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Can Dentists Be Replaced By Machines?

By June 27, 2019February 20th, 2020Madow Blog
can machines take the jobs of man?

Is there finally a list we are glad to be at the bottom of? How about this one? Ever since the great John Henry, man has been challenging the machine for job superiority and losing. We all know there are millions of positions that have been eliminated due to advances in technology. But how about our profession? Can a machine ever replace a dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienist, or dental administrative staff?

Recently a study was done called “The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs To Computerization?” In this study, they analyzed specific traits of different jobs to predict the likelihood that they will be replaced by technology. Typical questions were:

Do you need to come up with clever solutions?

Are you required to personally help others?

Does your job require you to squeeze into small spaces?

Does your job require negotiation?

Then, they came up with a percentage chance that your job will be replaced by a machine of some type in the future. (Going by those criteria, it sounds like “the oldest profession” is here to stay!!) So how do we fare? Here are some examples. A high number means “You’re Out!!!”

Umpires and referees: 98.3%
Fashion models: 97.6%
Bookkeepers: 97.6%
Accountants and auditors: 93.5%
Tour guide: 90.6%
Roofers: 89.7%
Medical Secretaries: 81.5%
Bartenders: 76.8%
Aircraft mechanics: 70.6%
Mail carriers: 67.5%
City bus driver: 66.9%
Massage therapists: 54.1%
Economists: 42.9%
Computer engineer: 22.5%
Airline pilots: 18.1%
Middle school teacher: 17.4%
Physician’s assistant: 14.5%
Musician / singer: 7.4%
Writer / author 3.8%
Lawyer: 3.5%
Marriage therapist: 1.4%
Dentist: 0.4%

Wow! Dentists are pretty much at the bottom of the list for being replaced by machines!

So if you are a dentist who needed some good news today, it looks like before long….

Umpires will be out.
Roofers will be looking down
Tour guides will be lost
Accountants will be erased
Fashion models will have run-a-way
Mail carriers will be stamped out
Bartenders will be on the rocks
City bus drivers will have stopped
Massage therapists will be rubbed out….

…and dentists will still be doing their thing, along with lawyers, therapists, guitar players……and probably prostitutes. Sounds like something to celebrate!!

Something else that can’t be replaced – live dental meetings! Have you been to a fantastic dental seminar lately? Yes – we know there are online courses and distance learning, but just as our job can’t be replaced by machines, nothing can match the fun, excitement, and spontaneity of truly live learning. And as you know, we have two fantastic live learning opportunities for you.

TBSE is the original, multi-speaker dental learning party!! Nothing in the world combines fun, learning, practice growth and team building like TBSE. This year is the 25th anniversary, and the speaker lineup is amazing!! Check it out here! 

The “Masterclass For Dentists” is a small group opportunity to learn in an intimate environment and see the very best way to get your practice to where it should be!! They are small, hands-on, and fill up quickly! Check it out right here. Right here!!
Whichever you choose – we will see you there in person – and that can never be replaced by a machine!!

Talk to you soon,

The Madow Brothers

P.S. If you have any questions, always feel free to call us at 1-800-258-0060.

P.S. #2: There is nothing like a live meeting! Sign up for TBSE or the Masterclass before it is too late!!

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