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Are You A Real Dentist Or Do You Just Work Here?

A Real Dentist

Are You A Real Dentist Or Do You Just Work Here?

In today’s episode, we field a great listener question about the best way to get a new patient’s contact information and what to do if they don’t commit to an appointment time. Then, we do some secret shopper calls posing as a new patient who wants an implant. Should be a no-brainer, right? After all, this patient knows what they want and they called a dental office! Do you think they offered an appointment? Listen to find out!

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Highlights from “Are You A Real Dentist OR Do You Just Work Here?”

0:09 – Dr. Richard Madow welcomes everyone back.  Rich shares the upcoming preview of the things to come on today’s episode.

1:25 – FattMerchant is the way to go for low flat monthly credit card fees.  Have you made the switch yet?  If not, check out today!  Get a $25 Amazon Gift for completing the form.

3:10 – If you have a listener question please send it to Rich shares the listener question from a dentist in the Miami, Florida area for today’s episode.  The question is how to get a new patient’s contact information and how to set up an appointment if they say “no” to a scheduled appointment?

5:09 – Rich loves Florida and talks about an upcoming event that he will be speaking at the end of June.  Please check out for all updates concerning this dental event in June.

5:42 – Dr. Madow shares his thoughts about when the caller asks for your telephone number in case we get cut off.  They already have your number.  He gives his suggestion for this question.  Check it out.

8:07 – Rich gives his suggestion about if they say “no” to a time for an appointment.  You will want to hear his suggestion to help make your dental practice run smoothly.

12:13 – Rich has a plan for the secret shopper calls.  Four calls today.  He is missing a tooth and he hears implants are the way to go.  This should be an easy new patient set up for the dental office.  Check out what happens.

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