Big Day for Women?

On April 2nd, for the very first time, a woman declared her candidacy for President of the United States. Can you guess the year? Or the candidate?

If you are an astute political fan (and our age or older) you may remember Shirley Chisholm, the trailblazing Democratic Congresswoman from New York who declared her candidacy for President in 1972.

Or maybe you even remember Margaret Chase Smith, the Republican Senator from Maine who ran for President in 1964.

But neither of those are the correct answer. The first woman to run for President in the U.S. was the very controversial Victoria Claflin Woodhull, who declared her candidacy on April 2nd, 1872! As an advocate of magnetic healing, free love, and equal rights for women, she was considered quite a radical. But fortunately, most of that has changed.

Last Friday we had the honor of presenting our “How To Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Prosper!” seminar for the Alabama AGD in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama, and for the second half of the show were joined by the sophomore class of the University of Alabama School of Dentistry. They looked so young, innocent and happy in their matching scrubs with their names embroidered on the chest. And it was impossible to not notice how many women were in the class – it appeared to be well over half.

Let’s face it – health care, and dentistry in particular, are fields dominated by women. According to the EEOC, close to eighty percent of the health care workers in the United States are women, and this trend does not seem to be slowing down.

So while we still may be a few years from a female president, women are everywhere in the dental field and we couldn’t do it without you!! Let’s take a minute today to give a big thanks to the women of dentistry. THANK YOU!!

It seems like even a larger percentage of women – ninety nine percent or more – are the ones responsible for answering the telephones in a dental office. This is arguably the most crucial position in the practice! Without these fantastic people we would have no patients to treat, no money collected, no insurance being filed – no nothing!! It’s an important job that one should be proud of!!

It’s also the “make it or break it” position in the office. An office where incoming phone calls are being handled correctly will have three to five times the amount of new patients than one where it’s being done the same old way. Yes – you read that right! If all you do in your practice is train the person answering the phone to do it better, your new patient numbers will skyrocket!!

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Then – go celebrate April 2nd!!

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