Dental Practice Fixers

The Most Powerful and Quickest Way to Dental Practice Success

Dentist is finally ready to take his practice to that “next level.” He asks The Dental Practice Fixers what the number one thing is that he should do?

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If Insurance Doesn’t Cover It, Patients Don’t Want It

Dental patients demand that they only want what their insurance will cover. Dr. David Madow and Dr. Richard Madow talk about how to handle this objection.

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Large Tattoos on Team Members – Do You Hire Them?

Dentist is concerned about hiring team members with large visible tattoos. He is worried that his patients, especially the elderly ones, will go elsewhere.

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Doctor Runs Late – Is This Destroying My Practice?

The dentist is always running late simply because he just loves to chat. Is this affecting patient retention and the office’s bottom line.

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I Need New Patients!


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How Can I Boost My Perio Department? My Soft Tissue Management Program Is Non-Existent!

The Dental Practice Fixers How does a dental practice know if they have a true periodontal therapy program or if they are just a “prophy palace?” In this episode, The Dental Practice Fixers, Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow …

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My Office Manager Thinks My Fees are Too High

What happens when a doctor recommends treatment to his patients but then passes it over to the office manager to discuss the financial aspects as well as schedule? This seems fine but very few are actually getting appointed. Why? Because …

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CBD plant

Is it OK to Use CBD Oil in My Dental Office to Help My Patients’ With Their Anxiety?

      If you enjoyed this podcast, check out our previous podcast, Are X-Rays Necessary for All New Dental Patients?

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x-ray of teeth

Are X-Rays Necessary for All New Dental Patients?

A new patient comes into your office and one of the first things she says is “I don’t want x-rays!” When questioned why not, the reason is that she simply feels that she does not need them, nor does she …

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100% satisfaction guarantee badge

For How Long Should Dentists Guarantee Their Work? Should They Guarantee it at All?

For some reason in dentistry we have been accustomed to not charging patients if they come in with something that broke that we did, no matter how long ago the work may have been done. Why is this? Patients have …

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