have in common:

a) A small round mole on our big toes
b) Matching tattoos
c) The middle name “Irwin”
d) Hitchhiker’s Thumb
e) None of the above

Please send your answers in today. We will do a drawing of all the correct answers (no cheating) and the winner will get signed copies of our books. Honor system: one entry per person.

And please keep those questions coming!

Look What Happened to This Dental Office!

Take a look at the picture below. We (Rich on the left and Dave in the back right) are posing with perhaps one of the friendliest and top-notch practices in the country!

It is the office of Dr. Kevin Kunard located in beautiful Pinedale, Wyoming. We spent all day in this office last week observing, coaching, brainstorming, and more… for the purpose of making this practice the absolute best that it can be. And by the time we left, we had come up with so many ideas to build and strengthen the practice that we know everyone’s heads were spinning (in a good way)! No one wanted the day to end.

How do we know that the day was successful? Well, first of all, just take a look at the smiles on the faces of Tayte, Melissa, Julie, Cassie, Bernie, Halie, Alyce, Cassy, Martha, Kelly and Dr. Kunard. The above photo was taken at the very end of the day. Most people would be beat… but just look at the energy in all of them! They can’t wait to face the next work day with all of the positive changes that are taking place!

Something else very important. With all of the ideas for improvement, we all agreed that Dr. Kunard will be needing…

another dentist right away!

That’s right, there is simply too much work to be handled by Dr. Kunard. In order to take care of the patients in the most efficient manner possible, he definitely needs an associate!

We promised Dr. Kunard that we would be happy to put the word out to our Madow friends. So here’s the deal. If you are a dentist looking for the opportunity of a lifetime… the opportunity to work in one of the friendliest, most progressive practices we have ever seen, this could be your lucky day. Yes, it would mean relocating (unless you currently live in Pinedale, WY of course). But listen up: Pinedale is a fantastic town in which to live. It’s just 70 miles away from Jackson (of Jackson Hole Ski Resort fame), which you have heard of if you are a skier. And it’s close to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  It would be a great place to live if you are an outdoor enthusiast. Hiking, bicycling, fishing, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling… this place is a dream come true. Beautiful clean rivers and lakes. Do you like the thought of fresh, crisp mountain air? Then this could be your future home!

Anyway, if you are a dentist and are interested in a change, you owe it to youself to contact Dr. Kunard. The best way to reach him personally is via email at Please understand that we are not “brokering” this deal… it is all between you and Dr. Kunard. We simply felt that this was such an incredible opportunity for a dentist that we wanted to get the word out to our subscribers and friends! Hope one of you decides to take Dr. Kunard up on this!

One more thought for the day. Are YOU ready to strengthen YOUR practice? Do you realize that you could be doing MUCH better but you need some help… a “jumpstart” if you will? Are you interested in having us come into your office and give it the same going over as we did with Dr. Kunard’s office? Then what are you waiting for? If you have been “thinking” about inviting us into your practice, but have just been putting it off, maybe today is the day to finally take some action. If you procrastinate, you will be doing things the same way next week, next month and next year. You will not see improvement. Procrastinators are not the winners. If you are ready to bring in the “best,” team in dentistry, then call our office at 1-888-88-MADOW and we can talk. Our schedules are absolutely packed for the rest of the year, but if you are serious, we will find a way to get to you. We want to help. And it will be the best day you will ever spend in dentistry! That is a promise!

Make A Great Impression

The great playwright and author Oscar Wilde introduced the famous quote “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” to the world. Today, though, we are not talking about the proper way to use impression material with a patient. What we are talking about is the overall impression that any patient experiences when they visit your office.

No matter if this is the patient’s first, fourth, or fifty-fifth visit to your office – what they see and how they are communicated with can affect your future relationship with the patient. This can factor into treatment plan acceptance, referrals, and the impression that they share with others on online reviews. It is crucial that you make every patient feel like your practice would not exist without their satisfaction! Here is a quick list of things that we feel are important to making a fantastic first impression with a patient.

The Front Door – Some of you might find it strange that this is at the top of our list but never forget that the front door is what welcomes patients to your office! Whether you have door made of wood, glass, or another material, a clean and presentable front door is the start of the first impression.

If there is glass in your door, is it clean, smudge and fingerprint free? If your door has dents and dings from daily use, is it time for a fresh coat of paint or stain? If you have lettering on your door, is it complete, correct, and not in danger of falling off? Also, make sure that the hinges on the door do not squeak and are able to open and close smoothly.

The Reception/Waiting Area – A great way to think of how the waiting area should feel is if you were welcoming guests to your home, how would you want the room to feel? Your patients are guests to your practice and it is important to make things comfortable while they wait for treatment.

Is the furniture in your reception area comfortable and relaxing for patients to sit on while waiting for their appointment? Do you have the same furniture in the waiting room from when you purchased the practice back in the 1980’s? Make an investment in keeping your patients satisfied and they will hopefully keep making an investment in you as a patient! Along the same lines, make sure that patients are being welcomed and greeted as soon as possible once they enter the reception area.

Every phone line may be ringing off the hook, but there is also another phone ringing right in front of you – your patient! Please make sure to take a moment and give them your full and undivided attention.

There are many more first impressions in your office to talk about, but these will hopefully give you a good start. Keep an eye out for future e-letters as we discuss more areas!

Okay – a quick note about the other kind of impression! If you are standing there with one in your hand right now, or will have one later today or next week, why not get the crowns made for free? Check out three free crowns from our favorite lab – Maverick! Just call 1-866-318-6624 or click here. We know you will love the quality, service, and price!

More Tips to Help With the Success of Your Lab Cases

From the Desk of…
Blind Harry
Lab Technician

Dear Doctor,

Thanks for your positive feedback from last month’s lab tips I shared with you. Due to the overwhelming response, I am in the process of setting up a website and a “help desk” to make sure I can assist you with your lab cases and questions. The website, which will be, should be live soon. So look for it and the “help desk” very soon.

I have seen a lot of your communication about the crowns I have been making for you not fitting so well. I just want to stress that you should not worry too much about the fit of your crowns. Nice fitting margins and perfect occlusion are oftentimes overrated. The most important thing is that you get all of your cases inserted quickly and get on to the next patient. I can help you with this. And don’t worry about shades matching perfectly. I am finding that most patients are not very critical. Do you think they are looking in the mirror at posterior teeth? Come on now. Your patients have busy lives and they want to get in and out of your office. That is my specialty.

I will be back soon with more advice on how to make your cases more successful. In the meantime I must return to the bench and get cranking on some of the cases that have piled up here. Hope yours is one of them. Check soon for my help line and website!

Yours truly,

Blind Harry, CDT

***Note from The Madow Brothers – Yeah, Blind Harry is a really “nice guy,” but it takes more than just a nice guy to deliver the most predictable high quality lab cases that you and your patients can be proud of. There is a very good chance Harry or one of his relatives is working at the lab you are presently using. If so, you should be looking for a lab you can call “home.” We suggest that you call the good folks at Maverick Dental Lab immediately.

Why? Because they are making a fantastic offer to any Madow friend reading this letter. That’s right, Maverick is so confident that you will love their quality and customer service that they are offering Three Free Crowns to you. Please take them up on this offer. It’s good for three non-precious or eMax units. Call Maverick at 1-866-318-6624. Mention Madow! Or click HERE for more info! Why wouldn’t you do this?

If you don’t want to send a case right now, that is fine. But at the very least we suggest you call Maverick at 1-866-318-6624 and ask them for a free starter kit. Maverick has been bringing their brand new starter kits to our live seminars lately and they have been one of the biggest hits of the day. And just so you know, there’s a lot more in this kit than just a lab box and a prescription pad. Some real good stuff for you. You no longer need to attend live to get one of their “now-famous” starter kits!

So call now and get your kit delivered to your door! Or continue using Blind Harry at your own risk! It’s up to you!

Questions About Growing The Practice

Since last week’s announcement about our free webinar Tuesday evening featuring The Madow Brothers, we have been inundated with questions! Here are the answers.

Q: What kind of material will you be covering on this webinar?

Great question! One of the things we will be talking about will be a simple way to significantly increase the amount of new patients you are getting each and every month – and it won’t cost you a dime to do this! We’re not just talking about a few new patients here and there – we mean actually doubling or tripling your new patient numbers right out of the gate!

We’ll also be giving you some brand new “Off The Wall” ideas to build your practice. This will not be the same old recycled b.s. like having a “morning huddle” every day or smiling when you answer the phone. This is new, slightly outrageous stuff that no one else is teaching!

And of course, there will be much more!!

Q: What type of computer do I need to join in?

Any computer with internet access will do!! You don’t need any technical knowledge to join a webinar, but if you are not experienced we suggest that you log in super early just to make sure everything is up and running well. Which leads to our next question……

Q: What time should I “get there?”

The webinar will begin at 9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 PM Central, 7:00 PM Mountain, 6:00 PM Pacific, 5:00 PM Alaska, and 3:00 PM Hawaii. We take no responsibility for getting the Arizona time zone correct!

Demand is already heating up, so we suggest that you enter the webinar at least six or seven minutes early, and if you have not done a webinar before please give yourself even a few more minutes. We plan on starting on time!

Q: Is it really free?

Yes – this webinar is 100% absolutely free!

Q: Are you actually going to give great usable information or will it just be a big tease to come to one of your courses?

There will be no teasing – and lots of fantastic usable practice building strategies will be revealed! There is no question that you will learn some great, easy to implement things that will grow your practice and make your job more enjoyable!

Q: But you’re doing it for free! Usually that means a big infomercial!

Very funny!! Actually, we may take a few minutes to tell you about some great products we have to help build your practice. But of course there’s no pressure or obligation – just an opportunity to learn as much as you can.

The fact is, we are dedicated to helping you and your practice, and this webinar will be loaded with fantastic strategies to help you become more successful than ever!  All you have to do is listen and take action!

Q: Where should I be for this event?

Your home or office is just fine. We strongly suggest being in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted! Put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door if you have to!!

Q: When do I need to register?

We fully expect a sell-out, so do it NOW!!!

Q: Okay – I’m in. What else do I need to know?

Here are the details!

Webinar: How to Love Dentistry “Webinar Style!”
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Time: 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, 7PM Mountain, 6PM Pacific

See you on the webinar!!

FORTY Quick Tips for Your Practice!

Here’s a video containing forty (count ’em – forty!) quick tips for your practice, and it will take you just a few minutes to watch.

While you are watching, see if you can identify a common theme that is pervasive throughout these great practice building suggestions.

This video was recorded at our Powerhouse Live! session in Baltimore last fall. It was an incredible full day of brainstorming and fun; one which many doctors and team members described as the best day they have ever spent in dentistry.

Towards the end we went around with a Flip video camera and asked everyone for a quick tip. The results can be found on this short video – and there is bound to be at least a few gems on there for your practice!!

As you’ll see, Powerhouse is the greatest idea sharing group in dentistry! We would love for you to join us! If you want to know more about how to grow your practice into the one of your dreams, learn and share ideas with the best folks in dentistry from all over North America, and even come to this amazing live session in the fall, just click here. You’ll see everything you will get as a member. Or just call 1-888-88-MADOW for more information.

Oh yeah – to watch the video, just click here. Enjoy!! Do you see the common thread?

What It’s REALLY About

Here’s a great lesson for your practice.

A few months ago we spoke for a fantastic group, and they were nice enough to put us up in a spectacular hotel.

To say this place was opulent would be an understatement. And the customer service was nothing short of perfection. The room service breakfast must have been prepared by a Michelin five star chef.

The problem? The top notch hotel was around thirty minutes from the convention hall where the seminar was being held.

And while we were certainly appreciative of their efforts to make us comfortable, when it came down to it, the Holiday Inn Express which was right across the street from the seminar site would have been a better choice, especially when coming in late the night before and trying to get a good night’s rest, not to mention the stress of fighting traffic trying to make it to the show on time in the morning.

Many times convenience is the most important factor.

Of course it’s crucially important to perform the highest quality work possible in your practice. And striving for the same level of customer service which we were given at that hotel will go a long way into making your patients happy and your practice successful.

But if your practice is not convenient, you are probably not seeing as many patients as you should be.

Do you have “people pleasing” hours of operation? Are your phones answered during normal business hours (including during lunch) and beyond? Do you consistently run on time so that your patients don’t have to waste their precious time? Do you gladly assist your patients with their insurance even though you don’t have to? Do you offer easy payment options throughCareCredit so that your patients can afford their dentistry? In short, do you make it EASY for patients to enjoy your practice or do they have to jump through hoops?

The lesson? Make it easy for your patients, and they will make it easy for you!

The Madow Brothers Audio Series has been the most convenient way to learn about everything that’s new in dentistry and get all of your continuing education credits in the comfort of your home, office, car, or summer bungalow. Find out why thousands of dentists across the country have made this the most popular distance learning program in the profession! Just click here.

Magic Dental Words

Imagine that your car is making a funny noise and the engine is heating up.

You take it to the shop and the service advisor comes out and says:

“Your car needs a new water pump. It will be six hundred seventy eight dollars.”

How do you feel at that exact moment?

Now imagine the same scenario, but instead the mechanic says directly to you:

“I know what the problem is and I can help you.”

Which feels better? Which feels like you are being helped instead of being sold?

The goal of every dental practice is to provide excellent treatment while being highly productive. But would we rather want our patients to feel like they are being “helped” or “sold?”

We have always disliked the term “selling dentistry.” Not only does it sound kind of sleazy, it puts everyone in the mindset of being salespeople, not caring professionals. (Salespeople CAN be caring professionals, but not if their only goal is to sell, sell, sell!!)

Not only that, when you get your patients to say “yes” out of trust and not out of being sold, your production will increase!

Next time you make a diagnosis, before you present the actual treatment, try this.

Look the patient in the eye and in a calm professional manner say:

“I know what the problem is, and I can help you.”

It’s one of the most powerful phrases in dentistry and life!!

Try it – you’ll like it! So will your patients AND your bottom line!

If your practice is not where you want it to be or you are not enjoying dentistry as much as you should be – we know what the problem is and we can help you!! That’s what we do – let us do it for you!!

Show Us Your TBSE!

Yes, it’s back and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!

“Show Us Your TBSE”

The world’s biggest and best
dental office costume competiton!
Prizes will be awarded!
Please don’t kick yourself for missing this one!

What is “Show Us Your TBSE?”

It’s a costume party! It’s a contest. It’s crazy. It’s better than any reality show out there! It’s like NOTHING you have ever seen at a dental seminar.

Here’s the deal. When you come to TBSE this year we want you to “Show Us YOUR TBSE!” This could mean different things to different offices. It could mean dressing up in matching t-shirts. Perhaps crazy costumes. Maybe customized chair covers. The possibilities are endless. Show Us Your TBSE” is a way of expressing yourself and your team at the world’s coolest dental seminar. The energy and sprit at TBSE is unlike anything you have ever experienced!

What’s in it for you if you “Show Us Your TBSE?” Let’s just say, besides the incredible fun, this year there will be prizes galore, which will include a limited edition TBSE guitar which will be signed by The Madow Brothers. That’s right… go home with a REAL TBSE collector’s edition guitar! Other prizes will include “backstage admission” to our sound-check/rehearsal for you and your team. And many more to be announced at TBSE itself.

What are the rules? There aren’t many! Anything goes with “Show Us Your TBSE” as long as it’s legal and as long as it does not interfere with the seminar in any way.

So hopefully you are not only getting ready to experience TBSE, the world class seminar event for dentists and team members, but to “Show Us Your TBSE” as well!

In case you haven’t heard yet, we officially announced what could be the most incredible speaker lineup at TBSE in its seventeen-year history! Combine this lineup with two full days of learning, team building, idea sharing, a world-class exhibit area, entertainment, and fun for all, and TBSE becomes the perfect reason to bring you and your team to Vegas in November!

If you are considering attending a dental seminar anytime soon, you really need to make TBSE the one! As you can see, we have a fantastic speaker lineup this year, which will take place in Vegas on November 9-10, 2012! And there are still more speakers to be announced!

Anchored with return visits from two of the most requested speakers in TBSE history, we have added a full slate of the best people in the world to help transform your practice and your life who are new to the TBSE stage.

Some of the speakers are Madow original “discoveries”
who you will not see at any other dental meeting!!!

Plus – very shortly we will be announcing an amazing guest speaker.

But the time to register is NOW!!! Why? Because TBSE always
sells out and it could happen earlier rather than later this year!




Dr. David Hornbrook
  “The Top Ten Things That Will Make You A Better Dentist… and Team Member!!!”

After his mind-blowing appearance at TBSE 2011, Dr. Hornbrook became our most requested speaker to bring back for 2012. And of course we listened!

This year, the nation’s top cosmetic dentist and one of the most in-demand international lecturers will be back with a brand new talk outlining ten things you need to do right now to become the absolute finest dentist and team member possible! These are not “pie-in-the-sky” things that sound good on paper – they are concrete strategies that anyone can do. It’s time to move ahead and be the best that you can be! And there is no better way to do it than with gifted clinician, mentor and teacher Dr. David Hornbrook at TBSE 2012!


Bruce Christopher
“Team Communication: Why Are Women So Strange and Men So Weird?”

Clinical psychologist and interpersonal communications expert Bruce Christopher has been wowing audiences all across the world with his outrageously funny and dynamic presentations. And he is here to help you!

At the core, our practices are all about relationships, either with patients or fellow team members. Bruce will show you why excellent communicators have better relationships at work – and at home too! And to really understand it all, you need to know how men and women think, speak and make decisions differently. He will have you laughing harder than at any comedy show you will find in Vegas, and learning how to improve your life and practice at the same time! Come to TBSE 2012 to find out why world-class organizations and Fortune 500 companies rely on Bruce to get the job done!

Dr. Clint Herzog
“Swing For The Fences: Creating The Practice Of Your Dreams!”

For TBSE 2012, we are super excited to announce the FIRST major dental seminar appearance of one of the most forward-thinking, impressive and successful dentists we have ever met, the amazing Dr. Clint Herzog.

Dr. Herzog has truly figured out the true secrets to a lucrative practice with happy patients, a fantastic team and an atmosphere like none other. His vision was large as one practice became two, ten and fourteen. But throughout this unprecedented growth, the philosophy remained constant. It’s a practice culture like nothing we have ever seen!

So how about you? Do you want to learn how to grow your practice into one you could only dream of, see more patients, perform more and better procedures, have a practice culture that lets the entire team love what they do, cultivate an incredibly loyal patient following, and have a great time while doing so? If you answered “yes” – you just gotta be at TBSE 2012!

And if Dr. Herzog’s practice secrets aren’t enough, his story of personal struggle, perseverance and triumph will motivate you like never before. Yes – TBSE 2012 is where it will all happen! Don’t miss it!

Dr. David Peck
  “Change Your Smile, Change Your Life!”

Gifted clinician and educator Dr. David Peck is known for not just changing the smiles of his patients, but changing their lives – and at TBSE 2012 he will change yours! He will show you simple ways to get your patients interested in cosmetic dentistry, and how to use the proper tools so that you can achieve the highest level of treatment success possible. And even though he has mentored with the best cosmetic dentists in the world – he is not some high-flying “dentist to the stars” – he does it all in a small New England town!

At TBSE 2012 Dr. David Peck will show how anyone from any town can have the cosmetic dental practice of their dreams, and how doctors and team members alike can earn more and love their jobs every single day while providing amazing patient treatment. If you are ready to get out of your rut, you need to be at TBSE 2012!!

Anastasia Turchetta, RDH
“ROCK Your Practice With 5 Star Communication!”

Did you know that the single most important factor in practice success is communication? How effective is your team in communicating with patients? And how effective are you in communicating with your team? Anastasia Turchetta, RDH – a frequent contributor to dental journals, an oral health expert for online consumer publications and a practicing hygienist has helped thousands of dentists and team members improve their practices and lives. Her down-to-earth style and cutting edge information has made her one of the fastest rising stars in dentistry. So if you are ready to elevate your professional image, improve your practice’s communication skills, integrate winning marketing strategies, enjoy dentistry more than ever, and have the most successful practice possible – you gotta see the amazing Anastasia Turchetta at TBSE 2012!


Dr. Howard Farran
  “Four Things Every Practice Needs To Do During This Great Economic Retraction!”

Our most requested speaker of all time – the one and only Dr. Howard Farran – is back with a brand new talk, and it will be his timeliest yet!

When it comes to understanding the true economics of running a dental practice, Dr. Howard Farran, the creator of the “One Day Dental MBA,” is truly the best in the world. That is why we have invited him back to TBSE for a record breaking twelfth time! And with the economy recovering ever so slowly, we need him more than ever!

In this just for TBSE talk, Howard will explain the exact four things you need to do so that you can stop worrying and take your practice to new heights! Are you ready to tackle the future and have your most successful practice ever? Then you just gotta see our most requested speaker ever – dental business genius Dr. Howard Farran at TBSE 2012!!

The Madow Brothers
Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow

Yes, that’s us! And we will be back this year not only entertaining and “running the entire show,” but with our best practice building tips to date. We have collected so much information and have seen so many common mistakes from tons of our hands on “in-office” visits, that we are ready to “come out” and demonstrate what you are most likely doing wrong every day (and don’t even realize it). Then we’ll show you how to change instantly and easily to become more profitable and bring home more money. Make sure you have plenty of sharp pencils and paper to take notes with because you won’t want to miss any of these tips!


Alvin Law
  “When Amazing Is Your Normal!”

Get ready to be amazed at TBSE 2012 by Alvin Law! One of the world’s foremost authorities on adaptation, change, and perspective, Alvin has overcome challenges that make him a true-life expert in a world full obstacles. His fascinating story and time-tested techniques will allow you to launch your own personal vision and let you know that you can achieve anything! When Alvin speaks, you will feel emotions you may have never felt before, you will learn things about yourself you never knew, and most of all, you will see how to stop making excuses and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Plus – Alvin Law will do something on stage at TBSE that you will remember for the rest of your life – guaranteed!! He is just one more reason why you NEED to be in Las Vegas for TBSE 2012!!

Emily A. Hay
“Here’s How to Make Social Media Work for You!”

You may have heard her on our webinars. Emily A. Hay specializes in helping dentists and teams understand and implement specific tactics to grow through social media. With a background in sales & marketing coupled with experience of small business environment, she understands how a social media presence backed by a clear strategy can be an effective means to market, network, and build a brand. In her brand new talk, Emily will demonstrate what it takes for you to truly grow your practice the “social” way! Great for dentists and teams!

And a VERY SPECIAL GUEST speaker to be announced soon! You and the entire team will LOVE it when you hear this announcement!

Time certainly has a way of flying by! TBSE 2012 is just around the corner! “The Best Seminar Ever” will take place November 9-10, 2012 in Las Vegas and the speaker lineup will be a non-stop flow of the best information and motivation ever seen at a dental seminar. The Madow Brothers (that’s us) will be supplying the legendary brand of entertainment and information that you have come to expect – that which no one else on the planet can duplicate!

On the first morning, way before the seminar is about to begin, both the energy level and the curiosity increase dramatically, as the audience tries to figure out what is happening. And then, wham, there it is… a big surprise opening that would have been impossible to predict. Well, this year we plan to bring you the “mother of all openings!” As a matter of fact, the show has already begun (hint hint)… you just don’t know it yet!

And to top it off for 2012…

We Are Back On The Las Vegas Strip!


That’s right – by popular demand TBSE 2012 will be held again at the beautifulPlanet Hollywood Resort and Casino!! As you may know, this is where TBSE 2011 was held and is one of the top Las Vegas mega-resorts that truly has it all!

Star worthy accommodations. Incredible dining. Everything from celebrity chefs to P.F. Chang! The Miracle Mile Shops, one of the top shopping destinations in Las Vegas, is right on premises! And of course there is the top-notch entertainment and gaming that only a Vegas Mega-Resort can provide! And perhaps best of all, since it’s right in the middle of the world famous Las Vegas strip, you’ve got…

Location, Location, Location!!

There is no question that TBSE will educate and motivate your team like never before. If you’ve been, you already know that there is nothing else out there like it. And if you have never attended, it’s just impossible to describe! There is a reason that it gets voted dentistry’s best seminar every year! We are already on track to making the 18th annual TBSE the best one yet!

Tuition to come to TBSE is only $697 for doctors and $397 for team members. Everyone who attends knows it’s worth much more than that! Every year TBSE sells out and there is oftentimes a waiting list to get in. This past year was no different. Many offices attempted to sign up too late and unfortunately were turned down.

And here’s more good news — we were again able to
negotiate an unprecedented $145 a night room rate
for you at Planet Hollywood! WOW!

TBSE 2012 will be two days of the best learning and team building, a vacation, and a way to meet new dental friends and hear success story after success story. And it’s worth sixteen CE credits to boot! We want to see you in Vegas in November! You would be missing an unbelievable opportunity if you missed this one! TBSE is where the winners hang!

Please keep this in mind. You’re surely planning to do some type of continuing education this year. TBSE 2012 will be your sure bet! Even if you are uncertain, or were not necessarily planning anything yet, this will be the most important dental event of the year — you and your team need to be there with the best practices in North America!

Please take a few minutes right now to figure out how many from your office will attend TBSE 2012. At these prices, you should certainly bring the entire team! Once you do, go online to and register there. You will receive a confirmation from us shortly thereafter. We will also keep in close touch so you will be the first to find out all of the details as they are announced!


Start planning now for TBSE 2012 — the dental
experience that will last a lifetime! Guaranteed!

See you in November!