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His Fly Was Down

Recently our friend Sally got to meet a Nobel Prize nominated physicist. She said that he was incredibly intelligent, articulate, funny, charming, and if that’s not enough, really good looking! But what was the main takeaway – the think she mentioned first and couldn’t stop talking about? His fly was down. There is a thing…
The Madow Brothers
September 26, 2017
Practice Management Tip

A simple thing to remember…

As dental people, we see all kinds of folks in our practices. And many (possibly most?) are extremely kind and appreciative. But then there are others who are almost impossible to please. They can be combative, grumpy, or downright nasty. And that is why we always need to remember something. Many of our patients would…
The Madow Brothers
September 18, 2017
Practice Management Tip


Is there trouble brewing at your office in the form of patients not accepting their treatment? This may be the reason. One hundred years ago, Schlitz Beer (remember Schlitz??) became the number one selling beer in the country by running a radical marketing campaign. Their ad detailed how Schlitz beer was actually made. Since no…
The Madow Brothers
March 22, 2017