A Different Kind Of First Impression!

first impression

A Different Kind of First Impression!

We all know that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. But when is that first impression actually made? In many cases, it is with something that is often overlooked – the practice’s voicemail message.

In this week’s episode of The Dental Practice Fixers we mystery shop for voicemails – and the results aren’t pretty! But that’s okay – we’ll teach you how to do it right.

And in a rare event, Dr. Rich goes off on a little rant about something many dentist do that is a total overhead killer!! You gotta hear this NOW!

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Highlights from “A Different Kind of First Impression!”

0:20 – Dr. Richard Madow opens up the podcast by asking about first impressions for your dental practice.

1:15 – Why not save money in your dental practice by using a credit card processing terminal that doesn’t overcharge you.  Switch to FattMerchent and know your monthly charges.  Go to madow.com/save

2:30 – Rich talks about signing up for the free resources that The Madow Center provides to those that sign up for the email newsletter.  Go to madow.com at the bottom to sign up or email us at info@madow.com

4:25 – Check out on Facebook for The Dental Place for a special group for dental practices to exchange ideas and thoughts.

4:45 – Rich talks about a recent email that went out and the feedback they received.  The discussion was about the high tech equipment.  Find out what Rich has to say about investing high tech equipment.

6:25 – Will it increase your profits or overhead?  Find out from Dr. Madow.

7:05 – Rich tells a story about a dentist that fell into a black hole with buying high tech equipment that went sour.

10:41 – Rich reads some of the responses that were received from the email newsletter about purchasing high tech equipment and if it will bring in the profits for the dental practice.

16:35 – How is your voicemail messages for your dental practice?  What is the impression it gives?

17:27 – Should you answer the phone during your lunch?  Rich gives his thoughts on this and why he feels so.

18:33 – This week on the Dental Practice Fixers podcast, we listen to Rich call during evening hours to listen to voicemails.  Check out the first impression this gives to a new patient.

18:49 – Rich talks about the quality of this dental practice voicemail.  Remember this could be the first impression of a new patient.  Should their be noise?

20:15 – Rich makes his second voicemail call.

20:26 – Rich wants to know what is going on with this call.

20:46 – Rich makes his third voicemail call.

21:19 – Someone is spoofing this number and it tells this on the voicemail.  Should you have this on the voicemail?  Rich discussing all the issues with this voicemail and the wrong impression it gives.

21:41 – Rich makes his fourth voicemail call.

22:03 – Rich discusses the issues with this voicemail.  Should you leave your email on the voicemail?

22:49 – Rich makes the fifth voicemail call.

23:17 – Rich talks about this voicemail and didn’t think it was too bad.  This first impression was okay.  Some concerns were noticed by Rich.

23:52 – Rich makes the sixth voicemail call.

25:30 – Rich talks about the length of this voicemail and all the hoops to go through just to leave a voicemail.

26:08 – Rich makes his final voicemail call.

26:53 – Rich talks about this voicemail message.  This one was best of the bunch, learn why.

27:28 – Rich gives some overall suggestions when leaving a voicemail message for your potential new patients.  Dr. Rich gives his perfect voicemail for you to use with your dental practice.

29:50 – Thank you for watching or subscribing to our Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.


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