Be Cool. Be Nice. Be Kind.

So much of our happiness in dentistry and in life is based on the people we surround ourselves with. This means your friends, your team members, your patients, and your family. And usually casual observances of someone’s behavior can give you a big clue as to what they are really like.

Are they rude to restaurant servers or others in “inferior” positions?

Do they say thank you to those who hold the door open for them?

Do they “hold the door” for others? (This can be literally “holding the door” or taken as a metaphor.)

If you’re a dentist, do you treat your team members well or do you take them for granted?

If you’re a team member, do you act as though the practice revolves around you?

Some of the rules for an enjoyable life are so simple.

Be cool. Be nice. Be kind to others.

Or as they say on the live announcements at the beginning of every Baltimore Ravens home game:

“Have fun, root hard, show respect for the fans around you, but… don’t be a jerk.”

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