A Prosthodontist is Humiliating and Degrading the General Dentists in the Community

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Welcome back to The Dental Practice Fixers podcast, dentistry’s most unique show! This week we received information that a prosthodontist in Colorado is spreading information in her community, basically telling the public that general dentists are ill-equipped to do their dentistry and why the only choice is to see a prosthodontist. Rich and Dave look into this situation and reveal what they discover. And it’s not pretty. Then of course we do the call of the week. What happens when a simple call is place to an office by a potential new patient asking for just a little information about the doctor. Easy, right? Well listen in to see how this one was handled! If you have a question that you would like answered on our podcast, please send it in to podcast@madow.com. We will do our best to get yours answered!

A Prosthodontist is Humiliating and Degrading the General Dentists in the Community

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Dr. David Madow: Hello there and welcome to The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast. This is Episode seven, Season two. I am one of your hosts, Dr. David Madow. I'm going to be bringing in my co-host right there in just a couple seconds, but this is actually our second episode that we're doing a live video so not only can you continue to listen on iTunes and all the other, of course, audio episode apps that are out there but episode audio podcast apps, I should say, but now we have our very own YouTube channel, The Dental Practice Fixers where you can watch us in our studios. By the way, we're on different sides of the planet. I'm in Salt Lake, Rich is in Baltimore, Maryland. But not only can you see us through this live, kind of live but you can interact with us. You can comment, you can like, you can ask questions, and right on the YouTube channel, under each episode, we're going to be... we can interact with you. So, we're, we're really excited. I'll bring my buddy, business partner, brother, Dr. Rich into the, into the episode. What do you... what's going on? [Crosstalk] up to? What's going?
Dr. Richard Madow: It is great to be here for Episode Seven, actually the second video episode. Now, I suspect most people are still listening to audio only and that's fine so [crosstalk].
Dr. David Madow: Oh, I don't know.
Dr. Richard Madow: That way but yeah.
Dr. David Madow: I don't know.
Dr. Richard Madow: And if you're curious what we look like for better or worse, for richer or for poorer, whatever, join us on YouTube, it's fun. You know, I notice and I don't think this is going to happen with The Dental Practice Fixers, I watch music videos, and music instructional videos, and music analysis, all kinds of things like that on YouTube and it seems like the conversations in the comments start off kind of normal and then they degrade into insults and politics and just all this low-level shit. I just don't understand why people do it. So, if you're going to comment about The Dental Practice Fixers even if it's a criticism or critique, please be kind. There's just no reason to be unkind, or personal, or mean, just it doesn't help you, I needed to do that.
Dr. David Madow: It's funny, Rich. I think people like on Facebook for them... now, it is for the most part, people are fairly kind on Facebook but then when you get into YouTube, it starts degrading a little bit and the absolute worst is Twitter people who are just like trolling and saying really, really mean things. It just goes downhill from there. So, hopefully we're kind of in the middle of Facebook and Twitter so hopefully people will be semi-kind.
Dr. Richard Madow: I don't do anything on Twitter. I just don't... I'm just... I'm not saying it's right, it's not wrong, I just don't do Twitter. Twitter, hate Twitter, I just don't do it. And now I'm now I'm even more glad I don't do it when you told me that things get degraded really quickly.
Dr. David Madow: It really, it really does. But YouTube there's definitely some trolls out there that will-
Dr. Richard Madow: Oh God, horrible.
Dr. David Madow: You'd be very mean for some, I don't know for some they like... people would just like hiding behind a keyboard for some reason. I'm not really sure but-
Dr. Richard Madow: I just don't understand why if you don't agree with somebody's opinion, you have to insult them personally.
Dr. David Madow: Right.
Dr. Richard Madow: Just tell them why you think they're, you know, your opinion is different and maybe try to convince them to your opinion but don't attack them personally.
Dr. David Madow: Right. And then if that doesn't work, you can just say, well, you're an asshole but [crosstalk].
Dr. Richard Madow: That might work and maybe it's true but I [laughs]. I see people have been commenting on your post a lot.
Dr. David Madow: Of course, yeah [laughs].
Dr. Richard Madow: All right. Hey again, thanks for that intro. Welcome to The Dental Practice Fixers. Let's get right to this because we've got a... it's kind of a question but you'll see what it is. It's, it's really crazy. It comes from our good friend, Dr. Joanne Rief, and if you've been around us for a while, maybe you've heard her name. She's participated in The Madow Brothers Audio Series many times. You've probably seen her and her fabulous team at TBSE in Las Vegas. She posts on The Dental Place sometimes. She's a really good person, a great dentist, fantastic practice. She takes so much continuing education. Is she ever actually in the office? I know you're her patient. Is she ever there?
Dr. David Madow: She's always taking CE.
Dr. Richard Madow: There's always a sign on the door that says like 'Closed for CE'.
Dr. David Madow: Out for CE. 
Dr. Richard Madow: Right, gone fishing. Anyway, she's very informed, she knows a lot of things, and she keeps me and Dave abreast of a lot of developments in dentistry. And this is one that she sent that I thought was just fascinating. It says, "Saw this," I'm reading this, "Saw this on Mommy Dentists in Business," that's a Facebook group, Mommy Dentists, I don't know, Mommy Dentist in Business.
Dr. David Madow: Mommy.
Dr. Richard Madow: Exactly. Shut up, kid. It's an ad by a Denver prosthodontist that was put on her blog along with other blogs that put down general dentists and touted why patients should go to a prosthodontist. She even stated in her blog that she sued the dentist that she bought the practice from. Then, it goes on to say she was super criticized and wound up taking down the blog. And then, Joanne, I hope you don't mind if I read this but your closing sentence is, "This woman has balls." I don't know if I ever met a woman with balls. But anyway, I think you mean that metaphorically.
Dr. David Madow: Maybe.
Dr. Richard Madow: So, what's Joanne talking about? We decided to check it out. We checked out this prosthodontist blog. She's a prosthodontist in Colorado. We won't give her name or the name of her practice but first on her blog, there's like this big ad comparing prosthodontists to general dentists. The font size is so small, I can hardly read it but it's like this big flow chart saying why prosthodontists are great and why general dentists suck, and it's comparing implants and said says things like, "General and cosmetic dentists have minimal formal training with dental implants. Their knowledge is often from evening and weekend courses." And she goes on to say that, "They make crappy temporaries, they use bad labs, they don't know how to maintain implants," all these things criticizing general dentists, why prosthodontists are better. Then, she's got this next blog called 'Why didn't any dentist refer me to you?' And she's saying that patients complain but why didn't my dentist send me to a prosthodontist? And she says, "Here's why. Number one, they think they can do the work themselves. Number two, they need the revenue. The market saturated with dentists; referring patients can be costly even if it's the right thing to do. Then three, they think the prosthodontist might criticize their work. Then they're saying, she keeps give some crazy example that a general dentist can refer to an endodontist but the root canal specialist knows that your dentist is using cheap labs and they do bad work but they don't tell you because they want to keep the referrals coming." Another blog, "Do you really need that crown? No, you might not need that crown so why did your general dentist tell you, you need a crown? Well, there are a few reasons. One is money. Two is they've had a bad education, and three is they're overzealous to do treatment such as CEREC, which involves removing way too much tooth structure and, and, and charging four times as much." One more blog, "How I first learned about the dark side of dentistry?" [Crosstalk] practice she bought where the dentist was over diagnosing, over treating, overdoing, overcharging, and she wound up suing them, the dark side of dentistry. Wish you were here. What do you think? It's unbelievable.
Dr. David Madow: Unbelievable, does not even halfway describe it. I don't even know what to say other than that first of all I think she's a... she's a bitch. I hate to say it.
Dr. Richard Madow: And she has balls.
Dr. Richard Madow: Unbelievable. Okay, obviously what she said is horrible. It sounds to me like she's like desperate. But I'll take this back to something that Rich you and I learned many, many, I'd say several decades ago. You probably remember this. Back in the old, old, old days when we were very new at our dental conference, TBSE, by the way if you don't know about TBSE, check it out, tbse.com stands for The Best Seminar Ever. But Rich, we were sometimes guilty of instead of like when we had marketing and advertisements and then talking about our seminar, we were sometimes guilty, I will admit this, that maybe trying to knock down other seminars and say maybe bad things about other seminars. But I remember somebody once messaged us and said, "Hey guys, guys listen, you, you guys are the best. You've got the best seminar ever, that's why it's called that. You guys are on top of your game. Why stoop low and not see competition when you guys are already the best?" And both of us thought about that we said, you know something... you're right. And from now on we just talked about the benefits of coming to TBSE and how it can help you and your practice so we never took stabs at other dental seminars. It just wasn't worth it. And this woman if she's that good, if she's that good, all she has to do is prove it by doing great work, being kind to her patients, building a practice that way, and saying good things. You know in these days Rich, we say good things about other dental conferences because they're so really, really good out there, most of them are great, most of them are really good.
Dr. Richard Madow: Yeah. Kind of shooting yourself in the foot too because a prosthodontist wants referrals from general dentists. And some of the things she said anybody with half a brain how do you know my general dentist uses a cheap lab? How do you know my general dentist is overcharging? How do you know they're, they're desperate for revenue? You're making some blanket statements here that are completely false. Well, that was a blanket statement also, making some blanket statements here that are typically false. It's just... it's unbelievable and who is going to... I think maybe this also opens up a broader discussion about the relationship between general dentists and specialists. Maybe these days it's more frustrating than ever being a specialist because with advances in technology and fantastic hands-on CE courses, general dentists are doing more treatment than ever that used to be called specialty treatment. But we're both general dentists, Dave. We know you need fantastic specialists who you trust to refer to. You need fantastic specialists who are going to compliment you when they come in and say, "Oh that root canal looks great. This crown looks cool," whatever it is. You don't need this kind of BS. How can that be good for anyone? 
Dr. David Madow: This is just so disheartening and, you know, like in anything like they're okay, there are great general dentists and there are horrible general dentists just like there are probably great prosthodontists and horrible prosthodontists. I graduated with... there was a guy in my class, Rich you know him, Dr. Tony Lera. He was second in my class. The guy had like hands of gold. I would, I would put him up against any prosthodontist out there and for this woman to say that all general dentists do shoddy work and they don't know what they're doing, I'll put him up against her in a second because it's just simply, simply not true. It's horrible to hear stuff like that.
Dr. Richard Madow: It really is and, you know, back to your earlier comment about TBSE, I think usually when somebody's only way of getting moving forward is to criticize others, that's a big problem. And I'll tell you something else that we both learned early on in our career and that is, no matter how tempting it is, no matter how true it is, don't criticize the work of a colleague, don't criticize the work of a fellow dentist. You know, I think we've all been in a situation where a patient comes in, a lot of times it's an emergency and they just open their mouth and you see like the crappiest work you've ever seen in your life, and you're first, you think you want to do is who did this piece of shit? But you know what, first of all, it never gets you anywhere. They probably love their old dentist and secondly, you weren't there when it was done. You don't know the circumstances. You have no idea how poorly these patients treated this restoration. You have no idea how much they were squirming and screaming and crying while the dentist was trying to do their very best. You just don't know and it doesn't get you anywhere to criticize. Just say, "I can just tell you exactly what we see here today and that is this and this is the way we can treat and it's going to turn out beautifully," instead of saying, "Oh, this thing is horrible. It needs to be redone," it doesn't get you anywhere.
Dr. David Madow: And along another line I will say that when neither of us touched on this one yet Rich but I'm willing to bet that what she's saying because I think it in most states, the Board of Dental Examiners or whatever it might be in your state does not allow you to say that you're superior to another dentist and to tell, tell the public that other dentists are bad. I mean, that's pretty much illegal in every state. If the board gets ahold of this thing, I think she's, she's in big trouble. 
Dr. Richard Madow: That's illegal in 49 States actually. [Laughs] Yeah, I agree. She should be thrown in dental jail.
Dr. David Madow: Yeah.
Dr. Richard Madow: Apparently, she's... I don't know if I'd use the word retracted but she's taking all the stuff down. She's learned her lesson.
Dr. David Madow: Okay. I didn't know that, okay.
Dr. Richard Madow: I just don't think that it looks good for the future. No one's going to refer to her.
Dr. David Madow: Yeah.
Dr. Richard Madow: Maybe they'll refer to her as something but they won't refer to her as a dentist.
Dr. David Madow: Just... doctors if you're listening, doctors, team members, just alwa- always take the high road. Do the best you can, take CE, make sure your treatment is great, take great care of your patients, and talk up the profession. There are a lot of great dentists out there and great team members and talk about... we're all in that... we're all kind of on the same team so to speak. And just… you know, just saying something bad about the profession like that, it doesn't do anybody any good. It's just horrible.
Dr. Richard Madow: A little bit off topic but it's a little bit of a tangent but this, all this talk about general dentists and specialists is reminding me that this... I think sometimes we're in a tough spot when we do need to refer and the patient loves us and they don't want to leave the office and they say, "Well, why do I have to go to this specialist? Can't you do it here?" 
Dr. David Madow: And you say, "Well, I can't do it here because I don't know what the f I'm doing."
Dr. Richard Madow: It's so funny. I remember early in my career, I asked kind of a mentor what are you saying that in that situation? He said, "Well, tell the patient that the specialist has different instruments, that they have just for their specialty." I thought, that is the worst answer, I've heard that many times [crosstalk]. That's the worst answer.
Dr. David Madow: Specialist has different instruments.
Dr. Richard Madow: Yeah, different instruments. They have an oboe. I never liked that one. [crosstalk]. 
Dr. David Madow: What's a good answer for that? Because that happens all the time, the patient is, "Oh Dr. Madow, please can't you do this incredible and difficult procedure in your office? I want you to do it."
Dr. Richard Madow: Well, Sarah, we do root canals in this practice. We... about 90% of the patients that come in needing root canals we do them but every once in a while, there's a tooth that's just very complicated, whether the canals are all curved and twisted or it's a root canal that's already been done and is infected and needs to be redone again and that's why we have specialists to do the most complicated, difficult cases. If I felt that I could do this perfectly which I can with just about every root canal, I'd gladly do it for you here but this is one of those rare cases where I feel like you should be in the hands of a specialist just like sometimes your physician wants to refer you to a specialist because they're just more comfortable with doing that. And as soon as that's finished, you're going to be back in this practice, you're still our patient, you'll be here, you know, it's just something like that.
Dr. David Madow: Yeah.
Dr. Richard Madow: No need to get complicated.
Dr. David Madow: Doctor, you're saying that I'm a rare case, I'm like an anomaly. What's wrong with me?
Dr. Richard Madow: You should take that as a compliment.
Dr. David Madow: No, but I get it, that's a good answer. Who's going to argue that? Look, I think it's most important to look the patient in the eye and say, I want the best for you. I want to make sure and this, you know, this is not a routine root canal. I just want to make sure it's done perfectly that's why there are specialists out there. But as soon as he or she is finished, you're coming back to me, we're going to finish the tooth implant, whatever it might be, you know.
Dr. Richard Madow: And by the way, you know that screaming brat you come in with... that you bring with you every time, they have to go to a specialist too, a special doctor called a pediatric dentist [crosstalk], that brat here.
Dr. David Madow: Very special, special.
Dr. Richard Madow: Very, very special.
Dr. David Madow: Very special. 
Dr. Richard Madow: They're going to use those special gold T-matrix bands on, not the silver ones, the gold one. 
Dr. David Madow: Why the gold ones? Why do you like... why, why are they better? Why do you think?
Dr. Richard Madow: I prefer these.
Dr. David Madow: Okay, that's a good answer, that's as good as any [laughs].
Dr. Richard Madow: Hey, before we get on with the call. I just want to make a quick comment; a bunch of people have been asking us about our Masterclasses. Our Masterclasses are something we do every couple of months, typically in our home office of Baltimore, Maryland. We have a fantastic facility. They are very comfortable and fun where we do our Masterclasses. As you know The Dental Practice Fixers have been doing individual coaching for practices for quite a while now. We have a great success rate and coaching can be a very intimate relationship. It's just... it's different than going to a seminar or reading a journal. It's, you know, we're really there as a part of your practice. And many people want to learn what would that be like to work with you and that's why we do these Masterclasses for people that are interested in growing their practices and want to know what it's like to work with us as their coaches. We do them for free there in Baltimore every couple months. We've got some going on right now. You can sign up, it's masterclass.madow.com.
Dr. David Madow: You got it.
Dr. Richard Madow: You can tell I was struggling to come up with a website there, masterclass.madow.com. Again, it's a great day. We get to know you, you get to know us. Some of our coaching team will be there. We can talk about your practice, about your successes, about your struggles, even maybe brainstorm, offer you some suggestions. But the real purpose is if you think you might want to work with us as your coaches, this is a way in a very safe environment for very little expense, you can come and see what it's all about. So, masterclass.madow.com. We'd love to see you at an upcoming Masterclass.
Dr. David Madow: We hope to see you there. By the way before we get into the call, as Rich and I are trying to help you any way we can in your practice, something else we came across fairly recently that we've been helping a ton of practices with and it's something that every single dental office is doing already. So, we're not asking you to do anything new but you are accepting credit cards for payment, 99.9% of dental offices are accepting credit cards. But here's the thing, there's an old way to do it and there's a new way to do it because the old way basically is there's a processing company that takes a percentage from every single transaction, you do a crown, you do a... you do a bridge, you do implants, and somebody charged it, they take a pretty nice percentage of your production, of your collections there. There's a new way to do it, it's called, Fattmerchant, and there's just, Rich, correct me if I'm wrong but it's only a monthly fee, it's only one fee, small fee per month, and it doesn't matter how much, it doesn't matter if you're collecting a million dollars a month, we hope you are, but it doesn't matter, you're still paying the same monthly fee. So, it's something you're already doing [crosstalk].
Dr. Richard Madow: You still have to pay these are MasterCard, Amex, they have their, their percentage but the processing company, that's when processor takes no percentage. 
Dr. David Madow: The processor takes no percentage, thanks for clarifying that. Changing merchants, changing merchants has been very difficult in the past because it just... it was a whole rigmarole, very complex, now it's pretty much a phone call and or a few clicks on a website and seamlessly you're changed to Fattmerchant. We really believe in them. We've been talking about... talking them up for quite some time. It's never been easier. You're leaving money on the table if you keep your old credit card processing company. So, what we're going to recommend is check out Fattmerchant. I want to make sure I give you the right link and it's too good if you're watching the video, it's going to be below also. It is simply bit.ly, it's B-I-T dot L-Y, bit.ly/fattmad and it's spelled in case you're listening to audio it's F-A-T-T-M-A-D. So, the whole thing together, it's right below if you're watching video, bit.ly/fattmad. Check them out, it's a one-time change that doesn't cost you anything and it's going to save you money every single month in your dental practice. Who doesn't want that? It's a no-brainer.
Dr. Richard Madow: Amen.
Dr. David Madow: Same. 
Dr. Richard Madow: We are in actually, we use it at The Madow Center.
Dr. David Madow:  We use them, sure. We believe in them and we use them as well, of course.
Dr. Richard Madow:  Alright, let's go to our call, it should be fun.
Dr. David Madow: Sounds great.
Female Speaker: Thank you for calling, this is Julie.
Dr. Richard Madow: Hey, quick question for you. I live near your office, I was thinking about making an appointment for a cleaning.
Female Speaker: Sure.
Dr. Richard Madow: But I don't know much about it. Can you tell me a little bit about the doctor?
Female Speaker: She's a female.
Dr. Richard Madow: Excuse me?
Female Speaker: She's female.
Dr. Richard Madow: She's female, okay.
Female Speaker: A female doctor, the only dentist in this office, been practicing... how many years doc? Do you know how long she's been here? 22 years something right? Heck, I don't know.
Dr. Richard Madow: You don't know. 
Female Speaker: 22 years maybe, you know, she takes children, does general dentistry; most surgeries, you know, the extractions, anything like that, things like root canals, implants, big things like that always get referred out to another doctor but everybody seems to love her.
Dr. Richard Madow: Why, why do big things get referred out to another doctor?
Female Speaker: Yeah because she's just general, she doesn't do the root canals and the extractions and stuff.
Dr. Richard Madow: Gotcha, gotcha. Okay. Well, hey, thanks so much for that information. I appreciate it.
Female Speaker: You're welcome.
Dr. Richard Madow: Okay, bye.
Female Speaker: Bye.
Dr. Richard Madow: Wow, what do you think?
Dr. David Madow: Oh my God, what do I think? What do I think about that? I'll tell you what I think. She's a female.
Dr. Richard Madow: She is?
Dr. David Madow: She's a female. Oh okay, sign me up.
Dr. Richard Madow: That's the most you can say about her?
Dr. David Madow: I want to tell you something, Rich, these things like did they just write themselves, I mean, I want to make it clear to all of our listeners and viewers now, these are not scripted, they're not fake, we take, we take a phone number at random and ask a question and in 99.9% of the cases, the calls are like this, it's unbelievable.
Dr. Richard Madow: I'll tell you like 1955 maybe saying the doctor is a woman might have meant something. You know, these days with dental school classes being more than 50% are female thankfully and, and nobody flinches it at what gender their doctor, their accountant, their lawyer. I mean, that's really from the old days, you know, we don't care anymore. To make that the first thing you say and I have to tell you because I looked up this, this person's phone number, the woman's name is on the practice so it's obviously a woman's name. And they answer with her name which you got beeped out so you couldn't hear that.
Dr. David Madow: It wasn't it like Pat, right? It wasn't like Dr. Pat [crosstalk]. It was definitely a female name, right?
Dr. Richard Madow: She's a female, okay great. How long she's been... I don't know how long she's been pra- how long... I don't know.
Dr. David Madow: How long she's been practicing? I think, I think... how long, at 22 years something like that.
Dr. Richard Madow: Something like that. Then, she was like instead of saying how great she was, she started saying negative stuff. She doesn't do root canals, she doesn't do extractions, she doesn't do implants. Perfect, sounds like the offer is for me.
Dr. David Madow: Before she said that I thought it was really fine, she... this is very, very helpful, she treats, she treats people and I think they said like she treats patients and kids or adults and kids or something oh that's, that's a tremendous help. I'll tell you something, she said one thing that if you were to base the call on this one thing and expanded on it, it would've been so great. She said one thing I thought that was very good, you remember what that was? 
Dr. Richard Madow: Everybody loves her.
Dr. David Madow: Exactly, everyone seems to love her which was great. But that's the only good thing she said the entire, otherwise she, she didn't like... she didn't know what to say.
Dr. Richard Madow: Horrible, horrible. It wasn't that tough of a question, tell me a little bit about your doctor.
Dr. David Madow: No, no, not, not tough at all especially if every single person on the team knows the quality and believes in the doc and has been going to the... she, look... she could have said, look, we all... everybody here sees, whatever her name, we're not going to give her name, sees her. We've been seeing her... I've been... my family's been going to her for 10 years. She is great, she's so gentle, her work is beautiful, anything.
Dr. Richard Madow: Okay, let's, let's make a suggestion. Have a team meeting and everybody should have kind of an elevator speech, tell me about your doctor and they... you should be... anybody listening to this should be able to say a 30-second little spiel about how great your doctor is. She's been here for 22 years, she's so gentle, so many people in the community come including us, we come here, our whole family comes here, we all love her, she makes beautiful smiles, and she really makes great personal connections because she takes the time to listen to every single patient. I mean, could you imagine if she just said something like that?
Dr. David Madow: But guess what, Rich, to take it a step further, it's a really good exercise because it's taking a step further, somebody calls an hour later and says how much is a cleaning, you can skirt that question and then go really deeply into how great of an office and how great the doctor is and totally, you know, shield that question and-
Dr. Richard Madow: Let me tell you a little bit about our doctor.
Dr. Richard Madow: Exactly, exactly. Oh, you want to know how much cleaning is, well it sounds like you're looking for a new dentist, is that right? Yeah, we are. Well, let me tell you about our doctor. Oh, I mean, it could be like a home run.
Dr. Richard Madow: And this is also part of our ALASKA system, those of you using our ALASKA system, as kind of a loose phone script when a new patient calls, the K in ALASKA stands for kindness and in 10 seconds of that kindness, you brag about your doctor, you brag about your practice. But again, we're not big believers in like word-for-word scripting but you should be able to boom, use something great about your doctor anytime it's necessary. And if you can't, you're probably in the wrong practice.
Dr. David Madow: This woman was just okay, again, there always are surprises when somebody asks a question or calls the office and like our last episode, you've got to be... you got to think on your feet really quickly. And asking a little bit about the doctor is not that difficult of a question and to say, well, she hesitated, well, she's, she's female, she's female.
Dr. Richard Madow: I just, I just checked she is female [laughs].
Dr. David Madow: Oh my God. Well, I don't know if you-
Dr. Richard Madow: That's the first thing you say, she's female? [laughs]. 
Dr. David Madow: She said it twice too, she had to say it twice. She's female, she's female.
Dr. Richard Madow: Now, what if she were working in a guy's practice and she would say, well, he's a man. I doubt it.
Dr. David Madow: That's a really good point so that's kind, it's kind of sexist right there.
Dr. Richard Madow: Exactly.
Dr. David Madow: I'm telling you. Okay, I'm turning in... I'm voting early on this one. I've got an early vote. I'm turning my vote in.
Dr. Richard Madow: And vote early, vote often. What's your vote?
Dr. David Madow: F, totally F.
Dr. Richard Madow: Well, you're going to be shocked the grade I give but F as well, double F. She got double F. 
Dr. David Madow: I'd say Rich, we should just at some point we hope to get somebody that does a great call, we're able to give somebody an A or A minus or even a B plus. 
Dr. Richard Madow: I'm glad you brought that up. These are not edited, we don't like put the thing on pause and make 20 calls and then come on.
Dr. David Madow: We really don't. [Crosstalk].
Dr. Richard Madow: They, they just are not good every single time. Nobody knows what to say. Hey, if you've got a suggestion for a question, ask for a really cool mystery shopper call of the week, please send it to us at podcast@madow.com or is it podcasts@madow.com?
Dr. David Madow: We ask this every time and we [crosstalk].
Dr. Richard Madow: Maybe it's both by now.
Dr. David Madow: Had the system fixed for sure. I think we prefer podcast, a singular podcast@madow.com but I think Sylvia has worked her magic I believe.
Dr. Richard Madow: Right, unbelievable.
Dr. David Madow: It will go to us.
Dr. Richard Madow: Send us a question for the call of the week, we'd love to do it for you live.
Dr. David Madow: Of course, as you know a lot of people reach out to us on Facebook with questions by Messenger, any way you want to get to us, you know how to get to us. We've been around long enough. And again, if you're watching the video version of this, please comment, like, react, whatever you want to do, and we will, we will ask your question and we'll, we'll try to answer it right there in YouTube, Dental Practice Fixers on YouTube, search for it.
Dr. Richard Madow: Super cool. Thanks so much everyone for being with us, whether it's audio, or video, or all the above. This was Episode Seven, Season Two of The Dental Practice Fixers. I'm Dr. Richard Madow.
Dr. David Madow: Dr. David Madow. We will see you next time. Thanks for being with us.
[Music Playing]




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