Can You Use This Card?


We happened to be in The Organic Grill in the East Village of Manhattan last week and we were impressed at what came at the end of the meal with the check.


It was a postcard. But not any postcard. It had a picture of a delicious looking veggie burger on the front. And on the back there were three questions.


How was your meal?

How was your server?

Any suggestions?



We loved it.


Beautiful image.


Beautiful message.


Simple.  Clean.


When we asked the waitress about the effectiveness of these cards, she told us that they actually get a LOT sent back to them as well as some REALLY good suggestions!


Do you think a nicely designed, attention-grabbing card would be good for your office?


How about if one was handed to a patient at the end of treatment? And perhaps you could have multiple designs to switch them up.


Think about it!