Who Are You?

Everyone loves to do business with people they know, and dentistry is no exception.

But no matter how they act, many of your patients don’t know the names of your team members. Sometimes they don’t even know the name of the doctor!!

Hopefully you are calling all of your patients by name. Make sure that they have the opportunity to return the favor. It increases the level of comfort in your practice significantly.

This simply means that everyone in the practice should be wearing name tags! Your patients will appreciate it immensely. Embroidered scrubs are great too if you really want to kick it up a notch.

Remember – no matter how they act, don’t assume your patients know your names. Even if they do, they may not remember them six months from now.

We all like to do business with people we know. That means name tags for all. And don’t forget to wear them!!

The $4 Million Complaint Call

Today’s topic is one that will certainly help your practice. We would like to share a really cool article written by businessman Ron Burley and featured on inc.com.  We urge every single one of you to read this and apply the principle to your practice. Feel free to substitute the word “patient” every time you see the word “customer!”

The $4 Million Complaint Call

Several years ago, a single problem customer changed the fate of my company. Here’s the story.

In business, we’re often all about the numbers–occasionally to a fault. I’m not saying statistics and metrics aren’t useful tools. Sometimes, however, the success or failure of an enterprise comes down to individual interaction–say, a handshake or a phone call.

Let me give you a good example.

In 1995, I bootstrapped a tech company, Broadcast Software. We created digital audio and automation software for broadcast radio stations. After four years, we had 16 employees and customers in 40 countries.

But we were at a transition point. If companies need to grow or die, we were in need of a transfusion. We had grown beyond my ability to fund future growth out of my back pocket, and it was time to get outside capital. It also turned out to be time for the tech bubble to burst. Our potential funding sources instantly disappeared.

I was a hands-on CEO. I had written the original code and knew many of our customers personally. I had told my employees that the buck stopped with me, that I’d be willing to speak with any customer they couldn’t help or satisfy. If need be, they should even give out my personal number.

Challenging Customer

So when my cell phone vibrated at 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning, I recognized the 618 area as Southern Illinois. That meant the caller was Bob, a crusty old-time radio engineer and owner of a very small rural radio station near Mt. Vernon. He’d purchased one of our systems several months before and had been struggling to get it up and running.

Bob’s biggest problem was that he’d never even used a computer before. My support manager more than once had recommended that we just refund Bob’s money. But we’d marketed our products as easy to use, so we couldn’t abandon someone because they’d found otherwise.

I climbed out of bed, closed the door behind me, and spent the next two hours coaching Bob on how to configure the start-up options for Microsoft Windows. It wasn’t an issue with our software, but it was a problem for our customer, Bob–which made it our problem. At the end of the conversation, I thought we’d made a lot of progress. Bob was enthusiastic. I was hopeful.

That was the last anyone heard from Bob. He didn’t call tech support. He didn’t call me. As time passed, I wondered whether we’d actually fixed the problem or whether he’d just given up. I made a mental note to check in on him as soon as I’d figured out the bigger financial issues.

Surprise Windfall

One situation was about to solve the other. Almost six months to the day after I’d hung up the phone with Bob, I received another call. The chief of engineering of a major media company informed me the company had decided to standardize on our software across its entire chain of more than 300 radio stations. It would be the biggest order in our history–more than $4 million–and would easily provide the capital we’d been needing.

The call was a complete surprise. We’d not pursued their business. In fact, it had been public knowledge that they were selecting one of our competitors. As it turned out, the reason for their mid-course change was … Bob.

That phone call with Bob saved our company. He hadn’t given up on us; he loved us. Shortly after my call with him, the same media giant made an offer he couldn’t refuse to purchase his radio station, and Bob had stayed on as a consulting engineer.

An Internal Champion

Not long after, a company meeting centered on their intentions to purchase our competitors’ products. Bob had raised his hand at the back of the room: “Have you ever heard of Broadcast Software?” he asked. He told his new colleagues the story of our phone call, and how we’d stuck with him for months even when the problems weren’t really ours. Over lunch, and then dinner, Bob sang our praises. At the end of the evening, he scribbled our website and contact info on cocktail napkin and handed it to the chief of engineering. “Check these guys out,” he said. “They’re great.”

They did, and the rest was history. Our history.

There’s a moral to the story: Every customer needs to be treated with respect, and no customer should be left dissatisfied. I’m not saying that every customer call is crucially important. But some of them certainly are–and you never know which one might be your “Bob.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Everyone has complainers and nutcases that we must deal with. We hope after reading this article that you will you take another look at these “time wasters.”  We may not be getting “$4 million complaint calls,” but maybe we’re getting “$20,000 complaint calls.” Truth is… you just never know! So tell us… what will you be doing in your practice differently beginning right now? We want to know!

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Do you recognize the woman who is addressing the crowd in this picture?

Okay – it’s out of focus, a wide shot, and taken from behind. So getting this right is a longshot at best! But it’s the only shot we had!!

So in the 99.9% chance you don’t know who this is, we’ll tell you. It’s Madow Powerhousemember Dr. Emily Letran addressing the graduates of the UCLA School of dentistry this weekend.

Dr. Letran is a pretty amazing person! Small in stature, soft-spoken and very humble – she is one of the coolest and most impressive dentists we know!

Dr. Emily owns three extremely successful practices in Southern California, one of the most competitive and insurance driven parts of the country. She also balances her busy practices with the challenges of being a mother of three. Most amazingly, she is a native of Viet Nam, didn’t arrive in the US until 1981, and in 1993 graduated with both a DDS degree and a Master of Science in Oral Biology! Pretty incredible.

She continues to take tons of CE and is involved in many dental organizations and societies. Dr. Letran is a winner in every way!

As a Powerhouse member, we have gotten to know Emily pretty well, and it is safe to say that one of her many secrets to success is having a fantastic team.

Dr. Letran treats her team respectfully, trusts them, challenges them, and empowers them to take active roles in constantly improving the practices. The result?

Emily’s team members love her, respect her, and would take a bullet for her! They take the success of the practices just as seriously as she does.

Having a fantastic dental practice involves putting together many puzzle pieces in just the right way, and of all the pieces, building a “dream team” is one of the largest ones! Take Dr. Emily Letran’s advice and make sure that your team is not just great, but truly superb.

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Patients Won’t Call Back If You Do This…..

We all know that one of the most important and profitable projects you can do in your dental office is to go through your file cabinet and “reactivate” patients who have not been in for over a year or any patient that does not have a hygiene appointment scheduled.

This exercise alone can fill your appointment book and bring in tons of treatment that would have fallen through the cracks.

The problem is, when you call the patient and get voice-mail, they never return the call! Here’s why.

A typical office will say something like:

“Hello, this is Dr. Curry’s office calling for Jane. We noticed that you are way overdue for your cleaning appointment. Please call 555-4288 so that we may schedule you right away.”

And of course, they never call back.

Then some fancy-pants consultant suggests you add a line like “We are concerned about your dental health and want you to keep your teeth for a lifetime, so please give us a call.”

You try that, but it doesn’t work either. The problem? You have not created any urgency or mystique.

So next time you make a call of this nature (and you should be going through charts and making them every single day!!) – try this:

“Hello, this is Dr. Curry’s office calling for Jane. It is very important that you call us as soon as possible at 555-4288.”

See the difference? It’s a big one!! You haven’t given the plot away! This little mystery will cause your inactive patients to pick up the phone and call you right away!

This one tip alone should be worth tens of thousands of dollars in treatment that you will schedule with these patients! So please use it – it’s a good one!

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