A Lesson To Learn From Southwest Airlines

Happy Birthday to Southwest Airlines! You just turned 40! Living in the Baltimore area and traveling so much, Southwest has been our favorite airline for many years now! As a matter of fact, we are mentioning them big time in this month’s upcoming Powerhouse video! [Call us to find out how to get a copy of this video which will be coming out next Monday!]

In Spirit Magazine (Southwest’s on board magazine) there was an article entitled “40 Lessons to Learn From Southwest.” The tagline was “Whether you’re funding a company or just want to look brilliant, take some cues from this airline.”

All forty lessons are short and sweet. And they make great business sense. Today we will give you #1.

1. Keep your idea simple enough to draw on a napkin.

In 1966 Rollin W. King sat with his lawyer, Herb Kelleher, in San Antonio’s St. Anthony Club and drew a triangle on a cocktail napkin. Rollin, the owner of a money losing commuter airline, wanted to start an airline carrier for travel within the state of Texas. Hence the triangle. He labled the corners “Dallas,” Houston” and “San Antonio” – The Golden Triangle of Texas.

The rest is history!

So what is your idea? Of course you are not strating an airline. But maybe it’s about improving your practice or perhaps something to better your life. It really doesn’t matter. Like Southwest, we have found that when we keep it simple, it is much more likely that it will come to fruition. When you feel you have to draw up a million documents, get opinions, plan forever, consult with every expert on the planet, get more opinions, wait until the moon is perfectly aligned with Venus and for your little nephew to come out, you will NEVER get it done.

When you have an idea, just make sure it passes the napkin test! That’s it!

Here is a SIMPLE idea for you today: Join our Madow Powerhouse! You will get TONS of SIMPLE ideas for your practice. Call 1-888-88-MADOW today and find out how. Don’t make it complicated… just do it! If you act today, we will even send you a Powerhouse cocktail napkin for you to show the dental world that you LOVE simple ideas!!! Call us.

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