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Coaches Corner – R U their? Your needed. Too times.

Dear Friend and Subscriber, With e-mail, texting and instant messaging being the preferred form of communication for the young generation (actually for every generation!), a new crop of abbreviations have popped up, and getting things grammatically correct seems to have taken a back seat to speed. Unfortunately, we have seen some very sloppy office-to-patient communications, […]

Coaches Corner – Secrets For A Happy Team!

Dear Friend, No doubt about it – the best practices have the best teams. As much as we like to think that no one is irreplaceable, including us, the fact is that when a great team member leaves for greener pastures, browner pastures, or Louis Pasteurs, it is a blow to the office, sometimes unnerving […]

Coaches Corner – You Deserve A Raise Today!

You work hard. You do great things for people. You change lives and sometimes even save them. You deal with all kinds of b.s. from insurance companies, cranky patients, and more. You deserve a raise! The simplest way to do it? Raise your fees! Most practices have not raised their fees in over 18 months […]

Coaches Corner – Tips For A Great May!

Hello Friends, With a little planning and a lot of enthusiasm it is very possible for you to have the best May ever in your practice.  Here are a few ideas to get you started… Dental Tips and Ideas for May  Theme: Family Fun May is Family Wellness Month & National Family Month. Goal: Bring in new […]

Dental Team Conflict Resolution Tips and Ideas

This is Madow Center Lead Coach Betty Hayden here today!! Did you know that the month of April is Workplace Conflict Awareness Month? This is a topic that should be discussed at a team meeting. Why? Conflict happens! Make a plan and an agreement as to how all office conflict will be addressed and resolved. Steps […]

Management and Marketing Tips For April

Today’s column comes from Betty Hayden, the lead coach at The Madow Center for Dental Practice Success! Hi everyone! Today let’s talk about some easy-to-implement tips tied in to the month of April. When I share practice management and marketing ideas with you each month, my goal is to help you exceed your current and […]