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“The Quickest and Most Predictable Way to Build A Super Successful Side Business Outside of Clinical Practice”

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We actually stayed up until 2:30AM to finish this special report for you. It’s crazy long and totally unedited. Why should you read it?

Because it has the potential to change your flipping life!!!

A little history first.

Twenty-six years ago marks the date that David and Richard Madow were on a summer vacation with their families in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. While everyone was hanging out in the sun, Dave and Rich took a walk up to the boardwalk to get some sun block for the kids.

Two hours and several beers later (we have never been big drinkers) while sitting at a boardwalk bar, a business was started without us even realizing it.  We designed a collection form to get our patients to pay up!

You see, both of us had a bunch of slow paying patients in our practices and we were sick and tired of paying the local collection agency their high fees. They weren’t even very effective at collecting.

Right then and there we had a handshake agreement that we would print a bunch of these forms up when we returned home and test them out on some of our worst non-payers.

Guess what? They worked like crazy! Patients in both of our offices (we never practiced together) began coming in and throwing cash down on the counter or giving credit cards to pay off their balances in full.  Our form scared them into paying!

This was incredible.

After using our newly developed forms for a few months, we decided to share them with a few friends in dentistry to see how they would work for them.

Great success again!

Our next idea was to set up a tiny side business from our kitchen tables to see if we could make these forms available to dentists around the country that we didn’t even know. So we rented a small list, wrote up a little direct mail piece, had a bunch of letters printed up, stuffed them in envelopes along with some sample forms and dropped them in the mailbox.

One week later we began receiving orders in the mail. Every envelope that came in had a check enclosed. We quickly filled the orders and used the money that we made to do more mailings.

More orders came in.

Pretty soon we were renting a large PO box at the local Mail Boxes Etc. store where all of the orders were being directed.   We had a ritual. Every Monday evening after work we would meet up at the Mail Boxes Etc. to retrieve all of our orders.  Sometimes the PO box was crammed so tight full of envelopes that we had to chisel them out.  Every one still had a nice sized check inside!

This little kitchen table business was getting big and it was happening fast. Within a year or so, we both met up at the local Saab dealership and treated ourselves to brand new matching 1991 Saab 900 convertibles. Rich’s was green and Dave’s was red.  By the way, we paid cash.

The next couple of years were spent expanding our little collection forms business. We developed more forms and added some customized envelopes to the catalog. Even some stickers. We also started making the form available to chiropractors, physicians, funeral homes, florists, churches… you name it. We hit any business that could have slow paying patients or customers!

We were living and breathing this stuff. We scoured through any marketing book we could get our hands on to become the best at what we were doing. And we attended conferences to learn more about business and to hang out with successful people.

We ended up moving our little side business into an office in Reisterstown and hired an employee. We fired her pretty quickly when we discovered she was holding her CB radio club meetings at the office on Wednesday evenings.

We then ended up hiring one of our neighbors named Harriet to help us out. Decided to give her a try! She was basically a bookkeeper. Little did we know that she would stay with us for the next twenty years!!!

As we got busier, we submitted a few articles on collections to some of the dental practice management journals.  They got published!

Collections articles began turning into practice management articles. We even submitted a few clinical articles. We started to become fairly well known names and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) in dentistry!

Our next idea was to start a little newsletter to have a forum where we could dish out all of our practice management advice that we were helping dentists with. It was called The Richards Report (long story why we named it that) and it cost $187 for a one-year subscription. Pretty high price. This was 1993. We had no sponsors or advertisers, thus we could say any damn thing we pleased!

This newsletter quickly turned out to have a really huge following. We had over 3,000 docs paying us $187 each and every year to be a subscriber. (Stop here and do that math!!!) The collection forms were still going very strong as well.

OK, on to the next project.

Our names started getting around. We got invited to speak at various dental meetings and study clubs. And as bad as we were at first, we actually loved being on stage and seeing the expressions on people’s faces as we were helping them!  This was a real high!

So our next idea was to test out putting on a two-day seminar in Baltimore where we would invite some of the best dental and motivational speakers that we knew, and we would inject some music, comedy and videos to the mix that would keep the audience awake, having FUN and learning! We sold out in a few weeks and actually had to turn people down.

Next year we moved this show to Vegas and doubled the attendance.  This November will be the 22nd annual “TBSE,” and we believe it is one of the most successful dental conferences in the history of our profession.

There is more!  We have produced many of our own one-day seminars where we travel across North America stopping in cities, teaching and inspiring dentists and team members all along the way.  Love Dentistry, Boot Camp and Rock Your Practice are three of them. We remember sometimes doing three and four cities in a row, and all of the glory of missing flights, sleeping in airports and eating Cobb salads in our hotel rooms.  We felt like rock stars without the drugs and sex!

We actually took a stab at producing financial and clinical courses for dentists as well. We were having a blast. Every day was fun!  Actually, every day is STILL fun for us.

Somewhere early on we made the decision that this would be our full time work and we sold our practices for huge profits.  We were on a roll. Our ideas were non-stop. We developed an audio series as well as many other programs, books, systems, webinars, in-office coaching, direct mail programs, and more that would help our fellow dentists!

That day on the boardwalk at the bar in Rehoboth Beach turned out to be the most significant day in our lives.  It will NEVER be forgotten.

OK, we have NEVER talked about this part but we will now:
We have made a LOT of money doing this.  We are not embarrassed to admit that. Not only has this been the coolest thing we have ever done in our lives; it has paid off big time. Both of us have made millions of dollars doing what we absolutely love to do every day.  Helping dentists and their teams become more successful.

Right now, this letter is being written in a Starbucks while drinking green tea.  Sitting here in jeans and a sweatshirt.  Occasionally stopping to make a phone call. An occasional pee break is in order as well. No pressure.  No schedule. Just fun!

Pure FUN!

OK, why are we telling you all this? It’s certainly not to brag. If you know us personally, we are actually two very regular guys, probably no different that you are. (Unless you are a woman. Then we are a little different.)

We aren’t showy. We always fly coach and pocket the difference. We don’t dine in fancy restaurants. No expensive wine. No limos – we drive ourselves to the airport and park in the cheap lots. We are just two “good old regular down to earth American guys.”

But over these past twenty-six years we have gone from a couple of guys with a crazy idea, to two very well known, very successful and well respected “KOLs” (see above) in the dental profession.  What a long strange trip it’s been!

And the funny thing is that we honestly believe that almost anyone with the desire and the passion can do something similar to what we have done – create a fantastic additional income doing something outside of the dental operatory.

As a matter of fact, in a very informal way, we have coached two of our close dental friends over the last several years to the point where they are both considering selling their practices because the businesses that they have created seem to be so much fun, rewarding and lucrative!

It feels SO GOOD to help others achieve success!

While having breakfast in SoHo on a recent trip to New York, we decided that we REALLY would love to help a small handful of dentists who may be passionate about getting another business going.  Maybe they are just in the process of getting something going, or maybe they have a side business that they already started, but it just needs some oooomph… we want to help!

It does not matter what it is. It could be speaking. Perhaps consulting or coaching. Maybe you have a product. Or a book. Possibly you have some idea or passion but you have no idea how to get it going.  Let us just say that there is a very good chance that we can help you.

We have the platform. We have the knowledge. The connections. The experience. The expertise. The creativity. We actually challenge you to find someone in dentistry that is more qualified than us to create success stories!

We may be holding the key to your future success!

Do you have the guts to unlock it?

Listen. We have been on stage in front of thousands at a time. We have toured North America and slept in airports when our flights were canceled. We have written books and been on radio and television! We have done book signings. We have developed products that have helped thousands of dentists. We have consulted, coached, mentored… you name it and we have probably done it.

Dave just turned 60. Rich is 56.  To a twenty year old we are old. But you know that we are at the ages where we have accumulated an amazing amount of knowledge and experience and are still plenty young to share it with others! The Madow Brothers are feeling more energized and passionate than ever.

And we want to see YOU become a tremendous success story.

We are already working with a very small handful of docs that are ready to live their passion. The amount will intentionally be kept manageable. Our consulting will be totally individualized just for you. This is not a group or a mastermind. If you are selected, we will work one on one with YOU to get you to your dreams.

Imagine a life where you are no longer tied to the “chair” in order to make your living. Imagine the feeling you will have knowing that while you are sleeping or on vacation, you are still making money.

Rich and his wife love taking cool vacations. They just got back from Europe where they went biking, hiking, visited museums and toured ancient wineries in areas that were once behind the “Iron Curtain.” While Rich was away, his income did not stop. They live in a beautiful condo overlooking Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and enjoy every single day!

Dave and his wife love to ski and spend most of the winter in Colorado. While not skiing, they reside on a farm-like setting in the beautiful Maryland horse country – one of the most gorgeous and peaceful places in the world! And as long as there is a place to plug in a MacBook and an internet connection, we can run our business!

If you could live anywhere you wanted to, where would it be? The beach? The mountains? Right where you are now?  Imagine waking up every single morning with the feeling that this is the best day of your life!

What do you think THAT will feel like?

You CAN do this.

If this sounds like something you have been dreaming of, perhaps we should take the next step together. We would love to hear your story and discuss this with you. If you have ever dreamed of this, your time has come!

But before we do that, we have to tell you how serious we are about a few things.

1.  We honestly only want to accept a small number of people into our program. We are still super busy with various projects we have going. We’ve got TBSE in November. No, this is not high volume. This is very individualized high level consulting and coaching to help you realize your dream in life. It is by no means “cookie cutter!”

2.  We only want to work with people who are on the same page and the same wavelength as us. Life is too short and we are not desperate to work with someone who we think is not a fit. Personalities must match up!

3.  You must at the very least have an idea and a passion. We do not want to spend our time trying to figure out totally from scratch what you want to do. We actually prefer that you have started doing something already, and you would like our help in making it better. The most common things we are seeing are becoming a speaker/consultant or marketing a product or a service. But we will listen to anything.

Again… this is NOT an offer to help you build your dental practice.

Now, if you fit everything so far, great! You have a decent chance of being accepted. So keep reading.

4.  So let’s talk money. It’s important to know that we are not cheap and you must have the wherewithal to pay us for what you will be getting. If you think this is going to be a few hundred bucks a month, please stop reading right now. Let’s not waste each other’s time. This is going to cost you roughly the same as a good dental consultant would cost you in your office. We are not going to keep this one cryptic – our fee is $3200 per month and we ask for a one-year commitment.

Also, we will ask for a small percentage of the increase in your non-dental income. If our information ends up also helping you with your dental practice, that is a gift and no charge! We obviously want to be incentivized to grow your business. Financial experts always say your most important investment is in your business. This could easily turn out to be the best investment you have ever made in your life.

5.  Please understand, we are going to be selective in who we accept into our program. We have already turned down people that we felt were not a great fit for us. We’re going to be down and dirty intimate with you. Spending a lot of time together. We’re going to be telling you everything we know and more! So we all need to enjoy this!

If you have read this entire letter and feel we are talking to YOU, feel free to take the next step. That would be a short teleconference with the two of us.  Don’t worry, it’s free. You now have permission to go directly into our calendar and book your time by CLICKING HERE!

Even though there is no obligation to speak with us, please only request a call if you are truly serious. If you are not sure, please read numbers 1-5 above one more time.  And please understand that after our call we may or may not accept you.

One more thing.  When we fill up, we still may want to speak with you, but you will be put on a waiting list if we believe you are a fit.  So time is important. Try to schedule your call sooner rather than later!  If our calendar fills up, please keep checking back as we may open up more slots for teleconferences.

OK, are you ready?  Then CLICK HERE to privately access our calendar. Thanks for reading this to the end!  Talk soon!

And if any of our kids are reading this, sorry we did not make it back in time to give you the sunblock. Hope you didn’t burn too badly.  That was a great day twenty-six years ago!

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