Madow Brothers Social Media Marketing Summit Review!

WOW!!! These were truly two incredible days!!! As you may know, The Madow Brothers Social Media Marketing Summit took place this past Friday and Saturday in Baltimore.  To say that it was a success would be a major understatement. We believe that everyone who attended left with an amazing amount of information that will help […]

Dental Lab Three Free Crowns!

Economy Buster – THREE FREE CROWNS FROM A GREAT DENTAL LAB No tricks, no catches, no fine print, no further obligation!!! Dental labs. You either love them or you hate them. There’s really no in-between, is there? Your relationship with your dental lab is probably one of the most important relationships in your practice. The […]

The Dental Event That Absolutely Cannot Be Missed!

Attention Dentists and Team Members – Start Counting NOW!!! Because the Next 365 Days Will Be Your Most Profitable EVER! And NO, You Won’t Have to Worry One Bit About Healthcare Reform, Tax Increases, the Recession, or Anything Else the Government May Try to Throw Your Way! Dear Friend, If you want to do ONE […]

Please do not stop your marketing!

Please do not stop your marketing! Unfortunately, we hear this one all the time from dentists: “Things are a little tight as far as my cash flow these days, so I have decided to cut back on my marketing.” If you are even remotely thinking this, please be warned that making this mistake could prove to […]

Special Letter that will get you New Patients!

Greetings and thanks for taking the time to read this Special Letter geared to getting you new patients! The information contained herein has never been timelier. Do you know that quarterly profit reports are about to hit the street? Unfortunately no one knows what type of impact this will have on the economy, the financial […]

It’s Not Too Late!!!

“The Most Spectacular Dental Event of 2009?” Dear Friend, Hello!  Dave and Rich Madow here – the whacky dentist brothers that you have grown to love over the years! Although we may be a little on the crazy side, we have inarguably helped more dentists and their teams become successful over the last twenty years […]

The “Tweetest” Thing Going in Dentistry!

Why Twitter Matters to Dentists Today people want to be able to learn a lot about a business before they walk in the door. And your dental office is no exception. Web sites give your prospective patients an immediate impression of your practice’s style and substance. But now dental offices are beginning to dip their […]

Three Steps To Boost Your Practice!

OK, here are THREE great ways to boost your practice!! We at the Madow Group are very excited about how our friend Dr. Ryan has been helping many dentists around the country with his Six Month Smile program and seminars! As a matter of fact, about a month ago, Dr. Swain, was kind enough to […]

Help us grow our communication chain…

Help us grow our communication chain… We would like to thank you for your support on Facebook and Twitter.  We hope that you are enjoying our daily posts and that they are helping you and your practice grow. Now we are looking for some help from you!  We are actively trying to expand our communication […]