A SPECIAL Promotion

Dear Friend,   David Fry, the General Manager of The Richards Report Buying Group, has contacted us to pass the word on a very special opportunity for you to get a FREE CAVITRON ULTRASONIC SCALER!   That’s right, all you have to do is buy a Cavitron, then trade-in a Cavitron (or competitive unit) and get a […]

My Recession Confession

MY RECESSION CONFESSION Recession, depression, oppression, regression, transgression, succession, obsession, decompression, bull session, rap session or jam session? I have no clue what we are going through. And let me tell you … neither do the “experts”! Let’s face it; there is nothing any of us can do about this economy – at least on […]

A very smart dentist!

For 29 years, Dr. Mayer Levitt had an incredibly lucrative practice in Providence, Rhode Island, where he transformed a small, two-room office into a mammoth-sized, twelve-treatment-room blockbuster with an incredible staff of 24 hardworking individuals who loved their jobs and showered him with tremendous respect.

Become the Expert Dentist with a Press Release!

Here is a great idea that you should try as soon as possible in your dental practice. Have you ever watched the Today Show or any of those other morning network shows? Let’s say they are doing a segment about depression. Typically, what they will do is have an expert on the show who can […]