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Can’t You Just Fill It?

By July 31, 2020December 11th, 2020Dental Practice Fixers, Podcast Episodes
just fill it

Can’t You Just Fill It?

One of the most difficult situations we face is when a patient says “My old dentist never told me that!” or “Can’t you just fill it? My old dentist always just filled it!” Of course you need to be careful with what you say, because telling a new patient that their old dentist was blind is never a good way to start a relationship!

On this week’s episode of The Dental Practice Fixers podcast we give the perfect solution to this problem! Then for our secret shopper calls we tackle an interesting question – “Why should I choose your office over the others?” Do you think anyone could say ANYTHING convincing? You’ll need to listen to find out.

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Highlights from “Can’t You Just Fill It”

0:20 – Rich wonders if you would have a good answer if someone asks you about your dental practice.  Tell me about your dental practice.  What would you say?

1:16 – Would you like to co-host with the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast?  Send an email to with Subject: Guest Co-host.  Tell us why we should pick you.

2:08 – Rich mentions that patients want to touch the least amount of things as possible. Check out our friends at FattMerchant.  A low monthly flat fee.

3:00 – Listener question: Dentist have retired in the area and the patients are now coming in and wondering why can’t you just give me the same old service I got before.  Can’t you just fill it?

4:00 Rich gives his suggestion.

5:00 – Most important advice.  Make sure you listen to Rich about this.

6:02 – A line that is easy to use in this situation.

7:20 – Rich asked on the Facebook group for any good questions to use for the secret shopper series.  Facebook group called “The Dental Place.”

8:36 – Rich got over four pages of really good questions to ask dental offices as a secret shopper call.  He really liked “Why should I choose your dental office?”

9:55 – Rich has four secret shopper calls.

10:05 – Rich makes his first secret shopper call.

11:14 – Rich gives his comments about what she said.  We are not taking new patients.  Is this how the dentist feels?

12:45 – Rich makes the second secret shopper call.

14:02 – Rich tells us what he thought about what the caller had to say. How do you describe your dental office to callers? Rich gives us a tip on what to say.

15:30 – Rich makes his third call.

16:51 – Dr. Madow mentions some things that went wrong on this call.  Did they ask about coming into the office for an appointment?  Listen to find out.  Do you know what supervised neglect is? Rich tells us what is it.

18:44 – Rich makes the fourth call.

19:38 – Rich wants to know why a caller would mention the gender of the dentist to the caller.  Why is that so important?

20:15 – Tell me something good about your dental office.

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