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We All Screw Up

Dear Coaches, Please help to settle a little disagreement in our office. A patient came in for a crown insert, but the crown was not here! We messed up by putting the wrong date on the lab slip. My assistant thought that we should tell the patient that the lab did not deliver the crown […]

Some Marketing Ideas For February

Hey everyone – Betty Hayden here! With the goal of helping you have an amazing and productive February, I’m sharing some Marketing and Practice Management tips & ideas that you can use during the month. These ideas will also help to exceed your current & potential patients expectations and make for a more fun February […]

Coaches Corner Mailbag – Our readers write!!

At “The Corner,” we welcome your questions, and we welcome your opinions too! Today’s column features some interesting reader comments.   Re: What does “CDA” really stand for?   Madow Bros., I find myself in a similar situation.   One of my DA ruffles feathers, stirs up the group. The reason I have not fired […]

What Does “CDA” Really Stand For?

Dear Coaches, I am at the end of my rope. My dental assistant has been with me for six years and the patients love her. She is a decent enough dental assistant – she is not always on the ball but she knows the procedures pretty well and after six years she knows my clinical […]

How Can I Lower My Overhead?

Welcome back to Coaches Corner! We are happy to share our years of experience working with dental offices all across North America. Here is today’s question. Hey Coaches! My practice is doing pretty well, but I always sweat it out when payroll comes around, or there is a large bill of some type. How can […]