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The Madow Center Patient Translator

Do patients always mean what they say and say what they mean? Of course not! So for your convenience, we are proud to present….. The Madow Center Dental Translator When a patient says….. “My last full set of x-rays was nine months ago…” What they really mean is….. “Pretty soon you’ll be receiving a ten […]

November Ideas From Coach Betty

There is still time to make your final quarter of the year your best one yet. To help make that happen, here are a few dental marketing & practice management tips & ideas for the month of November… Candy Buy Back Many of you will be starting off the month of November hosting and celebrating […]

Oh Dr. Melvin, You’re Such A Tiger!

You don’t have to know much about golf (we sure don’t!) to know a little bit about Tiger Woods. He is generally considered to be the greatest golfer of all time, and is one of the highest paid athletes in the world. Tiger has spent more weeks at the number one ranking (683) than any […]

Marketing Ideas For A Great October!

Marketing Ideas For October from Lead Coach Betty Hayden Hello! To help you plan for the best October ever, today I’m sharing some marketing tips and ideas with you. When implemented, these ideas will help keep things fresh and fun in your office. More importantly, they will exceed your patients and potential patients’ expectations which will allow […]

End Of The Year Insurance Letter – Use It Or Lose It!

Hello all!! Lead Coach Betty Hayden here – welcome back to Coaches Corner!  A question I am frequently asked is “Do you have a good end-of-the-year insurance letter?” After all, we don’t want our patients to leave insurance money “on the table” when they need treatment, and neither do they!    Here is a good […]

We hate to sound like a broken record but….

Sometimes the best ways to instantly up your practice are the easiest things to do. So……we hate to sound like a broken record, but….. If you listen to our podcast, The Dental Practice Fixers, you know that at the end of each episode we do a “Secret Shopper Call.” And although these calls are spontaneous […]

Why Are Concerts Better Than Sporting Events?

What’s better – a concert or a sporting event? Tough question. Here in Baltimore (home of The Madow Center For Dental Practice Success World Headquarters) we are lucky to have a plethora of both. There is a great music scene here with a huge variety of venues that attracts everyone from the largest acts in the […]

Marketing and Management Ideas for August

Today we are going to hear from Lead Coach Betty Hayden! Betty specializes in working with both doctor and team to grow production, lower overhead, increase collections, foster accountability, and generate referrals. She also knows dentistry should be fun – and today she will offer up some ways to put smiles on everyone’s faces while growing […]