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A Note From The Most Important Person in Dentistry!

By December 29, 2020Coaches Corner
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A Note From The Most Important Person in Dentistry!

Hello there!

Yes, it’s me – the most important person in dentistry. No, I’m not the mentor who has helped you perfect your excellent clinical techniques. I’m not the practice coach who helped you develop fantastic protocols to increase your revenue and make your life easier. No, I’m not the person who sits at your front desk (even though that person is pretty darn important!)

I’m not the Dean of The Dental School, the President of your Dental Society, or even (gasp) the Director of the ADA. But yes, I am the most important person in dentistry.

Who am I? The Most Important Person: Your patient.

And on behalf of patients everywhere, I want to give you a huge and heartfelt thank you.

I see that the pandemic has been really rough on you. It’s been tough on me too. It totally sucks. So thanks for abiding by the guidelines set by the CDC and your local authorities. I know that you are doing your absolute best to keep me safe, and I trust you.

I understand that you have very high standards, and that high-quality dentistry is expensive. So thanks for working with my insurance company so that my share is as little as possible. This really makes me feel like the most important person.  I know that you don’t have to do that. And thanks for giving me financing options. I couldn’t have afforded my treatment without it.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about my treatment. Oh, and thanks for getting to know me as a person. Thank you for caring about me and making me comfortable. My physician sure doesn’t do any of those things.


Thanks for being not just a dentist, but for a community leader. I notice the things you do like sponsoring the Little League team, volunteering at the health fair, and providing free treatment for veterans in need.

Look, I gotta admit, sometimes when I come to your office I’m scared shitless. I may be your most important person but you are definitely not seeing me at my best. So thanks so much for understanding that. I’m much more fun when I’m a real person and not a dental patient, and I can tell that you know that.

I know a small percentage of your patients are real jerks, but please don’t let them give me a bad name. Take it from me and the large majority of your patients – we really appreciate you and everyone who works in your office.

So once again, from the most important person in dentistry – your patient – thank you so, so much!

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