Banned phrases for 2022 – asking for a friend!

banned phrases

Banned phrases for 2022 – asking for a friend!

Every year Lake Superior State University publishes its list of phrases that should be banned. Here are some that they say need to go in 2022 (with our commentary of course)!

1) “No worries!”

Unless you’re a server at Outback, this one should have bitten the dust twenty years ago.

2) “At the end of the day”

At the end of the day, this one is just as overused as “iconic.”

3) “Wait, what?”

Sorry millennials, this one just makes no sense and frankly sounds kinda doofy.

4) “That being said”

This is pretty much a verbal punting space filler. Just say what you want to say!

5) “Asking for a friend”

This one’s actually pretty funny, especially the proper sarcastic usage of using it to ask for yourself. But it has been used and abused, so our friend says it’s time to go.

6) “Circle back”

Unless you’re in a wagon headed for the Oregon Trail this one can be dropped.

7) “Deep dive”

Personally I love the alliteration, but Lake Superior State University (mascot: Seamore The Sea Duck) says it’s gotta go.

8) “New normal”

If it’s normal, can it be new? Anyway, this one’s just annoying.

9) “You’re on mute”

And Zoom fatigue sets in even further….

10) “Supply chain”

Yes, this is a serious issue, but it’s become an excuse for everything! So at the end of the day, you should take a deep dive into these phrases and circle back to the new normal. That being said, no worries if you don’t! But now let’s look at ten phrases that should be banned from the dental office!

Ten Phrases That Should Be Banned From The Dental Office!

1) “This crown is horrible!”

Never criticize another dentist’s work. Just don’t!

2) “There’s a radiolucency at the apex of the distal root”

Dental lingo should not be used when speaking to a patient. Capice?

3) “Let’s watch it”

Watch it do what? Perform the Swan Lake ballet?

4) “This won’t hurt at all!”

…or any other impossible promise.

5) “Darn it Judy – this is the wrong bur!”

Never criticize a team member in front of a patient.

6) “You haven’t been flossing!”

Along the same lines, reprimanding your patients doesn’t work.

7) “Your treatment will be $14,000 – is this what you want? Yes or no?”

As silly as this seems, this is the essence of many case presentations. Play the long game with treatment planning and see your acceptance skyrocket. After all, it’s not about sales, it’s about trust and confidence.

8) Politics and religion.

These two topics simply do not belong in the dental office.

9) “Blah blah blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda” – talking to fill space and time.

Be concise and confident – “I know what the problem is and this is how we will fix it,” or “We have a great option for you – twelve months interest free. That would be just $231 per month. Would you like to take advantage of that?”

10) And perhaps the worst one of all: “That’s not my job!”

If it’s good for the patient and / or good for the practice, it IS your job!

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