The Dirty Dozen: How To Answer The Most Difficult Questions That Patients Ask!

Difficult questions from patients can drive you nuts! But what’s worse is when you don’t have a really good answer!

And here’s the thing. A “good answer” doesn’t just satisfy the patient. It doesn’t just get you out of a sticky situation.

A good answer to a difficult patient question actually drives that patient towards treatment!

Yes – a practice that is truly “calibrated” will generate more referrals, have higher treatment acceptance, a happier team, and MORE REVENUE!

One of the simplest yet most effective “tweaks” you can make in your practice is learning how to answer the most difficult and frustrating questions that patients ask. And in this brand new webinar, we’ll be showing you exactly how to do it in a simple step-by-step manner! Then your patients will say:

“Wow! I’ve never been to a practice like that before!”

Here are some difficult patient questions that we will tackle in this brand new webinar:

  • How long will this crown last?
  • Why do you charge so much?
  • Can’t I just get a regular cleaning? (Patient has perio disease)
  • Is this covered by insurance? Why not?
  • How long until I need this crown?
  • Why didn’t this tooth hurt until YOU did the filling?
  • What’s your guarantee on this treatment?
  • And more!

Thank you to STAX for partnering with the Madow Center to present this webinar,

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