A Quick Collections Tip

So many of you have been expressing your frustrations concerning slow paying patients lately. We have been hearing this a lot; from dentists and team members all across the country. We are not sure what the problem is but perhaps patients are spending way too much on their vacations, leaving very little for their remaining bills.

Here is a little tip that may help some of you. Go through you list of overdue accounts and have your very best administrative team member start calling them. We have found that the phone can be very effective, as long as you can actually get the responsible party to pick up! Once you get them on the phone, very politely remind them of their obligation with you and then say “for your convenience, we can take care of this right now over the phone with a credit card.” Surprisingly a percentage of them will whip out the old credit card and take care of their debt with you!

For the ones that will not come to the phone or refuse the credit card payment, remember… there is always the “Statement of Delinquency Form.” This form has helped dental office collect tens of millions of dollars since it’s inception. And yes, The Madow Brothers personally designed it, so it must be good, right? CLICK HERE to get a supply!

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