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The Madow Brothers

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Say this, not that!!

Say this, not that!! SAY THIS “We would love to see you as a patient in our practice! Would tomorrow at 3:00 PM or Tuesday at 11:00 AM be better for you?” NOT THAT “Would you like to make an appointment?” (or even worse, not even offering...) SAY THIS “I know what the problem is…
The Madow Brothers
November 4, 2019
Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner – October Tips and Ideas

October is the start of your final quarter for the year. It’s your opportunity to make it your best fourth quarter ever. To help you plan for that, today I’m sharing some tips and ideas with you. Dental Leadership, Management, and Marketing Tips and Ideas for OctoberLeadership ~ “If your actions inspire others to dream…
The Madow Brothers
October 4, 2019