TIPS Series # 3

Some of our favorite tips come from people who have spoken at TBSE. That’s why once each month we have been bringing you “TBSE Tips!” The third in this series comes from Laney Kay. Laney is absolutely the best educator we have ever met in the field of OSHA, HIPAA, and all of those other annoying […]

Are you a dental shark or a dental guppy?

Are you a dental shark or a dental guppy? Do you rule the dental world or do you get swallowed up by the competition? Everyone seems to love the TV show Shark Tank. And why not? It’s fun to watch people pitch their businesses to the sharks – a panel of wealthy investors who can […]

You seem like the type of person this blog post is for.

Here is some really cool information for you that will help when discussing treatment needs with your patients! Last week we sent an interesting story about treatment plan acceptance based on a story from Dr. Robert Cialdini’s excellent book “Pre-Suasion.” The response was so great that this week we will go back to that book […]

The Madow Mastermind Experience

Do you mastermind? We do, and it has seriously changed our lives. We will explain in a moment. But first, a common question. Q: What is a mastermind? A: A mastermind is a group consisting of two or more people who offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support. It is believed that […]

TBSE Tips # 2

2017 is going to be a great one, and we are here with you all the way to make sure it happens! Let’s start the year with our next series of “TBSE Tips” – simple strategies from one of last year’s TBSE speakers that are sure to get things off to a good start. For […]

How would MacGyver handle 2017? How would you?

MacGyver. The name is synonymous with many things. Resourcefulness is one. Look up resourceful in the dictionary. There’s his picture. Okay – we’ll do it for you. resourceful [ri-sawrs-fuh l, –sohrs-, –zawrs-, –zohrs-] adjective 1. able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations, difficulties, etc. 2. The original MacGyver was a 1980s American action-adventure television series character. This guy could get out of any […]


Everyone loves some good and simple tips to help their practice and their life, right? That’s why we asked some of our TBSE 2016 speakers to share some of their favorite ones with you! We will be presenting them from time to time throughout the year. For the first stop in this series, we will […]

Do your patients really want freedom of choice?

Is freedom of choice hurting your practice’s bottom line? In 1980, the great Devo song Freedom Of Choice declared: “Freedom of choice is what you got Freedom from choice is what you want!” Let’s move to this morning. 5:30 AM – on the elliptical machine, frozen. Why? The all-important decision – what music to listen […]

Are you just a pair-of-hands?

Henry Ford was a genius with automobiles. But with people, he had his limitations. More specifically with the “worker-person.” On one occasion he asked, “Why is it that I always get the whole person, when what I really want is a pair of hands?”  You, friend…and dental professional are more than “a pair of hands.” Though […]