Doctor, we are slammed at the front desk!!

A frequently asked question / observation we often get at our seminars:

“You guys are up here stressing customer service, treating every patient like they are the most important person in your practice, never putting anyone on hold, listening patiently, etc…

Unfortunately you have NO IDEA what it is like to be in the front desk hot seat. What are we supposed to do when we have a patient on the phone and the other line keeps ringing? What if there is a patient waiting at the front desk to talk to us? Doesn’t a live person deserve priority? It’s not easy to juggle five things at once you know….”

If your office is frequently in this situation – congratulations! You are busy! People want to come to your practice! Way to go – you must be doing something right!!

But if the front desk is constantly slammed, you are losing new patients left and right. Possibly center too.

Doctor – it may be time to crowbar your wallet open and invite another talented team member in. And the good news is – that team member will pay for themselves many times over!

Think about what a great front desk team member would earn. Then think about what a lost new patient costs your practice. (By some estimates it $10,000+!) This is what’s called a no-brainer!!

Staff up, offer the best customer service possible, and watch your practice grow!!

Don’t Do This!

A short time ago we discussed how using “away messages” or “out of office messages” in your emails can actually irritate people that are trying to communicate with you.

We gave a typical example of an away message that you have likely encountered… here it is:

“I am out of the office until next Thursday with little to no access to my email. If this is an emergency, please call 1-410-DNT-CARE and hopefully someone else can help you.”

Pretty cold, eh? (Sorry about the “eh,” we were just in Canada)

So listen to this.

The other day, while traveling to speak at the PDC (Pacific Dental Conference), one of us sent an email to a team member who was traveling with us.

We received an automated away message from her.  For a second, we were taken aback. Why would our team member have the audacity to use an away message, especially after The Madow Brothers (her bosses) took an entire e-letter to discuss how pathetic most of them are!

But as we read, we noticed that her away message was actually spectacular!  She listened!

We are going to share it with you below. Notice how she threw in a little plug for TBSE 2015! Thanks to Hope Miller of Team Madow for coming up with one of the best away messages we have ever seen!


While I am away at a Madow Brothers seminar in Vancouver, Canada, Linda (a fantastic member of Team Madow), is handling my calls and emails. Why don’t you give her a shout at or 410-526-4780? She is there and ready to help you.

Or if this can wait, I will get back to you as soon as I return. Just let me know.

One more thing. Did you know that TBSE 2015 is filling up quickly? This will be the best one yet – guaranteed! We are back in Vegas. We have a special on that is going away real soon. Go ahead and get signed up. 

Sorry we missed each other today!