A Senior Moment in Your Practice!

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A Senior Moment in Your Practice!

Seniors can be the most amazing and gratifying patients in your practice, and they can also be the biggest nightmares. On this week’s podcast we answer a great listener question about seeing this demographic, and get some fabulous tips from our special guest host, Dr. Marshall Madow. He has seen more senior patients than anyone!

The theme continues with the secret shopper calls. Do you like seeing seniors in your practice? Well, if you’re like any of the offices we “secret shopped,” that may not be happening any time soon! Listen to hear what The Fixers have to say!

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Highlights from “A Senior Moment in Your Practice!”

0:16 – Dr. Richard Madow starts by asking you what are you doing to make your senior patients more comfortable?

0:43 – Dr. Richard Madow introduces a special guest to the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.  Dave’s brother – Dr. Marshall Madow from Owings Mills, Maryland.

2:08 – Rich mentions the benefits of FattMerchant.

2:47 – Rich talks a little about Marshall and his history and what he has done in the past and now doing.

3:28 – Dr. Marshall Madow has been involved with mobile dentistry. The Mobile Dentist provides dental services to patients that can’t normally get to a traditional practice.  For example: nursing homes, homeless shelters, etc…

5:45 – Dr. Marshall Madow talks about some of the things he has learned working with senior citizen patients. He talks about how he makes their visit extra special.

6:33 – Dr. Marshall Madow gives a statistic that he quotes.  In 2030, there will be 74 million that will be 65 and older.  Every dental practice will be seeing even more seniors as years go by.

7:10 – Rich asks Marsh how many dentures that he has done.

7:21 – Dr. Marshall gives his answer.

8:54 – Rich asks the listener question to Marshall. Any great advice for aging patients and treating seniors?

9:52 – Marshall gives his advice from his many years of experience. Easy access, wheelchair accessible, explain in detail, and others.

11:45 – Marshall also talks about issues that the patient might have such as back pain.  Talk to them about time.

12:37 – Be very respective to seniors.  Marshall tells a story why this is so important.

17:05 – Marshall shares another tip.  Always make sure you do this with seniors as well.

19:05 – Rich really liked the idea of asking the patient more about their history.  It is always a good idea to get to know your patient even more.

19:25 – Rich makes the first secret shopper call.

21:07 – Rich and Marshall discuss the call.  The caller didn’t know what to say.

21:40 – Marshall talks about the importance of getting together with your team to discuss subjects such as this and come up with some really good responses.

22:28 – Rich mentions things that she could have said to the caller and get that appointment scheduled.

23:55 – Rich makes the second secret shopper dental call.

24:35 – Marshall and Rich discuss the call.

25:50 – Rich and Marshall give her a grade.  Check it out.

26:28 – Rich makes the third call.

29:10 – Rich and Marshall laugh about this one.  Rich tells the listeners that the call was on hold for three minutes.

29:30 – Rich asks Marshall his thoughts on the call.  Marshall noticed some important things and an important tip for any dental practice.

30:30 – Rich also shares his thoughts and even mentioning that the caller didn’t even come close to getting the appointment scheduled.

31:10 – Marshall asks Rich about previous calls and if anyone has ever requested an appointment.

31:15 – Rich tells the listeners how often this happens.

32:00 Rich thanks Marshall for being on the podcast and all his great ideas.

32:15 – If you would like to co-host on the Dental Practice Fixers then just email us at info@madow.com.

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