Coaches Corner

Are These Five Numbers Making Dentists Nervous?

According to industry publication “Becker’s Dental Review,” these five numbers are making dentists nervous. My comments are in blue. 1. Eleven. 11 percent of dentists plan to retire in the next two years. If you’re in the eleven percent, NOW …

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Ask Your Patients

A Question To Ask Your Patients

A question to ask your patients other than where they work. Your job be more fun, make people happy, AND grow your practice!

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NFTs And The Dental Office

NFTs are all over the news these days, and believe it or not, they have important implications for your dental practice. Some say they are great investments, others say they are the future of collectibles, and of course many think they …

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thinking like a dentist

When Thinking Like A Dentist Can Be Bad….

Are you thinking like a dentist? As dentists, we want to do really accurate and thorough examinations on our patients.

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“Bloody Prophy” – US vs. England

Find out the difference in languages from US vs. England when the phrase “bloody prophy” is said in your dental practice or office.

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banned phrases

Banned phrases for 2022 – asking for a friend!

Check out these banned phrases for dental practice offices for 2022. You will probably want to print these out and share with staff.

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won't believe

You won’t believe what happened at my physician’s office

You won’t believe what happened at my physician’s office! Dr. Madow shares his experience to teach us about our dental office.

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love dentists

These People Love Dentists…

Here is a breakdown of people who say they just love dentists…. well not exactly. Read more about this topic from Dr. Madow.

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Dentistry, Football, Etc....

Dentistry, Football, Etc…

Dentistry, Football, Etc… A great dental practice (and life) lesson was shown on December 19th to fans of The Baltimore Ravens. (Yes – I’m a lifelong Baltimorean, or “Balti-Moron” as we sometimes call ourselves.) The Ravens, playing without our star …

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perio exam

Don’t Do THIS During Your Perio Exam!

Don’t Do THIS During Your Perio Exam! (It’s a huge mistake that most dentists and hygienists make) There is a huge mistake that most dentists and hygienists make during the perio exam, one that prevents patients from moving forward with …

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