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30 Things You Should never Say To A Patient!

By December 11, 2015October 18th, 2021Madow Blog
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We like to share things you should never say to your patient in the dental office.

It’s always interesting when we speak at conferences, because no matter where we are in North America, it is evident that many practices need to work on their communication skills. We have been saying that success in your dental practice is 90% communication. Master the art and there is little question that you will succeed.

Today we will share with you thirty phrases that should NEVER be said in the dental office. It would be interesting to “keep score” and see how many of these are being said in YOUR office!  Check out these that you should never say to a patient.

OK, here we go…

Thirty phrases that you should never say to your patients

  1. To be honest
  2. This won’t hurt a bit
  3. There’s nothing to it
  4. You’re wrong
  5. Have you ever been here before?
  6. I doubt it’s serious
  7. We can’t do that
  8. I already told you that
  9. I see
  10. Um…
  11. Dr. ____ really botched this one
  12. This is the way we have always done it
  13. That’s not a lot of money
  14. This will only take a minute
  15. Don’t worry about it
  16. We’ll be right with you
  17. Calm down
  18. Do you understand?
  19. We are super busy today
  20. You fractured the mesio-buccal cusp
  21. I can’t find your chart
  22. It could be worse
  23. Next…
  24. Did you watch the debates?
  25. This is malpractice
  26. Linda was fired
  27. No
  28. Your insurance will cover everything
  29. Oh shit
  30. It’s in the Lord’s hands

Did you laugh out loud at any of those? It’s not funny, we have heard all of those and MORE!  For maximum effect, start with the first one and say all thirty out loud, one after the other!

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