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Your Dental Practice

Get the tools to grow your dental practice and improve your patient’s experience.  These tools have been highly effective in helping grow the practice to gain more freedom and experience a life you enjoy!

The Best Resource Library for Dentists

The “Madow On Demand” resource library already  contains hundreds of courses, interviews, blogs, resources, patient communication tools and more. New content is continually added to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest information and experiences.

The Do-It-Yourself Membership Plan

With a membership plan, you will finally have a great answer for your uninsured patients when they ask about the expense of dental care. They will be much more likely to come in for preventive visits and complete their recommended treatment. Patients who are members are less likely to no-show and cancel.

The Most Powerful, Tested, Practice Building Methods

Instead of boring, two-hour sleep-inducing droning, each video lesson is 15 – 30 minutes long, just the right length for a team meeting, commute, or anything else. They really are “all killer, no filler!” The style is extremely casual, like if you cornered Dr. Rich after a seminar and asked him to just “give you the good stuff!”

Now, you can experience “Total Practice Success” and
earn 6 CE credits in the comfort of your home or office!

The Most Effective Patient Collection Form

The Madow Brothers have developed the most effective patient collection form in history. Send a Statement of Delinquency form to your overdue patients and watch the money come marching in. For maximum effectiveness, please use the matching window envelopes. This will guarantee to help keep the business end of your practice right on track!

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