21 Phrases That Should Never Be Said to Someone Calling Your Dental Office!

Our extensive research shows that there are some really scary things taking place in your dental office. YES, YOURS!!! Unless you are in the extreme minority (perhaps 3%) of offices, what we are going to tell you is happening at your front desk.

Whatever you may have been doing to get new patients (space ads, social media, new resident mailings, 1-800-DENTIST, Yellow Pages, etc.), if you’re team is saying any of these twenty phrases when someone calls your office, you may be losing up to 90% of the potential new patients. Sad but true!

So let’s say someone calls your office and they are interested in coming in as a new patient. Typically many of these callers ask a “stupid” question, simply because they really don’t know what to ask. “How much is a cleaning” is a very common one.

If you do nothing more, please make sure none of the following 21 phrases are being said to a caller who asks how much it is for a cleaning.

“It depends what type of cleaning you need.”

“Do you have insurance?”

“It depends on your periodontal condition.”

“Do you have recent bitewings?”

“We don’t do cleanings on the first visit.”

“When is the last time you had a cleaning?”

“Hold please.”

“Are you a new patient?”

“We don’t quote fees over the phone.”

“If you have a lot of calculus, we need to scale by quadrants.”

“Who’s calling?”

“How did you find out about our office?”

“Do you have any pockets?”

“Our hygienist can’t see you for two months!”

“Sorry, we’re not open on Fridays.”

“We have to appoint you with the doctor before you can have a cleaning in OUR office.”

“I’m sorry, we’re on vacation that week.”

“We don’t accept patients with THAT insurance.”

“We’re going to have to schedule you for an exam, pan and bitewings.”

“You’re going to have to fill out this form first.”

“You have reached the office of…” (answering machine)

We suggest you get together with your team and have a meeting to determine if any of these phrases are being said to your callers. If they are, they are potential roadblocks to getting new patients into your practice. Please take some time to figure out how you can avoid having ANY of these phrases said to callers!

Maybe there are some other phrases that we did not list here. If you have any, we would love to hear them, so please email them to us! We will compile them for a future article and hopefully we can help even more offices be more efficient!

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