Is your practice being skewered? Don’t let it…..

It is amazing how the small actions of one person can totally undermine an otherwise fantastic practice or business. Don’t believe it? Check this out. Our hometown of Baltimore is constantly receiving accolades as one of the best restaurant cities in North America. Why should you care? Because of this. Recently a brand new Peruvian […]

The “greatest-thing-since-sliced-bread”

Thank Otto Frederick Rohwedder. For what, you ask? He invented sliced bread. His idea in 1912 introduced a machine that would take a loaf of bread and slice it.  How practical, right? We hate to burn-your-toast but the invention was a failure. As Seth Godin confirms, (It was) “…a good product with lousy marketing (that) […]

What kind of ridiculous question is that?

The story is told of a professor. He lectured frequently as a well-known expert in his field. Same speech. Dozens of cities. Week after week. He admitted his travel weariness to his chauffeur as they were driving to yet another engagement. The perceptive chauffeur offered his assistance. “I’ve heard you deliver this lecture dozens of […]

And the fact checker says…

Fact checking! You’re hearing a ton about that these days. It’s a political season. Go figure. It’s also a healthy kick-in-the-butt to monitor what you say. But also… How you say it. Treatment plans. Financials. And the stuff that makes-your-world-go-‘round. The facts speak for themselves but your priority is to make sure they’re heard, understood, […]

10 ridiculous things people say to dentists and team members

Here are 10 ridiculous things that people say to dentists and team members: “Ugh – I could never stick my fingers in someone else’s mouth. It’s gross!” Which is usually followed by… “…but if you don’t mind, I think I chipped a tooth. Could you take a quick look?” Sure! I’ll be glad to give […]

The “Cadillac” of dental practices – is that a big deal? Maybe!

$332,000! Those are the numbers that Carl Sewell, of the esteemed Dallas Sewell Cadillac dealership, once crunched. It’s what he discovered was “the lifetime value of a loyal customer” as relates to automobiles purchased and services provided. The strategy behind the number? He wanted to compel his employees to become “owners” in their departments by […]

Do your patients have a “Bill Of Rights?”

Do your patients have a “Bill Of Rights?” Everyone deserves one! How about something like this? Dr. Jane Dylan’s Dental Patient’s Bill Of Rights You have the right to be personally greeted and treated with the highest level of respect and care by our team of dental professionals. You have the right to have your dental […]

Are we targets?

Have you noticed that there are more products, consultants, courses, seminars, supplies, gadgets, and services than EVER that are being marketed to you? Just last week one of us counted 64 emails recommending that we buy stuff ranging in price from $17 to $85,000.  All in the name of making us “more productive” and “more […]

Why you won’t join the AAFD. What the heck is the AAFD?

Last week we got an email from a dental organization called the AAFD. (It actually was called a different four letters, but we changed them slightly to be nice.) We didn’t join the AAFD. You didn’t join the AAFD. Why not? They were offering great pricing with a large discount. They sent a nice email […]