Dental Practice Fixers

Five Reasons Patients Don’t Get Scaling and Root Planing

Do you have a supercharged perio therapy department, or a glorified “cleaning lady” doing bloody prophys? If you’re like most dental practices, unfortunately it’s the latter. On this week’s podcast we give five reasons why, and simple solutions to get your …

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Something Most Dentists Do Wrong Every Day….and How To Fix It!

There is something that most dentists do every single day that causes chaos, confusion, and makes the practice not nearly as productive as it should be. But fear not – in today’s episode of The Dental Practice Fixers dental podcast …

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The Choco-Taco and Influencing Your Patients!

What do the Choco Taco and getting your patients to refer and schedule their treatment have to do with one another? Lots! In this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers dental podcast for dentists, we explore why Dr. Robert Cialdini’s …

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Do You Have This Affliction Most Dentists Do.

There is something that afflicts most dentists, and it can cause severe problems in their practices and lives. It’s called “Paralysis By Analysis,” and we give some symptoms and solutions on this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers, the dental podcast for …

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How To Drop PPOs in Three Easy Steps!

Every dental consultant these days seems to be teaching how to drop PPOs. But my advice is “not so fast, cowboy (or cowgirl!).” In this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers dental podcast for dentists, you’ll find out why. Then in our mystery shopper calls, …

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Fifteen Rules of Dentistry….And Life!

In this week’s episode, Dr. Rich gives fifteen fantastic rules that will apply to your dental practice….and life! It’s kind of like summer reading for dental people. Then in our mystery shopper calls we throw up some real softballs – …

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The Obvious Secrets to Case Acceptance?

Successful case acceptance in dentistry can be so mysterious but in this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers, Dr. Rich reveals two secrets.

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You Need More Online Reviews!

Online reviews are the number one requirement for potential dental patients finding your dental practice online. In this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers dental podcast for dentists, Dr. Rich gives some quick tips on how your practice can get …

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Inflation, Lab Fees, Scripting, and More!

How do dental practices deal with inflation? Should I pay someone to cover my phones when the office is closed? Does scripting work? Is Dr. Rich a hypocrite? On this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers dental podcast for dentists we cover …

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Treatment Plan Acceptance

Dental Crown Treatment Acceptance at the Local Body Shop?

Here’s an important dental lesson Dr. Rich learned when he went to get an estimate for some car work.

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