A Mid-Winter Mix of Info

Scenario: A call comes in to your office and the person on the other end asks the question “How much is a cleaning?”

Now of course you have been doing some good marketing and it’s just starting to pay off. But you are busy and you are not able to monitor the calls that come in. You don’t even know about most of them.

What are the possibilities here?

  1. The correct fee for a cleaning is quoted.
  2. The call is terminated quickly because the caller is a “shopper.”
  3. The caller is asked if he or she has insurance and what type it is.
  4. The caller is told that we really can’t quote a fee because we don’t know what kind of a cleaning he or she will need.
  5. The caller is told that cleanings are not done on the first appointment.

Which one out of the above possibilities are you praying that your front desk person says? Well guess what? None of them are effective.

By the way, do you know exactly how this type of call is being handled? Probably not. But even if you were standing right there, would you even know what the most best answer is? They certainly did not teach you this in dental school.

Listen. We are six weeks into this year. Resolutions that you made on New Years day are quickly fading. Don’t you agree if there is one thing you should do this year, it would be to have your team properly trained to get callers from the phone into the appointment book easily and predictably?

Good news – you no longer have to pay thousands of dollars and then put your team through painful, agonizing, embarrassing, lengthy training videos. Yes, there is a much easier way now. Please do yourself and your team a favor and click HERE to find out more!

Next.  Our Social Media Marketing Summit in Baltimore last week was our best one yet by far! What a great group of people we had here! Everyone that was in attendance came away not only totally set up, but with a “blueprint” if you will, of EXACTLY what they need to do. If you have been living in a cave for the past year, Social Media Marketing is only getting stronger and it’s something every dentist needs to be doing for his or her practice if they want to survive the next ten years!

Our next course is in Chicago on March 19-20, and then in Phoenix on April 9-10. These are both filling up quicker than ever and if you are considering learning with us, you should sign up now! Click HERE for more info about this amazing course that dentists are calling “the best two days I have ever spent in dentistry!”

Onward. We just put the final touches on our February Dental Powerhouse DVD, and it should be in the mail within a few days to our Powerhouse members. This month’s program teaches you how to get more referrals than ever using some really cool original techniques. Not a Powerhouse member? It’s not too late to get in on this month’s program. Click HERE to see what you are missing.

Lastly, thanks so much for being a Madow friend! If you ever have a question for us, it is now easier than ever. Many people are turning to our Facebook page and asking us questions right there. It’s simple to do and you will always get a very quick response. Plus, our thousands of Facebook fans will get to learn as well as they look on. What a win-win Social Media is!

Have a great day today. If you are one of the many stranded in the mid-Atlantic region blizzards (as we are), please enjoy it and just make sure you kiss a loved one!

Until next time… your friends – The Madow Brothers!

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