The Best Places to Find a Dental Assistant

dentist with dental assistant examining patient's mouth under a light

Traditional methods for finding a new dental team member

When you are looking for a new dental assistant the traditional ways may not bring you success; therefore, the Dental Practice Fixers offers the best places to find a dental assistant.
A team member quits without notice! Consequently, you network by asking your team and your dental supplier to look for a potential new team member. In addition, you posted the position on Facebook. These methods have not worked. You run an ad in the classified page of your local paper; however, classified ads typically attract non-qualified people.

An assistant is hired, accepts, but reverses decision

The Dental Practice Fixers podcast, dentistry’s most unique show, answers a question from a listener asking where he can find a new dental assistant. Unfortunately he hired an assistant, but when she told her current employer she was leaving, a better offer was made, hence she decided to stay. This put our listener in a tough situation but hopefully The Dental Practice Fixers were able to guide him to finding a new dental team member!

The best places to find a dental assistant is closer than you think

The Dental Practice Fixers advises that the best places to find a new dental assistant is in your everyday life.

Front desk answers a call perfectly

Then of course we do the call of the week.  Today we are calling from an Uber. Listen to how the front desk person handles it!

More tips from the Dental Practice Fixers

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The Best Places to Find a Dental Assistant

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 Dr. Richard Madow: Hey everybody out there in podcast land. We hope you're enjoying season two of the Dental Practice Fixers. And also, should you not have been given the opportunity to listen to season one, go give it a binge, a binge listen. You know people binge watch on Netflix and Amazon and what else, Showtime. Hulu, FX. There's so many TV networks out there these days. 
 Dr. David Madow: I don't know half of those. I really don't. I know, right? 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I know right, Facebook now is streaming TV shows. 
 Dr. David Madow: Are you serious about that? 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I just heard about that. 
 Dr. David Madow: I have no idea. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Everybody's got them and people binge watch. So why not binge listen to the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast? 
 Dr. David Madow: I'll tell you the funny thing is, which we've had a lot of people that tell us that they, in order to get caught up with all the episodes, they just binge listen for like a long time and they loved it and they thanked us.
 Dr. Richard Madow: Someone messaged me last week and said they pulled an all-nighter, listened to season one, I've kind of felt sorry for them. And now you know, it's funny, my definition of an all-nighter has changed now that I'm 60 years old. It used to be like in my college days, either you stayed up all night studying or you stayed up all night partying. I would call that an all-nighter. These days, If I wake up in the morning, and I didn't have to get up a single time to urinate during the night, I called that, I pulled an all-nighter. So proud of myself. 
 Dr. David Madow: That is great. I'm going to use that somewhere. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Please. Please do. It's not patented, trademarked, copyrighted, anything like that. So, hopefully I will be pulling an all-nighter tonight, a new style all-nighter. 
 Dr. David Madow: Let us know. Okay, let us know in episode four please. We want to know. It's like, what do you call like the cliffhanger, like just we want, we want to know. We'll wait till next time to find out. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Is this maybe in the TMI category? 
 Dr. David Madow: I think so. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Three Mile Island? 
 Dr. David Madow: Yeah. I think it is. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Harrisburg, 
 Dr. David Madow: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Yeah.
 Dr. David Madow: Oh, right. Let's get started with a fantastic question from a listener to the Dental Practice Fixers podcast, It's Dr. Bill Ross, and here's his question. It says, does anyone have any ideas about a nontraditional place to look for a dental assistant? We've been shorthanded about four months. We've had three offers essentially accepted, but when the DA told their current employer they were leaving, they got a sweeter offer and ended up staying. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: That sucks.
 Dr. David Madow: That's not nice. Do you have a feeling they were kind of using you to get a counteroffer?
 Dr. Richard Madow: Ridiculous. 
 Dr. David Madow: Yeah, I agree. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I can’t stand it. 
 Dr. David Madow: He proceeds to say, haven't tried the classifieds of our local paper as that just seems to attract hundreds of nonqualified people. We have our staff looking, our dental supply rep looking, we've advertised on Facebook and on a local dental auxiliary site on Facebook. Oh, I think I know what that one is, but have not had much success. Any other ideas short of me standing out on the curb with a sandwich board and twirling a sign?
 Dr. Richard Madow: Is that really in the question? 
 Dr. David Madow: Yes.
 Dr. Richard Madow: That's hilarious. I say do it. 
 Dr. David Madow: I mean do you do the sandwich board and the sign twirl at the same time? I thought there were like two different arts? 
 Dr. Richard Madow: They're two different arts. I don't know whether people can do both at one time. 
 Dr. David Madow: If someone could do a sandwich board and swirl at the same time, I'd hire them. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Very employable. 
 Dr. David Madow: At least they can, you know, do their, they can multitask. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: How about if you just drive around and looking for somebody doing the twirling or the standard is high say, would you like to become a dental assistant?
 Dr. David Madow: Say, can you take X-rays? 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Well what do you think Dave? Where's doctor Bill Ross going to find his next assistant? 
 Dr. David Madow: First of all, I was listening to the question, do people still have the classified ads in the newspaper, like I haven't read a newspaper in a long time. You're more of a newspaper guy than I, but do they still have like actual classified ads? 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Yes, it's a great question. I will have to admit, I still subscribe to the print edition of the Baltimore Sun. 
 Dr. David Madow: Loser. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: It used to be a great newspaper in its day and now it's like three pages long. One of the reasons I deal with this is for the daily crossword puzzle. What can I- 
 Dr. David Madow: I thought you'd say something else, I hate to say, I think you'd say for the obits. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Obits. Well, you know, I definitely look at the obits, especially the people that get the big articles. I was wondering how you get a big article like this. Can anybody get the big, they usually seem to be really accomplished people to get to the big articles. 
 Dr. David Madow: Is it a pay to play thing for the big article, you think?
 Dr. Richard Madow: I wonder. 
 Dr. David Madow: I think the newspapers are in it to make money, don’t you think? 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Of course. Paid to get an obit. That's very distasteful. 
 Dr. David Madow: You want like a big article on like Eleanor Rigby? Yeah, you pay us a lot of money. We'll put her in there. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Well, Eleanor Rigby got no notice when she died from what I remember. 
 Dr. David Madow: That's what I mean. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I don't know if it's a sickness. I do enjoy the obit articles, but I also look at the classified ads because I used, when I was a kid, I was somewhat fascinated by the classified ads. I used to read them, especially the for sale classified the ads. 
 Dr. David Madow: I thought you like the ads in the sports section, didn't you?
 Dr. Richard Madow: I don't know what you mean. 
 Dr. David Madow: Okay. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Oh, I remember the sports section from Rayco Automotive. Every day there was like one of those little one-inch box ads. It said,” if we say we'll fix it, we'll fix it. Rayco Automotive, Baltimore, Maryland.”
 Dr. David Madow: You know what, the funny thing is how many years later you're talking about this 40 years later, so that ad impacted you. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Wow. It impacted my wisdom tooth. Would that be a good slogan for a dental office? If we say, we'll fix it, we'll fix it. 
 Dr. David Madow: Did you think Rayco had that patented, it's been many decades now? I think you can steal it. If we say we'll fix it. If we say, well, for Dental Practice Fixers, if we say we'll fix it, we'll fix it. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: If we say, we'll, crown it, we'll crown it. Yeah, there you go. 
 Dr. David Madow: Yeah.
 Dr. Richard Madow: There you go. Where are we going here? The classified ads of the newspaper. I don't think that one section is very robust. 
 Dr. David Madow: I wouldn't use them at all. I think the writer was right. He said you won't really attract the right people. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I'm looking at the question again. Dr. Ross said haven't try the classified-
 Dr. David Madow: Oh, have not tried. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: -not seems to attract hundreds of non-qualified people. 
 Dr. David Madow: How did he know they're nonqualified?
 Dr. Richard Madow: I was thinking the same thing. So, what do you think? You’re in need of a dental assistant. You've tried the traditional channels, you're trying to network with your dental supply rep, you're making offers, then people are using those as leverage. That's unbelievable. 
 Dr. David Madow: Exactly. I'll tell you one thing I did, Rich, back in the day when I had that practice, growing practice and we were really successful with this one because of course I did a lot of my business in the same community where my dental practice was. Even though I lived maybe 20 minutes away, I tried to do everything like from going to the restaurants, the dry cleaners, the banking, which by the way you should be doing too, when I say you, I mean you're listening to this, make it a point to be doing all your business and same with your team members all around your community. But what I did, I started, so I started meeting and knowing very well the waitresses, the bank tellers, you know, the people that worked in a lot of the service industries and I knew them really well. And occasionally what would happen is if we need an opening, I would say, hey, you know, Sue the waitress over the diner. She's- 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Why did you sue the waitress, which she did to you?
 Dr. David Madow: I like that. I like that Susan, the waitress at the diner, I just remember. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: She spilled hot tea on me. I'll just sue her.
 Dr. David Madow: Sue the waitress, sue that waitress.
 Dr. Richard Madow: Kill the DJ, sue the waitress. 
 Dr. David Madow: She's very personable and she would be great in the dental office. Rich, I did this more than once and I'm sure she knows, she knew nothing about dentistry whatsoever, but you know something, health is difficult to really train a great people person you know, to take, well they've got to be of course to qualify to take x-rays but to do chairside assisting or to even work at the front desk, I used to always hire for personality but not only personality. Somebody that truly had a great positive outlook on life, and it was a positive person and the kind of person you always wanted to be around. I hired that kind of person, whether they had dental experience or not. And I'd say nine times out of ten, it worked out really, really well. Nothing's 100%. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I remember you hired that bank teller one time. I went to your office. She asked me to see my passbook. The training bank tellers are kind of notoriously underpaid or not paid all that well. 
 Dr. David Madow: Absolutely. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Not the management in the bank, but the frontline and the tellers. 
 Dr. David Madow: And the good thing is they're already, so for the front desk they're well versed in handling money, they know about that kind of stuff. They work pretty well. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Interact with the public all day long. 
 Dr. David Madow: Absolutely. That worked out really well too. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: It's kind of a dying industry, isn't it? The bank teller, it seems like it's more and more automated. 
 Dr. David Madow: Even when you go into the bank now, they have like the, you know, you can't really see a human being. You go to the automatic, at least I go to Bank of America and I don't go there often for anything. But you go in there and they won't, they won't even let you see a teller. They try to steer you to the-
 Dr. Richard Madow: They really, they've got like that line where you wait in line and then you talk to a robot. 
 Dr. David Madow: Exactly. Exactly. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: It's unbelievable. I go to M&T Bank and they actually, I think they kind of pride themselves on being old fashioned and customer service, and it's always, I usually go to the ATM to make deposits even, although I hardly even make the deposit. I'm gonna do it on my phone.
 Dr. David Madow: Yeah. Nobody pays by check, but the people that do you just, you just take a picture on your phone and…
 Dr. Richard Madow: I gotta check where it wasn't even computer printed or scribbled so badly, the ATM couldn't even read the thing. My phone couldn't read the thing. I actually, I had to go take it with a teller.
 Dr. David Madow: That's impossible. I sure hope that person doesn't send me a check. That's ridiculous. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I have a feeling they're going to. So, let's get back to Dr. Ross' question for a second. Dave, I know that you did that, you told me about that when we both had our practices and it was a great technique. And then I did something and I think I told you about it too, and you liked it. And that was to look through your patient population and think of somebody who you think will be a good dental assistant. And it just, like you said, you know, if there's somebody that's a waitress or a bank teller, they're in the service industry, you pretty much know if they're really personable, you know, when you think about your patient population, you know, who is responsible, who shows up on time, pays their bills, takes care of their teeth, well groomed, well dressed, friendly, you know all that stuff about your patients. You know, there's some patients who you'd say, well, of course we love providing them with good dental care but we wouldn't have them work here. And you know, no matter what if they were the last person on earth, and there are others where you say, wow, that person would really fit in here. So, think about your patient population. Think, is there somebody who, maybe just graduated high school or college, somebody you know, is between jobs and say to them, “Hey, have you ever thought of working in a dental practice? If so, why don't you come in here, spend a few days hanging around, sit at the front desk, come back in the treatment rooms and you know, kind of shadow and see what's going on to see if maybe this is for you.” We found two incredible team members that way. One actually went on to become a hygienist; she enjoyed it so much.
 Dr. David Madow: Fantastic. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Yeah. So, I think both of the answers we gave kind of centered on not looking for someone that is already a dental assistant. 
 Dr. David Madow: And be creative, I mean these days almost every single community has a Facebook group that centers on the community and people are on there. I know there's one here in Reisterstown, Rich, that has 6,000 or 7,000 members and they're always on, they're like talking about a new restaurant that opened up or complaining about something in the community. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I think on the Reisterstown group is typically complaining. 
 Dr. David Madow: They’re complainers. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I wouldn't be in that group if they beg me. 
 Dr. David Madow: You wouldn't be a member of that group if they-
 Dr. Richard Madow: I wouldn’t be a member of any group that will accept me as a member.
 Dr. David Madow: Exactly. Right, exactly. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: But I don't know with Reisterstown.
 Dr. David Madow: But all kidding aside, there are a lot of people that are online reading, you know, members of these community, Facebook groups and it would take one post in one of these Facebook groups, Hey, I've got a dental lab, and not only that, it kind of gives a subtle endorsement or advertisement that your dental office people, more people know about it, but hey, I've got, I'm looking for, I'm looking for some assistance, I'm looking for a dental assistant, looking for somebody who could help me in my front desk, is anybody in the community or does anybody in the community know somebody that's looking for a great long term position? 
 Dr. Richard Madow: And it brings up another question. Is there anybody in the Reisterstown Facebook page who is- 
 Dr. David Madow: No, I'm gonna say no
 Dr. Richard Madow: A registered dental team member that gives dental tips. And is there kind of as the go-to dental answering question person? 
 Dr. David Madow: Well, it's a great question and admittedly I'm not in that group. I'm not really looking at that group. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I know there's a chiropractic assistant in that group.
 Dr. David Madow: Yeah there is. There definitely is. But, I'm not really in that group or monitoring that group very often, but from what I've seen though, so here's what will happen. Typically, somebody will just come on and say, I'm looking for a dentist can anybody give their recommendations? Like a million people come on and say like why their dentist is the best. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: So that's good. 
 Dr. David Madow: It's good. But, I will tell you and our friend Dr. Joanne Rief, even though she's like one county, one town away from Reisterstown, she's kind of right on the border, she's oftentimes in there saying I am, she tells a little bit about her practice, but I think your idea is really good about not just doing it when people ask the question, but being proactive and kind of going in and giving like little dental tips and things like, you know, when school starts, things you can do for dental exams and such things like that. Being more proactive. That'd be, that's a really good idea. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I remember we were lecturing, I think it was in Colorado maybe last year and we were talking about marketing and referrals and the like. And a woman raised her hand and said, I'm a member of this group. It's called, it was one of those, hoity toity ski resort towns. It might've been Aspen. So, she said, I'm in a Facebook group called Aspen Moms and a bunch of moms in the area, we all share advice, we ask questions and constantly people are asking dental questions and she always answers the questions and she doesn't come out too strong, but she just says, “Hey, I happen to be a dental assistant in a fantastic practice. If you want to come by, we'd be glad to take a look.” But she also was very free giving advice and doesn't act like she expects anything in return. But she's kind of become the dental authority on that mom's group, which a mom's group, boy, you couldn't do better than that. 
 Dr. David Madow: It's great. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: And since they've gotten tons of patients that way. 
 Dr. David Madow: and quite sure that is. If there was, I'll say something, it's funny, if there was somebody in this Reisterstown group here who was like, kind of like the dentist of the group, who always came on and answered questions, that person I think would have like a huge advantage.
 Dr. Richard Madow: Is there any good dentist in Reisterstown?
 Dr. David Madow: There are no good dentists in Reisterstown. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I know there's several in Owings Mills, most of you aren't local, that's the next town up the road. 
 Dr. David Madow: I think there's got to be a very good dentist in Reisterstown, there has to be. But it's funny that it seems like nobody's really come to the forefront of like taking that stance or position to be like the Reisterstown Facebook group dentist. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Do you have any idea how many people are in that group? 
 Dr. David Madow: I think it's about 7,000, around 7,000. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: No kidding. 7,000 people. No one has stepped up to be the dental expert. 
 Dr. David Madow: Now again, admittedly, I'm not on there a lot. I think the closest I've seen has been Dr. Joanne Rief and she, again, she's in Owings Mills, which is not far. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: So, if you're listening, which obviously if you hear my voice, you're listening because you couldn't, 
 Dr. David Madow: Are you live right now or is this recorded? 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I'm not sure. Dr. David says, recorded. Go on a Facebook group in your community. Obviously if you go on a national group, like you know, people who love birdwatching, but it's a national group that's not going to help you. So, make sure it's a local group. 
 Dr. David Madow: Every community has one. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: For so many things, they probably got a mom's group, they probably have a whatever, just focused on the community itself, all kinds of things depending on the size of the town and become the local dental expert. And don't go for the sale. Just give advice. But let it be known that you know this because you’re a dental assistant in Dr. Jones' practice, or even the dentist can do it. What the heck? It'll be great. 
 Dr. David Madow: There's totally nothing wrong with the dentist doing it, it is great, I think. But again, like you said, don't be salesy. If you're on there every time and that you know, and we're offering, we're offering 50% off first visit cleaning, I mean it just comes across as really salesy. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I know Admin will probably boot your ass right out of there anyway. 
 Dr. David Madow: It's the old story that people love to do business with people that teach them, help them or like really care. That's how you get the patients, something like that. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: And also participate in the group, and other things would not just dental things, but when someone asks, you know, what's a good movie, you recommend or is that new deli down the street any good, or anything that our local community group would ask. Be a well-known member of the group and then your dental advice will be 10 times more powerful because you're not just poaching whenever there's a dental question. 
 Dr. David Madow: That's a really good point. Good stuff, I think we answered the question. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: We answered the question and hopefully valuable to you also, that is fantastic. Ready to do the call today? 
 Dr. David Madow: Let's do the call, but I think you got a little announcement. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I was gonna say before the call. Quick story for you too. I remember many years ago, I mean this was like 1995, I think. I was sitting in a lecture from the great doctor, Gordon Christensen, who amazingly still out there doing, it's still up on technology, it's still relevant. He's, he's just a not even human, He's so great. He's like the all-powerful Dr. Gordon Christensen. He's amazing. And he was talking about have your general dentist and you're not doing implants, you're missing the boat. Now, this was 1995 and so many dentists weren't placing, now these days when you say everybody's, oh I restore implants. Well, that's great. Of course, you do. But he got to be placing the implants as well. So, whether or not you're placing implants, there's something that we really would love for you to check out. There's a brand-new implant is called the ultra-tooth, by company named Biodent and the ultra-tooth actually has an expansion. When you put it in, you turn this little, and I'm just going to explain it in really simple terms, but you can go to the website and check it out a little further, but you'd like turn this little dial and the root structure of the implant expands and compacts the bone and makes the implants so strong that it immediately loads and the patient can leave the office and go bite an apple on their implant at the very first day. There's nothing else out there like it. It's really incredible. So, whether you're placing implants already or you want to get more into implants, definitely check out the ultra-tooth implant. The company's name is Biodent and their website is www.biodentinc which is, you know, incorporated, .com. So, it's biodentinc.com. Check them out. Tell them Madow Brothers sent you. Not sure if they'll care or not, but you never know. Maybe they'll give you a better deal. But anyway, really, really cool. Up-to-date implant technology, definitely give it a look. 
 Dr. David Madow: We'll do a call?
 Dr. Richard Madow: Let's do one.
 Caller #1: Hi. Thank you for calling *bleep*. At this moment, we cannot answer the phone. Please leave your name, number and message and we'll try to call as soon as possible. If this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 911, or go to nearest hospital. Our hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9:30 - 5:00, Tuesday, 1:30-7:00 and Friday, 9:00 - 1:00. [speaking foreign 00:19:29] 
 Dr. David Madow: What's the story there? 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I was going to say, we'll do another call today, but I just want to say, I have the website of this office open and when you look at this website, it is the greatest, most high tech, unbelievable office. They do all kinds of procedures. The dentist hosts a radio show every month, and they've got a brand-new beautiful office. They paid a fortune for this website and for SEO because it came up first when I did this, they have the hours on here. All these [crosstalk 00:20:04] 
 Dr. David Madow: Said they're open 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Yeah, they've spent thousands, hundreds of thousands maybe on doing the right thing to get people to come to their office and then you call. 
 Dr. David Madow: And that recording is bullshit. I mean, if this is an emergency call 911, yeah, right, that's great. Oh my god. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Unbelievable. So again, we will make that the call today, but just listen, no matter how much you do or spend on marketing and radio shows and equipment and procedures, if no one answers the phone, you're done. F minus. 
 Dr. David Madow: Let's do a call. Another one because that sucked. 
 Caller #2: This is Connie. How can I help you? 
 Dr. David Madow: Hi Connie. Are you accepting new patients at all?
 Caller #2: Absolutely. And how did you hear about our office?
 Dr. David Madow: Well, see the funny thing is I just Googled you, Googled you. I'm sorry. I'm in a really weird situation here. I'm actually in an Uber. I'm here, I'm taking a ride in Uber right now in my, it's not for me, but my driver is like telling me he needs a dentist. He's got some pain and, I'm just wondering whether you- wait one second what? I think that we might be on speaker phone and so he, he's afraid of the dentist as well. So, I'm trying to give him some words of encouragement to get him into the office and what could I say to him? He’s got a pain on the lower right molar, he says, what should I tell him to do? Oh, of course, all molars are back molars. And the weird thing is it's a shared lift. I got some, another, there's another passenger in here too. What's, what is your name again? Sherry? So, it's, yeah, it's a whole weird situation, but he needs a dentist and I'm just, he's like afraid to go.
 Caller #2: Yes, absolutely. I can understand that. Would he be available tomorrow or Friday?
 Dr. David Madow: Mo? What's your availability tomorrow or Friday? You're not going to hurt him, are you? He's really worried about like pain and hurting. I think he's had some bad experiences at the dentist in the past.
 Caller #2: Yeah, no, we definitely would not try to hurt him by all means. But we would definitely like to see him if he would be available tomorrow morning, if that would be good for him.
 Dr. David Madow: Mo, are you driving tomorrow morning? Are you available? Okay. Do you want to call the office then when you get a chance? Sherry, Sherry. Wait, did you Miss Sherry's, Mo, you Missed Sherry's stop I think she's looking a little bit impatient. Sherry. Sherry, Sherry, we'll get back to your stop, it is more important. Sherry's, she's your passenger, the shared, you didn't ask her name? Her name is Sherry. She's the shared. Yeah, it's a yes. So, I'm sorry, what were you going to ask him?
 Caller #2: Yes. Would he be available early or late tomorrow?
 Dr. David Madow: Is Early or late tomorrow better? Early is better. They're not open. They're not open at 5:00 AM, I'm sure, Come on. When do you start driving tomorrow?
 Caller #2: Would he prefer a 9 or a 10?
 Dr. David Madow: Do you want 9 or 10 tomorrow? He said he's impressed with your two good choices.
 Caller #2: Would 9 work better for him?
 Dr. David Madow: Would 9 be better, Mo, do you want to just call, when you finish the ride, Drop Sherry, you missed, you missed her stop totally. Drop her off. Drop me off. Then you'll call the office. Do you want to do that? 
 Caller #2: I got his name is Mo. 
 Dr. David Madow: I don't know his last name at all. 
 Caller #2: Yes. So, what he could do is he could come in tomorrow morning at 9 and we would love to see him and that way we can see what we can do to get him out of pain.
 Dr. David Madow: That's cool. Thank you. We really appreciate it. Sherry. Sherry's, stay calm for one second. Okay. Hope I'm not being charged for [crosstalk 00:24:08].
 Caller #2: And the best contact number, what's Mo's last name? 
 Dr. David Madow: Mo what's your last name? Howard.
 Caller #2: And let me have the best contact number for Mo.
 Dr. David Madow: Mo, What's your best contact information? She, no, she can't just go on Uber and find you there. How, what's your best contact? What's your best phone number? 
 Caller #2: And he's aware of our location? 301 East Buenavista, right across the street from the library. 
 Dr. David Madow: Near the high school. He keeps saying near the high school. 
 Caller #2: Near the high school, right. And we're just right across the street from the library. So, I look forward to meeting Mo tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock. 
 Dr. David Madow: Thank you. I've got to tell you, this has been the craziest Uber Ride I've ever had in my life. Thank you so much. Thank you. 
 Caller #2: Thank you. And I look forward to seeing Mo. Okay, we'll see you then tomorrow. 
 Dr. David Madow: Bye. Thank you. 
 Caller #2 Okay. Bye. Bye.
 Dr. David Madow: I feel kind of bad. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: We'll have someone in their office call her again. 
 Dr. David Madow: So, somebody, this is Sam calling for Mo to cancel my appointment.
 Dr. Richard Madow: But let's get back to her for a second. 
 Dr. David Madow: She was a doll. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Excellent. I want to, 
 Dr. David Madow: I tell you something. I want her work into my office. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: She was, you could tell from the second she answered the phone, she just exuded confidence and friendliness. I mean those are two of the best traits ever, right? 
 Dr. David Madow: Yeah. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: And then two good choices. 
 Dr. David Madow: Two good choices and she kind of rolled with the whole thing. She thought on one hand she thought maybe this is a joke. I'm not sure, but she went, she was totally professional. She chuckled a few times, but she totally got him in for the appointment. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: I'm giving her an A. 
 Dr. David Madow: Let me tell you something. This is the first call in the Dental Practice Fixers that is actually an appointment was made, she gets an A. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Unbelievable, she was fantastic. I think we should maybe call back and reward her. Tell her it was a secret shopper call for a podcast and she got an A. 
 Dr. David Madow: Should we do that? 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Maybe. Maybe we should do it live. I think that is a great way to end episode three, season two of the Dental Practice Fixers podcast. Maybe next time we'll call from a Lyft. What do you think? 
 Dr. David Madow: Sounds like a good idea, but if I'll tell you something, do you have an idea, an idea for a call that we can do on the Dental Practice Fixers, shoot us a message. We're up for anything this season. Anything goes, well Almost anything. 
 Dr. Richard Madow: Anything goes and well. 
 Dr. David Madow: See you next time.
 Dr. Richard Madow: Bye 




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