Are You Clinically Calibrated?


Does everyone in your office truly understand why certain clinical decisions are made? For example, why would we do a crown instead of a two or three surface restoration? Scaling and root planing instead of a prophy? Do an endo in-house instead of referring? It’s something we might not think about too much, but every single person on our team (yes, front office people too) will benefit by having the office “clinically calibrated.” Best of all, it will end tons of confusion with your patients. That’s what we cover on this episode of The Madow Dental Podcast. The trend continues on three mystery shopper calls when we ask why a crown would be needed instead of a “filling.” The results? Oy gevalt!! You gotta hear them! If you like what you are hearing, please tell your friends about our show and leave us a good review. Got a question? Just send it to info@madow.com!

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