Dental Practice Fixers

You Need More Online Reviews!

Online reviews are the number one requirement for potential dental patients finding your dental practice online. In this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers dental podcast for dentists, Dr. Rich gives some quick tips on how your practice can get ...
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Inflation, Lab Fees, Scripting, and More!

How do dental practices deal with inflation? Should I pay someone to cover my phones when the office is closed? Does scripting work? Is Dr. Rich a hypocrite? On this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers dental podcast for dentists we cover ...
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Treatment Plan Acceptance

Dental Crown Treatment Acceptance at the Local Body Shop?

Here's an important dental lesson Dr. Rich learned when he went to get an estimate for some car work.
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What’s YOUR Financial Policy?

Does your dental practice have a written financial policy?
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confuse a patient

How To Easily Confuse A Patient!

We start with a great listener question about the proper way to handle a caller who is not ready to appoint. Don't confuse a patient.
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last dentist

Why Didn’t My Last Dentist Tell Me This?

Find out how to answer patient questions when their last dentist didn't tell them. Learn how to stay positive and lead to them to treatment.
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insurance covers

My Patients Only Want What Insurance Covers!

Dr. Rich Madow shares some things he hears from dentists and one of them is that patients are so driven by what insurance covers.
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drive ourselves crazy

Dentists: We Drive Ourselves Crazy!

As dentists we can drive ourselves crazy. Find out from the Madow Dental Podcast some suggestions to help run any dental practice.
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piece of advice

The Best Piece of Advice!

Dental Practice Fixers Podcast shares a small piece of advice when it comes to voicemail messages used by dental practices. Check it out.
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our patients

Why Our Patients Love To Be Led!

Our patients love to be led and directed to the next step. Check this out on the Madow Dental Podcast with Dr. Richard Madow.
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