Dental Practice Fixers

Why Our Patients Love To Be Led!

In dentistry, it’s super important to lead our patients to the next step, whether that is scheduling treatment, becoming a patient in your practice, or anything else. In this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers, Dr. Rich shares a story and a …

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This Is NOT A Dental IQ Test!

This Is NOT A Dental IQ Test!

One of the craziest things that dentists say is “my patients have a low dental IQ!” On today’s episode of The Madow Dental Podcast, we will find out why that phrase is not only ridiculous, but downright dangerous! Along those lines, Dr. …

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Why Would You Ever Want To Do That?

In this episode of The Madow Dental Podcast, Dr. Rich fields a great listener question that will give you a lot to think about if you are considering ways to grow your dental practice. The question refers to opening up …

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The MOST Important Word In Dentistry!

There is a word in dentistry that is so important your practice could sink without it, or at the very least, seriously underperform. On this episode of The Madow Dental Podcast, Dr. Rich reveals what that word is, and how …

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Are You Clinically Calibrated?

Does everyone in your office truly understand why certain clinical decisions are made? For example, why would we do a crown instead of a two or three surface restoration? Scaling and root planing instead of a prophy? Do an endo …

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Special Edition: How To Be “Superbold” with guest Fred Joyal!

Bold individuals seize life in remarkable, almost unbelievable ways. They succeed in business, in careers, and in love, and they have a great time doing it. Would you like to be one of them?

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Do You Take My (Crappy) Insurance?

One of the toughest telephone calls to handle is from a potential new patient who is “in-network” or a crappy insurance company that you don’t participate with.

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What’s Your Office Elevator Pitch?

Do you have an “elevator pitch” for your practice? Do you have a concise way to tell a potential new patient why they should come to your office over anyone else’s?

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A Great Way to Get Referrals!

On this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers, Dr. Rich shares a great way he got tons of referrals into his practice while helping the community at the same time.

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Get Patients To Ask YOU For Whitening!

Wouldn’t it be great if patients asked you to whiten their teeth? In this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers, Dr. Rich will show you exactly how to do just that

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