Here is How to Make it Hard!

What would you do if you hired a new associate?

Opened a second location?

Added a hygienist?

Increased your hours?

Started offering a new procedure?

Would you keep it quiet? Or would you blast the word out to every damn person you could?

In many industries, businesses use hard and soft launches when unveiling something new.

Use a soft launch when you want the word about your new product to get out slowly, oftentimes only to a small group of people. In a soft launch, there is no real formal announcement.

When you hard launch, your new product is announced to as many people as your marketing budget will allow.

At The Madow Brothers, we use a combination of hard and soft launches when we have something new for you. For example, we recently launched a brand new website at But the only people that heard about it at first were the ones that participated in our recent live video event. That was soft!

When we launched the marketing for “TBSE 2015 – The Hats of Dentistry,” we went wild. We tried to get the word out to everyone as fast as possible.


When you have the best speaker lineup, combined with a world-class hotel (yes, we negotiated $99 room rates for you), and it all takes place in Las Vegas…

how could we think anything but hard?

Sometimes it is actually called Viagra marketing!!!

So how about you? Maybe one of those five events (from the beginning of the article) is taking place in your office. Maybe more. Or perhaps something different.

Why hold back?

In your case there is likely no reason for the soft launch.

Go all out! Let your patients as well as your community know about what’s new at your office.

Make it hard!!! Very hard!

The Madow Brothers

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Seven Beliefs That Are Making You Unhappy!

1. Work comes before pleasure.

Not true! Work should be pleasurable. We actually love our work. It feels like it’s our hobby! If you do not absolutely love what you do every day, we need to chat!!!


2. Salad will make me skinny (and that will make me happy).

Not true on many levels. Salad alone will not make you skinny. Or happy. We have actually seen many salads that are over 1000 calories! Over the years we have found that an eating program must be designed right and it is a lifestyle.

The old adage “everything in moderation” simply does not necessarily hold up any more.  If you want to be healthy, you need to be fueling your body with only the foods that will make you healthy! Yeah, it’s basically that simple!

One more thing. There are plenty of people out there that are “skinny on the outside and fat on the inside.” Skinny does not necessarily equal health.


3. I need to know everything before I can call myself knowledgeable.

Not us! We normally dive in head first. If we waited until we knew everything before we started a project or a business or anything, you would not be reading this right now. Our team makes fun of us because we come up with ideas and are excited to get going so quickly (oftentimes before we tell them)! 

4. Asking questions will make me look stupid.

Many people feel like this. But the truth is, asking thoughtful questions will make you stand out as someone who cares and is curious. 

5. Asking others for help will annoy them and make me look weak.

In reality, most people like helping others, and asking for help only means we’re comfortable with who we are. Do you need help with anything? Just ask. Neither of us bite last time we checked!!! 

6. Unless I work out every day, my body will start to look frumpy.

No. Your body looks and feels its best when you’re in touch with what it needs: activity and rest. 

7. If everyone agrees with me and likes me, I’m doing it right.

No. Don’t try to please everyone. Why not? Because it’s impossible and there is no reason to.


Listen. We LOVE to teach. We love to help. It seems to be our calling. But when we do, we gotta tell you what we believe is best for you. It’s by no means “our way or the highway.” We still love you if you don’t do what we say! And we certainly understand that every single one of our messages do not resonate with everyone. But we still need to get our stuff out there! This holds true in business, friendships, relationships… everything. Although you need to be the best possible person you can be, don’t sweat it if everyone doesn’t agree with you!!!