Excuse me, there is a booger in your nose…

You’ve got a big ugly booger dangling from your nose. Yes, you. Yes – right now!!

You also have a large piece of spinach beautifully wedged right between #s 8 and 9.

Your shirt is half tucked in, and there is an extra virgin olive oil stain on your pants.

Is that your breath or freshly ground horse manure? And taking a walk in the 90 degree heat was a great idea, but you smell like The Portland Trailblazers locker room.

By the way, one of those smooshy white balls is resting in the corner of your eye.

Oh yeah – another thing. There is a toilet paper train dragging from your shoe.

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. But let’s face it – we’re all human and these types of maladies can happen to any of us at any time. Unfortunately, it’s not a good image for our patients to have burned into their brains when we are trying to explain recurrent decay or make financial arrangements.

We’re both health care providers and cosmetic consultants, and as such must look the part. Let’s make a pact that if any of us see (or smell!) an esthetic, olfactory, or any other type of malady with a member of our team (doctor included) that we will tell them immediately and there will be no hard feelings.

The best response? “Thanks so much for telling me!!”

Now get back to work!

The Madow Brothers to Host Two Day Conference Designed to Truly Create Successful Dental Speakers!


Dear Friend,

As speakers in the dental profession, we have had the honor and privilege of appearing for dental groups in practically every major city in North America. It’s something that we truly love doing.

So often when we speak at a seminar people come up to us afterwards and say that they would love to break into the world of dental speaking – to which we say… FANTASTIC!

Speaking to dental groups is so rewarding and a tremendous amount of fun. But it’s not a skill that is easily learned. And even though we are both very comfortable in front of a group, we each feel it took us over one-hundred presentations to really get good at it!

At this point (and this isn’t to brag) we are some of the highest paid speakers in dentistry, with the luxury of picking and choosing our engagements. We actually just TURNED DOWN offers from Italy, Australia and Hawaii!!

Maybe you have thought about becoming a dental speaker but weren’t sure if it was for you or didn’t know where to begin. If that’s the case –

now is your time!

On November 14th and 15th, 2014 we will be taking our 25 years of speaking knowledge and condensing it into a two-day intensive training called:

“YOU Can Be A Dental Speaker!”

Who is this course for? If you…

  • have always wanted to be a dental speaker but didn’t know where to begin
  • have spoken at some study clubs and local meetings but want to take it to the next level
  • are already a successful speaker but want to truly take it to “the big leagues!”
  • have a great story to share with others that would help their practices or lives
  • are curious to see what it takes to be a dental speaker
  • are ready to switch to a career that is incredibly fun and fulfilling
  • already have a speech but think it can be much better
  • want to get more clients for your coaching or consulting business
  • have attended a dental seminar and thought to yourself “I can do that!”
  • desire to help others achieve success

…this is for you!!

At “YOU Can Be A Dental Speaker” we’ll break it down from top to bottom. From designing a talk to getting speaking gigs to making your speech a tremendous success to being a top-notch earner – you’ll learn it all!

This is truly “inside information” that many of the “famous” dental speakers don’t even know!

Things like…

· How we became some of the highest paid speakers in dentistry and how you can too!
· How to find a topic that will have people begging for your services!
· Why more people fear death than public speaking – and what you can do about it!

· Why most dental speakers fail, and why you don’t have to!
· Why you don’t have to be funny to deliver truly entertaining content!
· How to “sell” to your crowd in a way that gets them to thank you!
· How to put together a dynamite promotional package and (most importantly) what to do with it to get hired!
· Where to start – even if you have never given a speech before!
· A pre-program “checklist” so nothing is left to chance!
· Killer opening lines. Why not wow them from the start??!!
· How to add six or even seven figures to your speaking income that comes in when you are sitting at home in your underpants!
· The importance of the room layout – it can make or break your talk!
· How to handle any question the audience asks – even if you do not know the answer!!
· One question you MUST ask every sponsoring group for the success of your event!
· How to use PowerPoint or Keynote the RIGHT way!
· How to unleash original content that no one else has!!
· The single mistake that practically every dental speaker makes. It’s easy to prevent.
· How to get an endorsement deal as a dental speaker! (This can be a HUGE source of income!!)
· Secrets to getting a standing ovation every time!
· How to handle a technical glitch, annoying attendee, or even a heckler!
· What to do with “that guy.” You may not understand this yet, but when you are speaking you will thank us a million times over!!!!
· All of the little details you need to know that will truly separate you from the pack!
· And much, much more!!

This one of a kind course may never be repeated, so if you ever thought of becoming a dental speaker, or if you already are one and are ready to take your game to the “big leagues” – now is the time!!

Attendance will be strictly limited so that every attendee gets the attention they deserve. When you leave – you’ll be ready to rock and roll in the incredibly fun and rewarding world of dental speaking.

The course will take place on November 14th and 15th in Baltimore, Maryland at The Ritz-Carlton Residences right on Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor.

The tuition for this incredible two days of training is $2200 and worth every penny. But since this is new and we want to concentrate on content and not marketing, we are offering a huge tuition discount for those who take action now.

So when you sign up before August 31st, your special tuition is just…


That’s right – for just $497.00 (not $2200!) – less than half the cost of one crown, you will get two full days of top-notch instruction on how to become a successful dental speaker. These are things you absolutely won’t hear anywhere else!!

But you need to sign up before August 31st! Actually, to avoid a “sell-out” you may as well call right now!!

 To register, call 1-888-88-MADOW now!!


Sure – you could try to “start from scratch,” and maybe in five years or so things will start to gel. But the fact is, most people who try to get into dental speaking never generate any success, and many more remain at a low level and just get frustrated.

So why learn the hard way and never get anywhere when you can learn from the best in one weekend and have a great time doing it???

All you need to do to register and get the HUGE tuition discount is call 1-888-88-MADOW. We fully expect a sellout (the group is being kept intentionally small), so call now!!

Or – send an email to brothers@madow.com with your name and phone number, saying “I want to attend!” We will call you back as soon as possible and hopefully the course won’t be sold out yet!

Here’s a recap:

COURSE: “YOU Can Be A Dental Speaker!”
WHEN: November 14th and 15th, 2014
WHERE: The Ritz Carlton Residences, Baltimore, MD
COST: $2200 per person – call before August 31st and tuition is just $497.00!!!

If you have EVER had the dream of being a dental speaker – now is the time to take action!

Call 1-888-88-MADOW now!!

See you in October,

The Madow Brothers

P.S. We don’t know if we will ever give this course again, and if we do it most likely won’t be at this tuition! Call 1-888-88-MADOW now to sign up before it is too late!


P.S.# 2 – At our seminars, the audience comes alive! The picture above is typical of our speaking! We can help you do the same! Yes, this standing ovation could be for YOU!!! Send an email to brothers@madow.com or call 1-888-88-MADOW!

Get More Patients Through Public Speaking


According to most studies, public speaking is people’s number one fear, putting it ahead of death. That means at a typical funeral, most people would be less comfortable giving the eulogy than being in the casket.  Yet, we believe that public speaking is a great way to build your practice and become known as “THE” dental practice in your community.  Local groups are always looking for speakers. Health symposiums, senior expos, elementary schools…the list goes on and on. You can even put on your own “free dinner” seminars for the community. The great thing is, dental talks usually have such great Q & A sessions that you don’t even need that much material. So develop an interesting fifteen minute talk on the topic of your choice (implants, smile makeovers, the risks and benefits of retraction cord, etc.), and get a few gigs! Start small, and if you are unsure how to go about this, join a local Toastmaster’s group. They will give you some great tips on how to make it happen.  But when you start doing this – PLEASE don’t make the number one mistake of inexperienced speakers!!! What is that mistake? Starting your speech with something like:  “I’m not a professional speaker…..”  Or  “I’ve never spoken in public before…”  Or “I’m really nervous…”  You may think it disarms the crowd and prepares them for the worst. And maybe in some way it does. But what it really does is make them think they are about to hear a total amateur, or that they wasted their evening when they could have been doing something else.  Don’t do it!!  Think of it this way. You have tickets to see one of your favorite musical groups, and the opening act is someone you have never heard of. Will your impression be more favorable if they come out acting like a total pro, or if they say “I really don’t know how to plug in my guitar?”  We know you may be nervous, but be a professional – please don’t make the number one speaker mistake!


How To Tell If Someone Is An A-Hole

We believe that most people (regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, national origin, income level, sexual orientation, hair color or any other statistic used to classify us) are good people.

But in every group, there is also a small percentage of total a-holes. So how can we identify them? Is there an accurate litmus test for a-holes?

One of our favorites is to observe how people treat others who are in a position to serve them, such as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant.

Recently we went out to dinner with a dental industry executive who was trying hard to impress us. He was attempting to be funny and a bit brash – the life of the party.

It was an Asian restaurant and our waitress was obviously a new immigrant to the US with fairly poor language skills. Our host asked her to recommend a sake (a delicious Japanese fermented beverage) to go with the sushi. She timidly pointed to one on the menu, saying in broken English “This one is very popular.”

For some reason this set off our host, and he began berating her.

“I don’t care what’s popular! McDonald’s is popular and that is total junk. I don’t want to know what’s popular – I want to know what’s good!!!” His obnoxious tone showed that he wasn’t even joking!

The poor waitress put her tail between her legs and walked away, sending someone else over to the table, and we immediately nixed what may have been a lucrative business arrangement.  Life is just too short to deal with a-holes, and this guy clearly failed the test.

Unfortunately in the practice of dentistry it is our duty to treat just about everyone, a-holes included (as long as they pay!). And that is a good thing. It’s not up to us to judge and classify, just to do our best to make our patients healthy and hopefully happy. And we know that being in the dental office is stressful for many people and we don’t get to see them at their best.

Just remember, the nastiest people often need the most loving. Treat them accordingly and you will be surprised how some people can have a personality transfusion – even those who fail the a-hole test.

Dirty Towels Can Help Your Practice…

Most of us have been in hotel rooms where there is a little card in the bathroom asking us to reuse our dirty towels for “environmental reasons.” 

They go on to inform you of the millions of gallons of water wasted each day on laundry as well as those nasty detergents that are leaching into our oceans. 

And then we reuse the towels, and everyone feels good. 

But let’s face it – do those huge hotels really care about the environment or are they just trying to save money? It really doesn’t matter – in this case everybody wins. 

Recently social psychologists were hired to see if they could word the bathroom card differently to get even more guests to reuse their towels. After all, you can’t have too much of a good thing! 

By using a theory called “Social Proof” the psychologists increased towel reuse by 26 percent – just by adding a single phrase to the placard! 

All they did was inform the hotel guests that the majority of other guests in the hotel recycle their towels. By just adding a few words, they saw huge results!! 

People love Social Proof because it validates their choices. Think about why McDonald’s sign screams “Billions and Billions Served!!” 

So how can we use Social Proof in our practices? There are two simple ways (and probably many more). 

First of all, when presenting elective treatment, such as adult fluoride, make sure you let the patient know that “Most of our adult patients choose to get fluoride and we have seen fantastic results!”  

Boom! Social Proof scores again!!  

Secondly – use testimonials!! Whether they are video, written, quoted in an e-mail, or any way possible – make sure that your patients see how happy others are with their choice of your dental practice. 

And then maybe you can start to recycle the towels in your patient rest room!! 

Social Proof works – so use it!!